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Documents Relating to Matlock & Matlock Bath
Documents from the Middle Ages to the Reign of Charles I
Matlock Charters and Early Deeds

Extracted from "Derbyshire Charters in Public and Private Libraries and Muniment Rooms."
Compiled by Isaac Herbert Jeayes pub. London (1906) Bemrose & Sons Ltd., 4 Snow Hill, E.C. and Derby
Documents Relating to Matlock & Matlock Bath
Ancient Deeds
14th C leases
Duchy of Lancaster
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Additional deeds naming the de MATLOCKS, but not relating to Matlock itself


1663. CONFIRMATION by Henry III. to Stephen de Sedgrave of the grant made to him by William de Ferrariis, Earl of Derby, in Mathlac [Matlock]. Dat. 2 Nov. anno 18 [1233] (Berkeley 231)
1664. LETTERS patent declaring that Matlock, Underwood, and Bradley shall be deemed members of the manors of Ashbourne and Wirksworth, and the wapentake of Wirksworth, notwithstanding the non-specification thereof in the charter of the King, granted to Edmund, Earl of Lancaster, the said manor and hundred in exchange for the castles and counties of Cardigan and Carmarthen ; saving to the said earl all other the members and appurtenances of the premises, although not specified either in the aforesaid charter or in the present letters patent. Dat. Westminster, 10 June, 1280. (D. of L.)
1665. GRANT, in tail, from William de Matlok, clerk, to Robert fil. Walteri de Sewardsithe, and Emma his wife, in free marriage, of the moiety of his chief messuage and lands in Matloke. Witn. Ranulph de Sniterton, John de Sutton, Rob. de Mackeworth, etc. Dat. F. of St. Leonard [Nov 6], 19 Edw. III. [1325] (Woll. i. 8)
1666. GRANT from Richard fil. Gilberti de Wednisleye of Matlok to William his son, of 8s. yearly rent from lands, etc., which Robert le Whilwright, Emma his wife, and Thomas fil. Sim. de Hethcote held from him in Matlok. Witn. Thomas le Myners, John de Sutton, Henry Bygge, etc. Dat. Easter Day [12 Apr.], Edw. III. [1349]. (Woll. i. 6)
1667. RELEASE from Roger de Wednesleye to William fil. Ricardi fil. Gilberti de Matlok of lands which were John Alkok's in Matlock. Witn. Henry Bygge, Nicholas Tybbesone, Henry le Wodewarde, etc. Dat. S. a. Michaelmas Day [29 Sept.], 23 Edw. III [1349] (Woll. i. 7)
1668. LICENCE to the Bishop of Lincoln, Richard Earl of Arundel, Robert de la Mare, and others, to grant to John, Earl of Lancaster and Richmond, and Blanche his wife, the castle and park at Bolingbrook, the knight's fees and advowsons of churches, abbeys, and other religious houses pertaining to the castle and soke (with the exception of the manor, town, and soke of Bolingbrook, and the manors of Sutton, Thoresby, Waith, and Ingoldmells); the castle, town, manor and honor of Tutbury, the towns of Scropton, Marchington, Challengewood, Uttoxeter, Agardsley, and Newburgh, the hundred of Higham Ferrers, the manors of Higham Ferrers, Rushden, and Raunds, and the towns of Matlock, Brassington, and Hartington, to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies for ever, with remainder of the right heirs of Henry, Duke of Lancaster. Dat. Westminster, 18 Nov., 1361. (D. of L.)
1669. RELEASE from John Heyle of Bontsale and Matilda his wife to John Hemmynge of Brampton and Matilda his wife of all their lands, etc., in the town and fields of Matlok. Witn. Henry Mapulton, vicar of Bontsale, Henry Matlok, John Flynt, etc. Dat. M. a. Nt. of St. John B. [24 June], 7 Hen. V. [1419] (Foljambe)
1670. RELEASE from Ralph Leche, John Saucheverelle, John Rollesley, esquires, and John Yve of Chaddesdene, chaplain, to Henry Matloke, of lands in Matlock and Hathersagge, co. Derby. Witn. John Cursoun, esq., Henry de la Role, esq., John Rollesley, jun., etc. Dat. Snytertone, 20 June, 30 Hen. VI. [1452]. (Woll. i. 9)
1671. EXTRACT from view of frank-pledge of the manor of Matlok, held at Wirk[sworth], on W. b. F. of St. Luke [18 Oct], 13 Edw. IV. [1473], of the receipt of Richard Held, brother of Thrust' [Thurstan] Held, and heir to Edward Held, son of the said Thurstan, of a cottage and fourteen acres of land within the manor. (Woll. iii. 16)
1672. SIMILAR extract of a court of the same manor held at Wirkysworth, Tu. b. F. of St. Andrew [30 Nov], 2 Hen. VII. [1487], by Sir John Savage, steward, wherein Ralph Saucheverall, esq., surrenders a cottage and lands in Matloke to the use of Sir William Bowne. (Woll. iii. 17)
1673. BOND by William Tagge of Matlocke, John Alsop of Hoknaston and Ralph Gell of Carsyngton, yeomen, to Richard Wigley of Mydelton, in £30, to observe covenants. Dat. 15 Dec., 25 Hen. VIII. [1533]. (Woll. xi.72)
1674. POWER of attorney from John Hemmyngwey to Issabella Otys, widow, kinswoman and heir of Henry Mattloke, to Ralph Gell and Anthony Cley* of Mattloke, to deliver seisen to William Tagge of lands in Mattloke. Dat. 20 June, 26 Hen. VIII. [1536]. (Woll. xi. 72)
*Note: Jeayes gives Clay but County Hall LHL catalogue gives OLEY [i.e. WOLLEY variant] which is believed to be the correct surname
1675. EXEMPLIFICATION of a recovery in the Common Pleas by Ralph Gell and William Glosop, against Richard Wygley, of a messuage and land in Matlok. Dat. Westm., 11 July, 28 Hen. VIII [1536]. (Woll. xi. 72)
1676. SALE, for 20 marks, by Wylliam Tagg of Mattloke, gent., to John Wyggeley of Meddletone, yeoman, of lands in Mattlok. Dat. 3 Sep., 32 Hen. VIII. [1540] (Woll. xi. 70)
1677. SALE by William Tagg of Mattlok, co. Derby, to John Wyggely of Middleton, of lands in Mattlok. Witn. Ralph Gell of Karsyngton, John Allsope of Hoknaston, William Wygely of Workesworth, etc. Dat. 20 Dec., 32 Hen. VIII. [1540] (Woll. xi. 68)
1678. EXTRACT from View of Frank-pledge of the same manor held at Wyrkisworth, of the same manor held at Wyrkisworth, 8 Oct., 35 Hen. VIII. [1543], Thurstan Wodcok being Steward, wherein William Bowne receives a cottage and lands in Matlock on the death of Henry Bowne, his father. (Woll. iii. 18)
1679. NOTE of an attestation made by Robert Fogge. of the Bouhwod, in Matlock, yeoman, aged 86, before Jemys Launne of Cromfort, Rycard Abell of the same, and William Fogge, of the payment of the chief rent in the Brouniswodes to Thomas Polle, etc., Lords of Whakebrig, "in rest and pesse wythe oute troubell" during 66 years. Dat. 9 Apr., 35 Hen. VIII. [1544] (Woll. xi. 8)
1680. EXEMPLIFICATION in the Court of Common Pleas of the decision of William Shelley, knt., and Henry Bradshawe, Attorney-General, at an Assize held at Derby, Hilary Term, 37 Hen. VIII. [1546], in a suit between German Pole, gent., Anthony Els, and Henry Buntyng, on the one part, and Thomas Alsop, on the other part, whereby the said Thomas recovered damages against them for the illegal seizure of his cattle at Matlokke. Dat. Westm., 26 Jan., Hen. VIII. [1547]. (Woll. xi. 32)


(p.107) Only Matlock references abstracted.
878. FINE from Godfrey Foljambe to Humphrey Roe of a hundred messuages, etc. in Chesterfelde, Newbold, Langley, Wyngarworth, Thawthwyk [? Swathwick, nr. Wingerworth], Beley, Bradwey, Byrchett, Greenhyll, Norton, Ounston, Somerlees, Draunfeld, Haston [Coal Aston], Hanley, Woodhall, Ekyngton, Begnton, Derby, Norton Leys, Wurkysworth, Bonsall, Over Haddon, Arney, Hawpe, Castleton, Brampton, Tapton, Wyttyngton, Bremyngton, and Matlok, co. Derby. Dat. Martinmas Term, 33 Hen. VIII [1541] (Woll. ii. 71)


(p.191) Only Matlock references abstracted.
1543. LIST of freeholders owing suit at the court of Lutchurch. On the back is a rough draft of a grant to Thomas Pole of Wakbrigge to Ralph Pole, his son and heir apparent, of land in Boghwode, in the territory of Matlock. Sixteenth century. (Woll. xi. II)


2144. GRANT from Dom. Gerard de Suttone, miles, to William de Aldewerk of a selion of land lying between the lands of Dom. Robert de Marcham and Ralph fil. Gilberti de Snuterton at the west of the vill, in exchange for as much land in Snuterton lying near land of Dunyig de Snuterton. Witn. Robert de Marcham, Ralph de Rerisby, Robert de Wendisleye a, Henry de Matlac. Temp. Hen. III. (Woll. x. 4)
2148. GRANT from Henry de Suttone, to Dom. Hugh Fil. Alani de Ednessouere, chaplain of all his lands, etc. in Snitterton and Matlock, which he inherited after the death of John and Thomas his brothers. Witn. John de Dethek, Roger de Wednesl', Ranulph de Snytertone, Gerard de Wedensl', etc. Dat. F. of St. Thomas [21 Dec], 1350. (Woll. x. 13)


2305. RENTAL of thelands of German Pole of Wakbrygge in Tansley, Heghheygg, and Cruche ; signed by German Pole, 4 Oct., 30 Hen. VIII. [1538]. (Woll. x. 19)
[This entry is included because it explains entry 2306 below]
2306. EXTENT of the lands of the same, viz., the manor of Wakbrugh in Matlock. Same date. (Woll. x. 20)


(p.314) Only Matlock references abstracted.
2489. EXTENTS of the lands and tenements of Rauf Pole of Wakbrug, in Wakbrug, Matloke, Tannesley, and Heegge. Dat. 6 May, 2 Ric III. [1485]. (Woll. xi. 15-17)
2490. EXTENT of the lands of John Pole of Wakbrygge in Wakbrygge, Matloke, and Tannysley, 6 June, 1 Hen. VIII. [1509]. (Woll. xi. 18)

Additional deeds naming the de MATLOCKS, but not relating to Matlock itself

(p.17 ATLOW)
134. CONFIRMATION by Robert fil. Tholi to Sewall de Mungei of the tenement in "Winnedona," which his father and Serlo, his elder brother, held from the said Robert. Late twelfth century. (Woll. ix. 2)
[Latin] ... His testibus ... Henrico de Matlag ...
2366. POWER of attorney from Thomas Meverell, esq., to Henry Matlok and Alexander Fallus, to enter the manors of Throwsley [Throwley] and Frodeswalle [Fradswell], co. Staff., and his lands in Boterton [Butterton] and Stanshope in the same county, and his manor of Tyddeswalle and lands in Spondon, and half his manor of Stapley, co. Chest., and all the estates in the said counties which belong to his father Sampson Meverell, miles, and to deliver seisin of the same to Thomas Taillour, vicar of Tyddeswall, and Richard Blaklach, chaplain. Dat. Throwley, 10 Sept., 13 Edw. IV. [1473] (Add. 27513)


Add - Additional Charters, British Museum
Berkeley - Deeds at Berkeley Castle (from the printed catalogue edited by I H Jeayes)
D. of L. - Duchy of Lancaster (Taken from the Thirty-fifth Report of the Public Records, Appendix I)
Foljambe - Deeds of the Right Hon. F. J. S. Foljambe, of Osberton
Woll. - The Wolley Manuscripts. Films of these may be viewed at the Derbyshire Record Office although the originals are now held at the British Library.

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