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Ashbourne: Charters and Early Deeds
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Ashbourne Charters and Early Deeds

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Extracted from "Derbyshire Charters in Public and Private Libraries and Muniment Rooms."
Compiled by Isaac Herbert Jeayes pub. London (1906) Bemrose & Sons Ltd., 4 Snow Hill, E.C. and Derby.

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Matlock charters, which includes an Ashbourne entry (no. 1664), are elsewhere on the website


Although suggested in the book, no references for Ashbourne have been found under Eaton, Cold or Cold Eaton.


51. CONFIRMATION by William de Ferrar [iis] Comes Dereb'. to Ralph de Mungai of land in Hunderwude [Underwood] in the Manor of Asseburn, which he held when the said William recovered the Wapentake of Wirk[sworth]; rent 4s. Witn, William de Rideware tunc senescallus, Robert fil. Walken[in], Jourdan de Touke, Herbert de Merlee, Robert de Bella fide, Thomas de Ednesoure, Robert de Aluithleg'. Temp. John. (Woll. ix. 5.)
52. GRANT from Serlo de Grendon to Walter fil. Humfridi of a toft in Campdene between the two tofts held by Geoffrey Hiepe. Witn. William, capellanus, Simon de Sancto Mauro, Robert and William, filii Joce, Richard Hokebroc, Robert Clericus, Geoffrey Hiepe, Robert Telar Temp. John. (Woll. vi. 42.)
53. GRANT from Roger fil Rob. de Underwod to Roger fil. Ran. de Mercinton, of half and acre of land in Winhul, extending towards Scholebroc; rent, a barbed arrow. Witn. Evo de Taddel', Richard fil. Rogeri de eadem, Richard fil. Ran. de Underwode, John de Offedcote, William fil. Inguses. Temp. Hen.III (Woll. ix. 6.)
54. QUITCLAIM from John de Lea and Idonea his wife to Hugh de Acueuere of a toft which they held sometime from the latter in Esseburne. Witn. Robert de Esseburn, Robert de Wennesleg, John de Offecote, Henry de Alsop, Thomas de Esseburn, Roger de le Wodehus, William Puterel, etc. Late Hen. III. (Okeover.)
55. QUITCLAIM from Robert fil. Philippi de Esseburn to Nicholas de Clyfton of an acre and a half of land in Meyele in the territory of Esseburn, namely, that land which the said Robert obtained from Henry de Fenekelspire, before the King's Justices at Westminster. Witn. Thomas de Tiddeswell, William de Bokestones, Symon de Tuttebyre, Robert de Tissinton, John Like. Temp. Edw.I. (Okeover.)
56. GRANT, in tail, by Richard de Marchington, miles, to Thomas fil. Ade de Assheburn, of lands near Scolebrok, in Asheburn', in the fees of Bradeley ans Underwode; rent, 5s. Witn. Will Cokeyn of Assheburn', Will. de Knyveton' of the same, Roger de Marchinton, Richard Hervi, etc. Temp. Edw. II. (Woll. ix. 61.)
57. GRANT from Brian, carpintarius de Assheburn, to William his son and Agnes his wife, of a messuage and buildings in Assheburne lying between a tenement which Thomas de Stafford held, and a tenement of the said William. Witn. William Cokayn, William de Stafford, John his son, Geoffrey de Quickeshull. Dat. Assheburn, S. b. Conv. of St. Paul [25 Jan], 6 Ed. II. [1313]. (Drury.)
58. COVENANT, whereby William fil. Hen. de Knyveton re-grants to William fil. Dom. Matthei de Bradeburn, lands in Assheburne; rent a rose. Witn. Dom. Roger de Bradburne, Nicholas Merchinstone, Serlo de Mountejoye, etc. Dat. Bradel' F. of Conv. of St. Paul [25 Jan], 6 Edw. II [1313].(Woll. vi. 32.)
59. GRANT from John fil. Dom. Rogeri de Bradeburn, mil., to Margery fil. Mathei de Knyveton de Bradeleye, of a messuage with buildings upon it., etc., in Assheburn. Witn. William Cokeyn, of Assheburn, Thomas fil. Ade. of the same, William de Kniveton, Roger de Marchinton, Robert de Cluware. Dat. F. of St. Peter as vincula [1 Aug.] 1919. (Okeover.)
60. GRANT from Henry de Clifton de Assheburn lying at the head of the town between the high road and the land which Roger de Bradeburn held, and extending to the high road and the the land which Roger de Bradeburn held, and extending from the high road leading to Offidecote up to the curtiledgess in Motterlane. Witn. William Cokeyn, bailiff of Assheburn, Richard de Darleye, clericus. Dat. Assheburn, Mor. of Conv. of St. Paul [26 Jan.], 1326[7]. (Okeover.)
61. GRANT from Isabella que fuit uxor Willelmi e Stafford de Assheburn, of a messuage, etc., in Assheburn, one head extending to the high road and the other to Scholebrok. Witn. Thomas fil. Ade. de Assheburn, William de Knyveton, Richard Heruy, Laurence de Acouere, etc. Dat. M. a. F. of St. Michael [29 Sept.], 5 Edw. [1313]. (Drury.)
62. RELEASE from William fil. Hen. de Mapultone to William fil. Matthei de Knyvetone, of Assheburne, of a rent of 6s 6d. from a teneement in Asscheburne, John de Holond, etc. Dat. M. a F. of St. Michael [29 Sept.], 5 Edw. III. [1331]. (Woll. vi. 18.)
63. GRANT, for two lives, from William de Bradeleye and William d Hultone, chaplains, to William fil. Matthei de Knyvetone ad Margery, his wife, of a messuage in Assheburne, with remaider to Henry and others, their sons. Witn. William de Mapulton, of Assheburne, John Cokayn, Thomas fil. Thome, etc. Dat. F. a. Exalt. of H. Cross [14 Sept.], 7 Edw. III [1313]. (Woll. vi. 19.)
64. GRANT from William fil. Matthei de Knyvetone to Dom. William de Bradeleye and Dom. William de Hultone, chaplains, of a messuage in Asscheburne. Witn. William de Mapulton, of Assheburne, John Cokayn, Thomas fil. Thome Adam, etc. Dat. Th. a. Nat. of the B.V.M. [8 Sept.], 7 Edw. III. [1313]. (Woll. vi. 20.)
65. GRANT from John de Holood, of Ashbourne to Henry Ailmot and Alice his daughter of 100 shillingsworth of rent in Asshebourne from lands which belonged to Hugh fil Rob. fil. Hugonis for the payment of which the said John binds himself, his heirs, executors, and all his tenements in Ashbourne. Witn. William de Knyveton, John Cokein, John de Lymistre, Robert de Clifton, Thomas Adam. Dat. M. a. F. of St. Barnabas [11 June]. 8 Edw. III [1334]. (Okeover.)
66. GRANT from William de Knyvetone, of Asshebourne, to Robert, his son, of two places of land with edifices in Asshebourne, with remainder to Nicholas and John, sons of tbe grantor. Witn. Ralph le Ken, Will de Eytone, Henry de Mapultone, etc. Dat. T. a. F. of St. Matthew [21 Sept.]. 11 Edw. III. [I337]. (Woll. vi. 21.)
67. GRANT from Ralph de Shirley and Margaret. his wife, to Ralph de la Pole de Hertyndon of the lands, etc., which descended to the said Margaret on tbe death of Walter Waltesheff her father, in Adgaresly, Co. Staff., and in Assheburn, Bradeley, Knyveton, Peuerwych, Bradburne, and La Lee, near Bradburn, Co. Derb., except those lands which the said Walter held for term of the life of William de Hopton. Witn. William de Mapelton, William de Knyveton, John de Lemystre, Thomas de Matherfeld, of Assbeburn, Richard Hervy, of the same, William le Aviner, William de la Dale, both of the same. Dat. apud Assbeburn, F. of St. John B. [24 June], 12 Edw. III. [1388]. (Okeover.)
68. LEASE for 8 years from John de Bretteby, of Burton-en-Trent, and Sibilla, his wife, to William de Waterfal, of eighteen pence annual rent from a "celda" in Assheburn lying between the "celda" of Adam Daird and the "celda" of Robert de Alstonefeld. Dat. S. b. F. of All Saints [1 Nov.], 18 Edw. III. [1344]. (Drury.)
69. GRANT from Dom. Alexander de Cobbeley, chaplain, to Lettice, relicta Johannis de Knyveton and the heirs of their bodies, of a messuage, etc., in Assheburne, one head of which extends to the high road and another on the water called Scolbrok, Witn. John Cokayn, of Assheburne, Thomas Adam, John de la Pole, etc. Dat. Assheburne, F. of St. Giles, Abbot [1 Sept.]. [1351]. (Drury.)
70. from John fil. Hugonis de Asheburn to William Sterre, of the same, of a plot of land in Asheburn, with buildings upon it, etc., between the plots of Thomas le Locsmyht and Emma le Cok. Witn. John Cokayn, Thomas Adam, Adam de Bylley. Dat, M. a. F. of St. Luke [Oct. 18], 26 Edw. III. [1352] (Okeover.)
71. RELEASE from Johanna fil Joh. Dounynge of Asscheborne to Nicholas de Knyvetone, of a messuage in Asscheburne, Witn. John Cokayne, John de Lemestre, Adam de Bylby, etc. Dat. Sat. a. F. of St. George [23 Apr.], 32 Edw. III. [1358]. (Woll. vi. 22a.)
72. RELEASE from Adam de Boleby, of Assheburne, and Alice, his wife, to Nicholas de Knyvetone, of the third part of a messuage and two cottages in Assheburne, which the said Nicholas had of the gift of John de Eyton, son of the said Alice. Witn. John Cokayne, of Assheburne, Thomas Adam, John de la Pole, of the same, etc. Dat. M. a. F. of St. Barnabas [11 June], 37 Edw. III. [1363].(Woll. vi. 25.)
73. GRANT from Thomas de Grattone fil et her. Will. de Grattone to Nicholas de Knyvetone, of an annual rent of 8s. from tenements in Asshburne. Dat. F. of St. Peter "in cathedra" [22 Feb.], 45 Edw. III. [1371]. French. (Woll. vi. 61.)
74. POWER OF ATTORNEY by Richard Detafford, lord of Clyfton, to John Astone, etc., to receive seisen of lands in Newode, Co. Staff., and Assheburne and of the manor of Bredlawe [Broadlow Ash, in Thorp], under a deed of ffeoffment made by John de la Pole. Dat. Westm. 47 Edw. III [1373]. French. (Woll. vi. 59.)
75. QUITCLAIM from Henry le Waluour de Assheburn of a messuage in Assheburn in Le-Bruge-strete between the water of Scholobrok and the said Edmund's land, and of a meadow called Paradis in Clifton. Date. Assheburne, Th. a. F. of St. Michael [29 Sep], 2 Ric. II. [1382]. (Okeover.)
76. GRANT from John Cokayn, of Assheburne, to Phillip de Okore, Knt., Henry Wallour and William Hayward, chaplains, of all his goods and chattels in cos. Derby and Stafford or elsewhere. Witn. Nicholas de Stafford and John Basset, Knts., Roger de Bradbourne, John de Bentley, Thomas Lymster, John de Eyton. Dat. Ashbourne, S. a. F. of St. Hilary [8 Jan], 5 Ric. II [1382]. (Okeover.)
77. GRANT from John de Okoure and Henry Wallour, chaplains, to John Crescy, rector of Longford, John Houbell, rector of Wynfeld, William de Monyash, vicar of Duffield, John Fraunsoys, of Tykenale, and Thomas de Wombewell, all of the lands, etc., which John Cokayn, Knt., enfeoffed the said John and Henry with, in Asshebourne, Clyfton, Parwych, Irton, Styrton, Offtecote, and Underwood, Co. Derb., Malefeld and Smellefeld, Co. Staff. Witn. Nicholas de Longford, Knt., Oliver de Barton, William de Sallowe, etc. Dat. T. a. F. of St. Mark [25 Apr.], 7 Ric. II [1384. (Drury.)
78. GRANT from William de Knyveton de Bradelay to Thomas de Knyveton, of Assheborne lying between the messuage which John Pees holds from John Cokayn, Knt., and the messauge which William Barbour holds from the lord of Underwood. Wits. John Cokayn, Knt., of Asshebourne, Thomas Lymestre, Thomas Glover, ballivus de eadem, William Boturdon, and John Eyton. Dat. Asshebourne, F. of St. Laurence [2 Feb.], 5 Hen IV. [1404]. (Okeover.)
79. GRANT from William Hebbe, rector of Edlaston, and William Boturdon to Richard Welbeck, son and heir of John Welbeck, of all their lands, in the fees of Compedon, Clufton, Bradeley, Offecote, and Underwode. Witn. Thomas Lymistre, Thomas Knyveton, Richard Spicer, and Thomas Glover, bailiffs. Dat. F. of St. Michael [29 Sept.], II Hen IV. [1410]. (Drury.)
80. GRANT from William Auener, chaplain, to John de Okouere, fil. Philippi de Okouere, mil., of a messuage in Assheburn which John of Derby late held, to hold for his life the remainder to Thomas Cokayn, his son, Thomas Knyventon, Nicholas de Lymestre, William de Boterdon, John de Eton. Dat. 20 July, 2 Hen. V. [1414]. (Okeover.)
81. QUITCLAIM from William Auener, chaplain, and Richard Spycer, of Assheburn with an acre of land in the field of Offecote, which they had by feoffment from William Newenham, then vicar of Assheburn. Witn. William Buturdon, Nicholas de Lymestre, Thomas Poleson. Dat. M. b. F. of St. Bartholemew [24 Aug.], 2 Hen. V. [1414]. (Drury.)
82. LEASE for 30 years, from Henry [Chichely], Archbp. of Canterbury, Henry [Beaufort], Bp. of Winchester, and Walter Hungerford, Knt., feoffes of the late King Henry V., of lands in the Duchy of Lancaster, to Heny Knyvetone, Esq., of a water-mill in Asshebourne, called Newe Mylne ; rent 10 marks. Dat. 1 Apr., 17 Hen. VI. [1439]. (Woll. vi. 36.)
83. POWER of Attorney from Margaret, widow of Thomas Knyvetone, to deliver to John, her son lands in Assheburne, Egyntone, and Hyltone. Dat. Myrcastone, 24 Mar., 25 Hen. VI. [1447]. (Woll. vi. 35.)
84. BOND from John Cockayn, of Ashbourn, Nicholas Montgomery, jun. esquire, and Robert Jenkyynson, of Hertyll, to Phillip Okeover, esquire, in thirteen marks payable at Michaelmas, 1456. Dat. 22 Apr., 30 Hen VI. [1452]. (Okeover.)
85. LEASE, for 40 years, from Nicholas Mountegomery, squyer, to William Gyte, of a tenement and land in Assheburne rent 5s. after the first five years. Dat. 15 Apr., Edw. IV. [1475]. (Woll. x. 19.)
86. APPOINTMENT by Richard Welbeke, esquire of Humfrey Okeuer, esquire, to be chief seneschal, governor, and supervisor of all the said Richard's lands within the demense of Asheburne in le Peke and elsewhere, Co. Derby, During the said Richard's life, with a yearly salary of 13s. 4d. Dat. 26 Nov., 15 Hen VII. [1499]. (Okeover.)
87. FEOFFMENT from Henry Hudson, vicar of Asshburn, and Ralph Beresforde, of Asshburn, to John Mosley, of the same, of a messuage lying "in fortistidio" de Asshburn, with attorney to Thomas Elton and Robert Crisha to deliver seisen. Witn. Robert Hassylhurst, Christopher Prince, clerks, John Barbour, marcer, etc. Dat. 2 June, 19 Hen. VIII. [1504].
88. QUITCLAIM from Anna Blakwall, widow of Richard Blakwall, Thomas Hurte, etc. of a messauge in the market place of Assheburne. Dat. 7 May, 5 Hen. VIII. [1514]. (Drury.)
89. GRANT from John Mosley, of Ascheburne, to Thomas Blakwall, Thomas Hurte, etc., of a messuage in the market place of Assheburne. Dat. 7 May, 5 Hen. VII. [1514]. (Drury.)
90. CONVEYANCE from Vincent Lowe, esq. to Anthony Fitzherbert, serjeant at law, German Pole, Nicholas Fitzherbert, esquiftes, Denis Lowe, Robert Lowe, and William Moreton, gentt. of his manors and lordships of Compteyn [?compton in Ashbourne] and Denby, and all his lands in Assheburn, Bradley, Fenton, Eton [Cold Eaton], Sturston, Clyfton, Osmaston, and Merton, Co. Derby: to uses specific indentutes dated 2 July, 7 Hen. VIII., between Thomas Cockeyne, of Ashbourne, Knt., and the said Vincent. Dat. 8 July, 7 Hen. VIII. [1515]. Signed Vyncent Lowe. (Drury-Lowe.)
91. INDENTURE between Sir Thomas Russell, "rood-prest," of Assheburne, on the one part, and John Knyvetone, of Myrcaston, gent., "patrone of the same servyce and chantre," and Sir Herre Hudson, vicar of Ascheburne, on the other part, witnessing the delivery, by the said vicar, to the said Sir Thomas, of certain mass-books, chalices, vestements, and other goods to the same chantry. Dat. 15 Jan., 7 Hen. VIII. [1516]. (Woll. vi. 38.)
2740. GRANT by Richard fil. Henrrici fil. Simonis de Taddeleg' to John fil. Elie de Essebourne, clericus, of two half-acres of land in Taddeleg', ; to hold by rent of a peppercorn, on the F. of St. Oswald, King [5 Aug.]. Witn. Nicholas de Mercintone, Robert fil. Alexandri de Esseburne, Robert fil. Roberti de Tydeswelle, Ivo de Taddeleg', etc. Temp. Edward I. (Woll. iii. 8.)

17. GRANT from Ranulph fil. Ran. de Snuterton to William de Ibulle de Aldewerke and Agnes, his wife, of a messuage and landes in Aldewerke, for life for 20 years ; rent during 20 years, 10s., and afterwards 100s. Witn. Dom. Robert de Ibull, perpetual vicar of Assheburne, Henry de Hoptone, John fil. Radulfi de Aldewerke, etc. Dat. Michaelmas 1310. (Woll. x. 6.)
18. GRANT from Ranulph fil. Ranulfi junioris de Sniterton, to William de Ibulle de Aldewerke and Agnes, his wife, and Nicholas, their son, of a messuage and lands in Aldewerke, their heirs to hold the same for 53 years in case of their decease within that period, at a rent during that time of 10s., and afterwards 100s. Witn. Dom. Robert de Ibull, perpetual vicar of Assheburne, Henry de Hoptone, John fil. Radulfi de Aldewerke, etc. Dat. Sat. b. F. of SS. Philip and James [1 May], 1317. (Woll. x. 10.)


152. GRANT from Roger de Acouuere, Dominus de Attelowe, to Isolda fil. Edithe de Attelowe and Eleanor, her daughter, of a messuage in Attelowe which the said Isolda formerly held from him at will ; to hold for their lives at a yearly rent of 12 pence. Witn. Thomas de Esseburne, William Wyldegos, Henry le Eyre, John Wildy, William le Parker, Robert de Strongeshull. Dat. M. aa Ascension Day [9 May], 19 Edw. [III] [1345]. (Okeover.)
156. CONVEYANCE from John Poole de Hertyngton and Thomas Oker, knt. feoffes of John Oker, sen. to William Hondford, sen., Robert Hondford, and Thomas Alckrynton, chaplain, of all manors, lands, etc., at Oker [Okeover], Castern, Ilom, Wodhous, Coldwall, Atlowe, Snellston, Assheborn, Mapulton, and Hayfield, in Cos. Staff. and Derby, which they had held by feoffment from Thomas Oker. Witn. Christopher Dauernporte, Robert Smyth, Thomas Laurenson, William Itheryng, William Rowe. Dat. apud Oker, 1 Nov., 7 Hen. VI., [1488]. (Okeover.)
157. GRANT from John Pole de Hertyngton and John Okor, sen., to Thomas Okor., sen., of the manor of Okor with all their other messuages, etc., in the vills of Casterne, Ylum [Ilam], Wodhose [Woodhouse], and Coldwall, co. Staff ; the manor of Atlow and all their other messuages, etc., in Snellston Park and elsewhere in Co. Derb., and the reversion of lands which the said John Okor holds for his life in Mapultun, Snellston and Assheburne. Wits. Edmund Basset, William de Henford, John Meuerell, Thomas de Lymester, William Lymester, Henry Kneton, John de Bradburne. Dat. apud Oker, Th. a. Pur, B. V. Mary [2 Feb], 7 Hen. VI. [1429]. (Okeover.)


386. LEASE for 20 years, from Robert fil. Rob. fil. Tholy, with the assent of Dionisia, his wife, to Dom. Robert fil. Hugonis de Acouere, of four bovates of land in Bradeburn, which Hugh de Acouere gave in free marriage with the said Dionisia, his sister ; the said term to begin at Michaelmas, "anno eo decennonal[is] cicli quarto et dominicali liitera F" [1275 ?]. Witn. Nicholas, persona de Esseburn, Hugh, capellanus de Acoure, Thomas de Curzeun, Roger fil. Josei, Geoffrey Blundus, Peter Blundus, Geoffrey, clericus, Matthew de Kniveton, Thomas Juvenis. (Okeover)
389. GRANT from John de le Thokes de Irton to Robert de le Thokes de Bradeburn, his brother, of two bovates of land in Bradburn which the said John had by feoffment from Simon Colle. Witn. Nicholas Robyn de Bradburn, Richard Parlebyne, John fil. Henrici, Nicholas, clericus, de Assheburn, John le Horsemon. Dat. apud Bradeburn, F. of St. Chad, Bp., [2 Mar], 1329[30]. (Okeover)


882. GRANT from Robert fil. Roberti fil. William de Parva Clifton capellanus, to Ralph de Derby of Bradeleye, baker, and the heirs of his body by Lettice his wife, of a piece of meadow in Little Clifton near the highway leading from Assheburn to Clifton, called Parodys. Witn. John fil. Rudulfi de Bradeleye, baker, John de Roucestre, Henry Aleynknaue, Simon de Rossinton. Dat. apud Parva Clifton, Sat. b. Pur. of B. V. M. [2 Feb.], 11 Edw. III [1357]. (Okeover.)
883. GRANT from Margery de Clifton fil. Roberti de Coblay sister and heir of John fil. dicti Roberti to John Cokayne "le Uncle," Rickard Welbeck of Campeden, Henry Wallour of Assheburn, Robert de Clufftone, and Henry Wallour, chaplains, of all her lands in Cluffton and Compedon co. Derb. Witn. Richard Spicer of Assheburn, Richard de Makenay, John de Maplulton, etc. Dat. Compedenn, 28 Dec., 5 Ric. II [1381]. (Drury.)


959. GRANT from Laurence Lowe, Ottiwell Lowe, sons of the said Laurence and George Lowe, his brother to Henry Grey, Lord Grey, of the said annual rent during his life, reserving the right, if the said annuity be in arrear 40 days, to distrain on their lands in Ashburn, Ofcote, Underwood, Eyton, Stoutston, and Bradley, or elsewhere in co. Derby. Dat. 9 Feb., 5 Hen. VIII. [1514]. (Drury-Lowe)


GRANT from Richard de Thurmeleye, vicar of Ashbbourne, to Thomas Tochet, clerk, and Thomas Foliamb, of a messuage in Derby "in seyte Marigate." Witn. Robert de Murcaston, Roger de Asshe, bailiffs of Derby, William Pakeman, Hugh Adam, John Gybon, etc. Dat. F. of St. Matthias [24 Feb.], 2 Ric. II. [1379]. (Pole-Gell)


1640. LEASE for life, from Roger de Wednesleye, dominus de Mapilton, to John de Stanclif, of the watercourse of Bradeburnebrok belonging to the said Roger's demense of Mapilton, with a proviso that if the said John die within twenty years, his heirs may hold the same to the end of that term of twenty years ; to hold by a yearly rent of a grain of pepper for twenty years, but if the said John shall live longer that he shall pay a yearly rent of 6s. 8d. Witn. Thomas de Matherfeld of Assheburn, John fil. Robti de Mapilton, John de Wednesleye, Richard Broun. Dat. S. a. F. of St. Denis [9 Oct.]. 4 Edw. III [1330]. (Okeover.)
1644. GRANT from Thomas de Mapleton, manens in feodo de Bradeleye, to Adam Beleby de Asseburne, of all his arable land in the fee of Mapleton, except Heywode, with remainder on the said Adam's death, if it occurs within twenty years, to the said Adam's heirs. Witn. John Cokeyn, Thomas Adam, Henry de Auener. Dat. Tu. a F. of St. Thomas M. [29 Dec.], 27 Edw. III. [1353]. (Okeover.)
1646. GRANT from Thomas Okover, esquire, to John Okover, his son, of all his lands, etc., within the fee of Mapulton, Assheburn, and Snelston, which John Okover his brother held for term of his life, together with a pasture clled Heywodfeld, in the fee of Mapletun. Witn. Richard Welbek, Richard Wirley, Thomas Laurenson, Henry Broun. Dat. Th. a. F. of St. Oswald, K. and M. [5 Aug.], 9 Hen. VI. [1429]. Seal of arms. (Okeover.)
1648. GRANT from Thomas Okouer, esquire, to Richard Boys and Cecily his wife of a pasture called Heywodfeld in the fee of Mapulton to the meadow of Assheburn. Witn. William Ilum od Assheburne, Thomas Robert, Peter Lymster, Richard Wilson, Richard Madeley. Dat. Mapletun 20 Sept., 35 Hen. VI. [1456]. (Okeover.)


1693. GRANT from John Cokayn, knt., John de Knyveton of Bradley, Roger de Bradburne, and Richard Cokayn, to William de Hyde, chaplain of the church of St. Oswald at Assheburn, of an annual rent of 10s from the manor of Mircaston, in which they had been enfeoffed by Nicholas de Knyveton of Underwood, esq., to found a chantry there, and for the prayers of the souls of Johanna, widow of the said Nicholas, Henry de Knyveton, and Margery his wife, and Thomas de Knyveton, also for John, Duke of Aquitaine and Lancaster, from whom the manor was held, and John de Schepeye, Dean of Lincoln. Witn. Nicholas de Montgomery, Walter Blount, Philip de Okore, Nicholas de Longford, knts., etc. Dat. Asschburne, S. Nat of B. V. M. [8 Sep.], 1392. At the foot of the confirmation of the grant by the said John [de Schepeye], Dean of Lincoln, and John [Burghill], Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, dated, respectively, Lincoln, 18 Mar., 1392, and Eccleshall, 10 July, 1404. (Woll. xi. 31.)


1831. COMPOSITION between the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield and Lenton Priory, as to the commuting of the Peak tithes due to Lenton Priory, according to the Leicester judgment. Made in the church of Bakewell by Ralph de Cubbel', Robert de Radeford, and John, Vicar of Ashbourne. Dat 1253. (Lichf. MM. 10.) (Woll. xi. 31.)


2412. Grant from Thomas de Lemenstre of Assheburne to Thomas de Knyvetone of lands in Underwode lying between Baxtersiche and Assebecke. Witn. John Cokain, Edmund Cokayn, John de la Pole of Assheburne, etc. Dat. 5 Apr., 40 Edw. III. [1306], (Woll, vi. 23.)
2414. Grant from Giles Adam of Assheburne to Thomas de Knyveton, of all the "butts" of land which he held of Thomas Adam his father in Underwode. Witn. Edmund Cokayn of Assheburn, John de la Pole, Henry le Walour of the same. Dat 10 Dec., 42 Edw. III. [1368]. (Woll. vi. 24.)
2415. Grant from Alice Adam, daughter of Thomas Adam of Asshebourne, to Nicholas de Knyveton, of a meadow in Brodemedue and Skyrmarmemedue in the fee of Undrewode. Witn. Nich. de Montegomery, John de la Pole, John Cokayn, knts., etc. Dat. Morr. of the Circumcision [2 Jan.], 14 Ric II. [1391]. (Woll. vi. 27.)
2417. BOND by John Bate of Assheburne and Richard Bate of the same to Lawrence Lowe, in £20, for the peaceable possession of lands in Underwode ; with a clause setting forth that the bond is sealed with the seals of John Clerk, vicar of Assheburne, Richard Boys, and Thomas Metheley, Prior of Bella Valle [Beauvale], co. Notts. Dat. 12 May, 8 Edw. IV. [1468]. (Woll. vii. 15.)


2628. CONFIRMATION from Henry Braund of Wirksworth to the church and canons of the B. V. Mary of Derley of a fourteenth part of two cultures of land in Wggewelle, which Vincent es pellanus, his brother, gave with his body to them. Witn. Dom. Robert de Esseburne, Jordan de Snitterton, Hugh de Meynil, knts., Henry Carduill, William le Liu, John de Plaustowe, Jordan de Ibul, William de Normanton, Thomas Coquus, Richard le Toller. Temp. Hen. III. (Rel. xvii. 66.)
2631. GRANT from Robert fil. Gilberti de Wyrkesworth to the church and canons of Derley, of a seventh part of two cultures of land in Wyggewell, which Robert le Wyne sometimes held of him. Witn. Dom. Robert de Esseburne, Jordan de Snittertone, Hugh de Meynil, knts., Henry de Carduil, John de Plaustowe, Jordan de Ibul, William de Normanton, Thomas Cocus. Temp. Hen. III. (Rel. xvii. 68.)
2632. GRANT from Ranulph fil Walteri presbyteri de Wykesworthe to the church and canons of Darley of the fourteenth part of two cultures of land in Wiggewalle, which Robert le Wyne sometime held of him. Witn. Dom. Robert de Esseburne, Jordan de Snitterton, Hugh de Meynil, knts., Robert de Aldewerc, Ranulph de Wakebrugge, Peter de Vlkerthorpe, William de Liu, Alexander de Lowes, John de Plaustowe. Temp. Hen. II. (Rel. xvii. 69.)
2633. GRANT from William de Ferr[ariis], Comes. Derb'. to the church and canons of Derle of five acres of land at Wiggewell, and a confirmation of all his land at Wiggewell which they held of his fee, namely two cultures "sicut carte clonatorum testantur." Witn. Dom. Hugh de Meynil tunc senescallus, Dom. Robert de Esseburne, Dom. Robert le Vavassur, milites, etc. Ante 1247 (Wol. ii. 1.)
2635. GRANT from Henry fil. Ranulfi de Crumford and Adam fil. Gilberti and Robert Faber of Wirkeswrth, to the church and canons of Derl' [Darley] of a fourteenth part of two cultures of land in Wiggeswall, which Robert le Wine sometime held. Witn. Dom. Robert de Esseburne, Jordan de Snutanona, Hugh de Meynil, knts., Robert de Aldewerhc, Raunulf de Wakebrugge, William Lelin, Alexander de Lowes, John de Plaustow, Thomas Cocus. Temp. Hen. III. (Holland.)
2636. GRANT from Ranulf de Petris de Wyrkeswith to the Abbe of Derle. of the seventh part of two cultures of land in Wiggewelelle. Witn. Rob. de Esburn, Jordan de Snutanon, Hugh de Meynil, milites, Henry de Cardul, William le Luy, Jordan de Yhul, etc. Temp. Hen. III. (Woll. i. 27.)
2637. GRANT from William fil. Ranulfi le Fong to the church and canons of Darley on the lands which his father held at Haselhaye, nr. Wiggewelle. Witn. Robert le Vavassur, Robert de Esseburne, Hugh de Meynil, knts., Ranulph de Audewerc, Henry de Herlason. Dat. F. a. F. of St. Celdde, Bp. [7 Jan.], 1252[3], (Rel. xvii. 70.)
2640. GRANT from Nicholas fil. Galteri de Wirkswrth to the Abbey of Der of the seventh part of two cultures of land in Wiggewell. Witn. Robert de Esseburne, Jordan de Soutertone, Hugh de Meynil, milites, etc. Temp. Hen. III. (Woll. i. 28.)
2644. GRANT to the King's brother, Edmund, Earl of Lancaster, of the manors of Wirksworth and Ashbourne, and the wapentake of Wirksworth, in the county of Derby, in exchange for the counties and castles of Cardigan and Carmarthen. Dat. Westminster, 10 Nov., 1279. (D. of. L.)
2660. GRANT from William de Cloptone [sic. Hopton] to Nicholas de Roulseye and Johanna his wife, of the reversion of landes at Wyrcusworthe, with the rents and services of William de Tokes and Alice his wife, of Nicholas de Assheburne, son of William le Chaloner of Wyrcusworthe, with reversion to Thomas, son of said William de Claptone [sic. Hopton]. Witn. Nich. Bate, Will. Bethebroke, Will. de Bradbare, etc. Dat. Wirkesworth. F. of St. Laurence [10 Aug.], 21 Edw. III. French. (Woll. vi. 63.)
2665. GRANT from Robert le Smyth of Wyrkesworth to William de Asschebourne and William de Wychelles, chaplains, of a messuage with buildings upon it in Wyrkesworth, near the King's highway. Witn. William le Porter de Wyrkesworth, John Daron [sic. Baron], John Moll, etc. Dat. S. a. F. of St. Andrew [30 Nov], 9 Ric. II. [1385.] (Kerry xix. 309.)


apud - at
Drury - The Beresford Charters, formerly in the posession of J. F. Lucas, Esq. of Bentley Hall, Sheffield, from whom the passed to Charles Drury, Esq., of Sheffield, their present owner.
Drury Lowe - Deeds of W. Drury Lowe, Esq., of Locko.
fee of - see of (i.e. a holy see).
Holland - Deeds in the possession of W. R. Holland, Esq., of Ashbourne.
Kerry - The transcripts made by the Rev. C. Kerry (now in the possession of Sir H. H. Bemrose) from various collections.
Lichfield - The Muniments at Lichfield Cathedral
Pole-Gell - Deeds of the late H. Chandos-Pole-Gell, Esq., of Hopton Hall.
Okeover - Deeds of H. C. Okeover, Esq., of Okeover Hall.
Rel. - ?Reliquary - Jewitt's Reliquary.
Woll. - The Wolley Manuscripts, Derbyshire section. (Films of these may be viewed at the Derbyshire Record Office although the originals are now held at the British Library)

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The Wolley Manuscripts, Derbyshire section

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