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Ward Lock cover, 1928
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The Fish Pond

Views from Cat Tor

The Parade

The War Memorial on Matlock Bath promenade has been the subject of a large number of postcards over the years. Here are four examples.

The life size figures of the soldier and sailor on the top were carved from Italian Carrara marble and when it was unveiled in 1921 it was described as being one of the most beautiful memorials in the county[1]. The names of twenty two men who died in the First World War are recorded below the two figures and a further ten names were added to the east side at the end of the Second World War[2].

We can see the face contains the names of the 22 men
from Matlock Bath who were casualties in WW1.

The top image was probably photographed in the 1930s whereas the image below, from a Ward Lock Guide, was taken some years earlier, possibly not long after the memorial was unveiled. In the top picture there is a wooden rustic seat around one of the trees. You can also see the footpath on the far side of the river although the band stand or band kiosk is hard to spot. It is there, of course, to the right of the memorial partly hidden by the first tree along. At the foot of both memorials is a wreath to commemorate the war dead.

Of special interest here, apart from the lovely display of tulips, is that we can see the bandstand on the far side of the river.
It is to the right of the memorial.

These days, following the road widening in the late 1960s, the boundary with the A6 is much closer to the Memorial and most of the Promenade has gone. The wider pavements of today, the current low hedging and railings as well as a few mature trees on the riverbank have enhanced the parade and provide good views of the River Derwent - much better than the tall iron railings of yesteryear.

The Promenade, War Memorial and North Parade

There is more information elsewhere on this site about the War Memorial:
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Unveiling Matlock Bath's War Memorial
Matlock Bath: Remembrance Day, about 1930
North Parade, Matlock Bath, about 1960, which has a more recent coloured picture and is a similar view (see the second image on the page)

About 1900

Before 1902

About 1904-05

Before 1905

Before 1904

About 1902

About 1905

About 1915


Tufa fountain

Band stand

Road widening


1. "Promenade and Memorial, Matlock Bath". Published by Lilywhite of Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire and is numbered MAT. B. 28. Postally unused, full message to reverse. Difficult to date, but likely to be early 1930's.
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All three postcards in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
4. Image from Ward Lock & Co's "Matlock, Dovedale, Bakewell and South Derbyshire", Illustrated Guide Books of England and Wales (1928). From the collection of, provided for this website by and © Ray Ash. The photographs in the book were unlikely to have been taken specifically for the guide and were also not necessarily of the same date the book was published.
Information written, researched by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.


[1] "Derby Daily Telegraph", 2 May 1921.

[2] See the Names on Matlock Bath's War Memorial and learn a little more about those who died.