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Matlock & Matlock Bath: How You Can Help
Found something on this site for your research? Perhaps you would like to contribute something in return

Any out of copyright material that is relevant to the history of Matlock or Matlock Bath would be very welcome and all contributions that are published will be properly acknowledged and attributed. I also welcome material that is your own copyright and copyright material that permission has been sought to reproduce. If you aren't sure about this, I may be able to advise you. However, please do not sent material from another web site.

Under normal circumstances I will try to acknowledge what you send immediately, but please allow up to 28 days for the information to be added to this list to take into account holidays etc. Also, let me know if you want your e-mail address to be included on the list of contributors as I have now stopped doing this. If you are passing on information given to you by someone else, please seek their permission first and I will, of course, include an acknowledgement to them. Unfortunately, I do not have time to write to other people seeking their permission.

Below are just a few suggestions of how you could help. What I'm looking for in particular is additional biographical material, church registers, old lists of names, newspaper cuttings, strays, trades directories, tourist guides and will references (particularly from Lichfield/now Staffordshire RO) - or any odd Matlock 'fact'.

Once you've looked through the list and want to get in touch, please go to the page where my email address for Matlock is provided.


Contribute ...

... a Biography

It would be interesting to read something about, for example, a lead miner, a worker at one of the mills or someone who worked at one of the hydros. Did anyone from Matlock emigrate to Canada in the early years and what did they do? Was anyone known to have been transported to Australia or Virginia and did they survive? Many of those who worked or owned an hotel made major contributions to Matlock life.
However, please be concise; avoid individuals who have died in recent times and stories that contain long lists of dates or children's names. I have not got the space for that kind of detail, but brief biographies will be very welcome.
Please email with 'Matlock and Matlock Bath Biography' in the subject line.
British Standard County (Chapman's) Codes - please use where applicable.

... a Newspaper Cutting or Public Notice/Announcement
that refers to Matlock or Matlock Bath and its inhabitants

If you have a very short cutting of no more than a few lines or a public notice or announcement, I would very much like to hear from you. I've not got the space for anything longer, but would welcome a variety of topics, however insignificant they may at first appear to be. For the time being, though, I've decided not to include any reports of people who were either in court or in trouble with the police during the early part of the 20th century as some of their relatives may still be alive.
Please send me an e-mail with 'Matlock and Matlock Bath Newspapers' in the subject line.
Magazines & Newspaper Index

... a Stray

A stray is someone who was born in the Matlocks, but has been found elsewhere at a particular time. A stray could be someone's 'missing link' si if you have any names that could be included on these lists, I should be very pleased to hear from you.
Please send me an email with 'Matlock and Matlock Bath Strays' in the subject line.
British Standard County (Chapman's) Codes - please use where applicable.

If you have other Derbyshire Strays that you would like to submit to the Derbyshire Family History Society, send them to Bridge Chapel House on a card or piece of paper measuring 5" x 3", giving as many details as possible. Other Family History Societies index Strays, using the same method.

... a Will Reference

Please send me an email with 'Matlock and Matlock Bath Wills' in the subject line.
Matlock Wills Calendar

... a Trade Directory Transcript

See lists of those already done, but please also check first in case transcription is underway
19th century directories
20th century directories

... Census information

All census returns 1841 - 1901 have been transcribed.
See the Census Index

Whilst I'd really welcome material for the 1911 census I cannot currently see how it will be possible to transcribe it although I am open to suggestions.

... Church Registers of the Matlocks

Additional material to that already on the site, or linked to it, will be welcomed, though please email before you embark on a project to ensure there is no duplication of effort.
Hatches, Matches & Dispatches

... to the Lists of names

Please email any additional information.
Lists Through the Centuries

... Matlock and Matlock Bath Tourist Guides

Please email if you think you have something to add.
Matlock & Matlock Bath Guides

... Scanned images

Old photographs, postcards, engravings and etchings of people, views and buildings.
Please email before sending these and we can discuss suitable sizes.
Matlock & Matlock Bath Images

... Miscellaneous facts

Did You Know - to see what is already on the site

... a link to information on your own web site

I would be delighted to add a link to anything related to the history of Matlock and Matlock Bath. If you email the URL, title and brief description, perhaps you'd consider adding a link back in return?

Thank you. I'll look forward to hearing from you.