In Remembrance
Records and information within this web site
Derbyshire, Crich Stand, Sherwood Foresters War Memorial
Derbyshire, Darley Dale War Memorial
Derbyshire, Darley Dale, Whitworth Institute Hospital. Staff & Soldiers June 1915
Derbyshire, Lea & Holloway War Memorial
Derbyshire, Matlock, Matlock Bath, Scarthin and Starkholmes War Memorials
Derbyshire, Shirland Parish Church, St. Leonard's interior. Lists WW1 caualties power down the page.
Derbyshire, The Vernon Lamb Archives has several sections about WW1 and the 2/6th Sherwood Foresters
Smithies Surname
Surrey, Godalming, War Memorial Chapel, Charterhouse School, 1927
War Graves, mostly related to our families
WW1 - Le Touquet. Paris Plage. La Gare des Tramways (tram station)
WW1 - The Great War. - Estrées (Somme). Entrance of the Village
[Other Wars] Contributions to the Patriotic Fund, 1854: Crimea collections (Matlock names but of general interest)
[Other Wars] General Redvers H. Buller's V.C.