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Matlock Bath, showing footpaths, 1907
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Map of Matlock Bath, with pathways

This is part of a much larger map of Matlock and Matlock Bath, published in "Guide to Matlock and Matlock Bath" (1907), Geo. Hodgkinson, Matlock Printing Works. It was designed to show a series of footpaths around Matlock and Matlock Bath, including walks over Masson and walks from Upper Wood to Bonsall and the Via Gellia. It shows the names of the streets of that time, although the dotted lines of Clifton Road are rather misleading as the road was developed some years before. The map also shows some of the landmarks, including several caverns that are no longer open to the public but were important tourist destinations at the beginning of the 20th century. Some of the larger buildings are also marked.