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Borough Road

Borough Road, Godalming, 1907
Boarden Bridge, Borough Road, Godalming, 1906 *New*
Until 1870 this was the only means of crossing the river on the western side of the town
Borough Road and Frith Hill, Godalming, 1914

Bridge Road, Bridge Street and the Town Bridge

The Bridge, Godalming, 1907 *Second image and more infor added*

Godalming Bridge and Congregational Church, Godalming, Surrey *Second image added*
A late nineteenth century postcard and another published in 1907.
Bridge Road, Godalming, 1903 *New*
The Wesleyan Chapel had just been built. And who lived in the houses in 1911

Bridge Road - Wesleyan Church *New*
Early 20th century views of the exterior and interior of the church, which opened in 1903.


Godalming, St. John's Church, Busbridge, 1910 *New*
Busbridge Church is of the Early English Gothic style and was consecrated in 1867.
Crownpits, Brighton Road, Godalming, 1895 *New*
An attractive late nineteenth century view of Crownpits looking downhill towards central Godalming.
Busbridge Hall, Godalming, 1908 *New*
The Edwardian mansion replaced an earlier house.


Godalming, Leroy's Boat House, Catteshall Road *New*

Charterhouse Road and School

Charterhouse from Frith Hill, 1903

Charterhouse Bridge and Hindhead Road, Godalming, Surrey, 1900 - 1906 *New image*

Charterhouse Road, from Charterhouse Bridge*New*
Two views taken from the road on the top of Charterhouse Bridge. One image shows the original Hodgsonites.

Charterhouse Road (2), looking uphill. Early Twentieth Century *New*
Three images, including one taken from the junction with Peperharow Road
Charterhouse Road (3), 1907 *New*
View of part of the road from Frith Hill.

Charterhouse School, Godalming, 1900-07

Charterhouse School, Founder's Court & Thomas Sutton's Statue *New*
War Memorial Chapel, Charterhouse School, 1927 *New*
Designed by Gilbert Scott, the chapel was built to commemorate the lives of the Charterhouse boys who had died in WW1. Further names were added after WW2, including that of Major-General Orde Charles Wingate.
War Memorial Chapel and Weekites, Charterhouse School, 1927 *New*
Weekites, a former boarding house for Charterhouse school pupils on Charterhouse Road, was named after the Church of England clergyman and schoolmaster Charles Hampton Weekes.

Church Street and S.S. Peter and Paul Church

Church from the River, 1907 *Additional image*
SS. Peter & Paul Parish Church, Godalming, 1910
Old Houses, Church Street, Godalming, 1905
Church Street, Godalming, 1903 *New*
View of Church Street from Cornmeter, looking towards the parish church
Church Street, Godalming, about 1935 *New*
Looking along Church Street towards the Pepperpot and the High Street in the mid 1930s.
Church Street Shops and Parish Church, Godalming, early 1940s *New*
The street over sixty years ago, and a description of the jobs of the residents in 1841.


Eashing Bridge, 1898 *New*
Medieval stone bridge. Now with second image

Frith Hill

Frith Hill, Godalming, 1895
Frith Hill and River Wey, Godalming, 1907
Sepia and coloured versions and a recent photo from the same place
Frith Hill from the Air, 1920s *New*
Also includes Charterhouse School and some of the original boarding houses.
Hillside, Frith Hill, Godalming: Hydro, Boy's School and Hotel *New*
In its about 110 year life time it was all three. The small schoo produced a surprising number of distinguished people.
Hindhead Road and Water Tower *New*
Opened in 1880 and now converted to a private home.

Godalming, Views of

Godalming, from Charterhouse, 1903 *New*
View of Frith Hill and the town beyond, showing extensive flooding on the Lammas Lands
View from Holloway Hill, Godalming, Surrey, about 1900 *New*
The Oak Bark Tannery, an extensive leather dressing factory, was decimated by two fires not long after the picture was taken.
Godalming from New Way, 1907
General View of Godalming, about 1905

High Street

Old Town Hall, High Street, Godalming, 1905 *New image*
Old Town Hall, Godalming, about 1908 *New*
The buildings around the Pepperpot in the Edwardian era.
High Street, Godalming, about 1908 *New*
Showing some of the listed buildings, including the former Edwards Pharmacy.
High Street, Godalming, 1910
High Street, Godalming (no date but possibly 1910)
Godalming High Street, early twentieth century *New*
Looking broadly west towards the Pepperpot
High Street, Godalming, 1922
High Street, Godalming, view from the Pepperpot. Eastman's was originally known as Griggs.
*Additional info*
The White Hart, High Street, Godalming, about 1900 *New*
The timber-framed White Hart was an old coaching inn and there was an inn on the site in the sixteenth century
The White Hart & High Street, Godalming, before 1900 *New*
The original photo was probably taken at the end of the nineteenth century


Hurtmore Farm, Hurtmore, 1907

Mill Lane and the Mint

The Mint and Mill Lane, Godalming
Mill Lane, Godalming, about 1909 *New*
Looking up Mill Lane, taken from the side of Hatch Mill

Peperharow Road & Peperharow Park

Peperharow Road, Godalming, 1903
Peperharow Road, Godalming, from Frith Hill - before WW1
Frith Hill from Peperharow Road *New*
Early twentieth century view of the eastern end of Peperharow Road and Frith Hill
Peperharow Park, near Godalming *New*
Georgian house, with "Capability" Brown park, and home of the Midleton family for over 200 years.


Poppies in the fields above Binscombe, Godalming, 2010 & 2014

Pound Lane

The Old Forge, Pound Lane, Godalming, about 1910

Ockford Road

Ockford Road, Godalming *New*
Early twentieth century view.


Railway Station, Godalming, 1905
Farncombe Railway Station, 1905 *New*
The station opened in May 1897, replacing Old Godalming Station

Wey Navigation

View from Unstead Lock, about 1908-9