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The Wolley Manuscripts, Matlock
A Major Collection of pre 1828 Pedigrees, Charters, Documents, Deeds & Wills
The Wolley Manuscripts,
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6666 & 6667
6667 - WOLLEY
6668 6669
6670-5 6676-80
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6691-6 6697-6715
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Wolley Manuscripts Derbyshire

  • Matlock Refererences in the Wolley Manuscripts ( see About the Manuscripts) have been extracted from the detailed catalogue at County Hall Local Studies Library (now part of the Derbyshire Record Office), with the very kind permission of "Derbyshire Libraries and Heritage Department".

  • Additional information has been extracted from articles written by Rev. Charles J. Cox, LL.D., F.S.A. that were published in the Journals of the Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society at the end of the nineteenth century.

  • Extracts from the journals for the whole of Derbyshire are published elsewhere on this website. The information collected by Rev. Cox is less detailed than the Local Studies Library Catalogue.

  • Cox lists nothing from Volumes 6676 to 6686; the Matlock and District information from these Volumes is published here thanks to the work undertaken by Miriam Wood.
    Extracts from the journals for the whole of Derbyshire.

Part of the PCC Will of Adam Wolley of Matlock

The webmistress is deeply indebted to the staff of the Derbyshire Libraries Collection for their kindness, support and help with the project and to Miriam Wood for her remarkable work in creating the indexes in the first place. Without her hard work and eye for detail the majority of the collection's contents would have remained largely undiscovered.

My very grateful thanks also goes to Jane Steer for her invaluable help and support with the material from the DAJ.