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Charterhouse School, Godalming, 1900-07
Charterhouse School

When it was decided to move Charterhouse School from its original home, close to Smithfield Market in the City of London[1], six potential sites were identified from which the Governors could make their choice. However, Godalming was the outright winner because the then newly appointed Headmaster, Dr. William Haig Brown, had relatives in the area[2]. It turned out to be an inspired decision and the school re-located in 1872.

The new school was built on 68½ acres of land that had belonged to the Deanery Farm estate[3]. It was described as being "on the side of Frith Hill, about seventy acres in extent, amid one of the choicest landscapes of Surrey, above Godalming and the valley through which the Wey slowly meanders in a framework of hills clothed with oak and hazel and other goodly trees"[4].

By 1891 the school had acquired more land in Godalming and covered 92 acres and had expanded even further, to 120 acres, by 1913[5]. The impressive main building, shown here, is Victorian Gothic. It was designed by Philip Hardwick and constructed of the local Bargate stone, with Bath stone dressings.

A similar view to the top image, though dates from 1900.
The card's sender living at 11 Great George Street, Godalming in 1915.
She wrote "This is a school for boys on this P.C. It is a lovely place."

In 1903 a new stone built cloister in the Gothic style was inaugurated on Old Carthusians Day as a memorial to former pupils who had died in the Boer War and other campaigns. A new transept was added to the chapel and dedicated at the same time. The architect for these additions was W. E. Caroe[6].

1. "Charterhouse School, Godalming", published by Valentine's No. 60113. Card first registered in 1907. This one posted Guildford 12 Apr 1913 to an address in Warren Road, Guildford. Message not relevant to picture.
2. "Godalming, Charterhouse". Published by F. Frith & Co. Ltd., Reigate, No.56155. First published in 1900. This card posted 3 Jul 1915.
Postcards in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Written, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.


[1] The school was part of what now is Sutton's Hospital in Charterhouse. When the school moved to Godalming the building it had occupied in London was sold to Merchant Taylors' School and the site later became the Medical College of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

[2] Haig Brown's father in law was the incumbent at Hascombe.

[3] All that remains of Deanery Farm today is the farm building and a former barn, now the SS. Peter & Paul Scout Hut, on Charterhouse Road.

[4] Brown, H. E. H. (1908) "William Haig Brown of Charterhouse. A short biographical memoir". Written by some of his pupils and edited by his son H. E. H. Brown, Macmillan & Co.: London.

[5] Figures from Kelly's Surrey Directory for those years.

[6] "London Daily News", 4 July 1903.

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