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More unusual lists include Before the Board, Councils, fines, gifts, levies, licences, magistrates, police, owners, recusants, subsidies and taxes.

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Census Returns, 1841 - 1901
On-site census transcripts for all years currently available to the public, apart from 1911.
They include Matlock (Bridge, Bank, Cliff, Dale, Green, Town), Matlock Bath, Scarthin Nick and Cromford Market Place, Lumsdale, Bow Wood, Riber, Hearthstone, Starkholmes, High and Low Leas and Lea Wood. Excluding Tansley.
Church & Chapel Registers - "Hatches, Matches and Dispatches"
Matlock St. Giles', some Matlock Bath extracts and various other chapel and church registers.
Directories - 19th Century : Commercial, Trades and Private Residents.
Directories - 20th Century : Commercial, Trades and Private Residents.
Documents Relating to Matlock and Matlock Bath : Ancient Deeds, Charters, Leases, Court Rolls.
Lists Through the Centuries, Matlock & Matlock Bath
Includes Gifts and Aid to the King, Fines, Licences, Taxes, Owners of Land, Individual Hardship, School Charity, Police, Magistrates, Matlock Station Staff, Game Duty, fund raising for various causes (Patriotic Fund, Cumming family, Derby General Hospital), Cricket Club, non vaccinators, etc.
The London Gazette, Matlock and Matlock Bath Names
Hundreds of names, on 10 pages.
Army and Regimental Promotions, Bankruptcies, Business Partnership Changes, Civil Service Examinations, Orders of Chancery, Changes of Name, Company Liquidations, Acts of Parliament, Debtors, Honours, Inland Revenue Declarations (Banks), Property Sales, Wills.
A finding aid to make searching the London Gazette easier for those with Matlock and Matlock Bath ancestors. There have always been a wide variety of public announcements in the Gazette and Matlock and Matlock Bath residents were named in ever increasing numbers during the nineteenth century. Present coverage includes both eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with the earliest reference appearing in 1725.
MIs - Matlock & Matlock Bath's Memorial Inscriptions
Selected transcripts of Matlock and Matlock Bath's MIs. Surnames Index for all the memorials.
People who were born in Matlock, Matlock Bath, Riber or Starkholmes but moved away.
Includes apprentice records, burial and other registers, census returns, Phillimore marriage indexes, memorial inscriptions, militia lists, passenger lists, old books and Wills.
Wills Calendar
Probate records. Pre-1858 Wills for Matlock & Matlock Bath Surnames and Wills proved within Derbyshire 1858 - 1928
The Wolley Manuscripts
The Matlock section of a major collection of pre 1828 documents
The Wolley Manuscripts of charters, deeds, documents, pedigrees and various lists is a truly remarkable collection of fifty three folio volumes, for a projected county history of Derbyshire. They were amassed by Mr. Adam Wolley of Riber who bequeathed them to the British Museum in 1828.
Other Sources Relating to Matlock & Matlock Bath
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Rectors of Matlock Parish Church (St. Giles). From about 1300 A.D.
Derbyshire Alehouses, 1577
Nine Matlock names from the list are now on this website (16th Century Lists, part of Lists Through the Centuries) but a full list of the Alehouses in Derbyshire has been transcribed by Eric Youle. (external link, so will open in a new window or tab)
VILLS and Freeholders, 1633
Eight Matlock names from the list are on this website (17th Century Lists, part of Lists Through the Centuries) but a full list of the VILLS and Freeholders of Derbyshire has been transcribed by Eric Youle (external link, so will open in a new window or tab)
Gem of the Peak (Matlock Bath in 1840)
Matlock and Matlock Bath names extracted from Adams book. Compare the names with those in the 1841 Census of Matlock (and Matlock Bath)
Magazines and Newspaper Cuttings
Collection of very short reports, sorted chronologically, that have been extracted from local newspapers published over 75 years ago.
Pastors of Matlock Congregational Church, 1852 - 1972
Matlock Operatic Society : Everyone named in the 1908 programme, from performers to officers and advertisers
Empire Day Parade, 1914
Report and a list of those participating in the parade of the Matlock Branch of the National Reserve, which took place just before the outbreak of WW1
Matlock War Memorial, 1914 - 1919 - see Surnames A - J and Surnames K - W
Matlock Bath War Memorial, 1914 - 1918 and 1939 - 1945
Matlock War Memorial, 1939 - 1945
Scarthin War Memorial
Starkholmes War Memorial
Place and Field names.
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