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Darley Dale : St. Helen's Church
St. Helen's, Darley

This photograph of St. Helen's Church at Darley Dale was taken to Canada as a reminder of home when John A Potter and his family, who had lived below Oaker Hill, emigrated. The picture probably dates from around 1910[1].

"But the finest thing about Darley Dale is the marvellous old yew tree in the churchyard of Church Town, a few minutes' walk from Darley Station. A church of St. Helen has stood here for many centuries, as the stone coffins and sculptured lids now set up in the porch bear witness.[2]".

"The yew stands opposite the south porch, surrounded - most wisely, considering the vandals with pocket knives who infect the roads - with spiked iron railings. It is not as tall in the bole as most ancient yews, for it divides almost immediately into two main trunks, and then sub-divides again into scores of branches of varying thickness. Many of these were lopped off around 1820[2]".

Church, about 1900

The church about 1900. Note the different lamp

1. Photograph kindly donated by Denis Potter © 2004.
2. "Darley Dale Parish Church". Stengel & Co. Ltd., 39 Redcross Street, London E. C. No.16179. Not posted, but side band and undivided back, so about 1900.
In the collection of, provided by, researched and written by © Ann Andrews Intended for personal use only

[1] There are more Potter family photographs in the Matlock section of the site. See: John Allen Potter & family
[2] Firth, J. B. (1908) "Highways and Byways in Derbyshire" MacMillan & Co., London

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