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Bodeites, a Charterhouse School Boarding House, about 1906

Bodeites was initially called Buissonites as it was founded by a Frenchman called Benjamin Buisson. It is the only house not to have retained the surname, or part of the surname, of its founder. In 1881 Mr. Buisson, described as an "Assistant School Master At Charterhouse", was living in the property on Hindhead Road with his wife and three young children[1] but there was a whiff of scandal as Mr. Buisson apparently ran off with the Matron later that year! "Retired" seems to have been the word used to describe his departure[2].

He was replaced by Rev John Ernest Bode, the master of the Upper Fourth Form who taught Latin and Greek, and the house was renamed Bodeites. Rev. Bode, whose father had been a foundation scholar at Charterhouse, had been appointed as a master by Rev. Haig Brown in 1872. Until he sustained a knee injury he was also an enthusiastic mountaineer, climbing many peaks in Switzerland. He taught at Charterhouse for 35 years, most of that time as head of Bodeites, and retired in 1908[3].

The assistant master for Classics, Francis Dames Longworth, then became housemaster[4]. He excelled at both racquets and cricket - he played in tournaments at the Queen's Club on a number of occasions. He retired from teaching in 1921 and passed away at Southsea in 1936, aged 73; he was interred at Puttenham Cemetery[5]. One of the boarders at Bodeites, and later head boy (head monitor) in Longworth's time, was Roger Bingham Turner[4]. He went on to Jesus College Cambridge but enlisted in 1915 and was leading a charge when he was killed in action at Gallipoli the following year, aged 20[6].

Between 1910 and 1919 various changes were introduced and boys from then on remained in one house for all their school life. The accommodation at Bodeites was said to be "greatly improved", electric lighting had been fitted and telephones were installed in some of the houses although it was not clear if Bodeites has a telephone at this time. There were 35 boys in residence[2].

The main entrance to this impressive building was on Hindhead Road, now known as Twycross Road, and was next door to Hodgsonites. Ordnance Survey maps indicate that Bodeites could be reached from Sandy Lane (Charterhouse Road) by the pathway shown on this image. There are several long walls in the picture, which were possibly retaining walls as the grounds sloped steeply.

All six masters' houses on Frith Hill were sold for re-development and this house was demolished in the early 1970s when Charterhouse decided to accommodate its pupils within the grounds and the school was able to build its new boarding houses largely as a result. Charterhouse subsequently sold two further masters' house, Weekites and Lockites so they could complete their building project.

There are now two blocks of flats on the adjacent plots of Bodeites and Hodgsonites, accessed from Twycross Road, with houses on the lower slopes next to Charterhouse Road.

Other Charterhouse "outhouses" built in the 19th century




"Bodeites, Charterhouse". Postcard published by Craddock Publishing, Godalming. Posted 31 Oct 1906 at Godalming. Message is a personal one and not relevant to image.
Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.


[1] The 1881 census for Godalming, schedule 26, Hindhead Road. Benjamin Buisson, M.A., aged 34 and born France.

[2] "Charterhouse". A. H. Tod, M.A. (2nd Ed., Revised) (1919) Handbook to the Great Public Schools. London : George Bell and Sons Portugal St. Lincoln's Inn W.C. Cambridge: Deighton, Bell & Co New York : The MacMillan Co Bombay : A. H. Wheeler & Co.

[3] Obituary notices in "The Times, 1st and 2nd Dec, 1933. Bode was educated at Uppingham and New College Oxford. After his retirement he went to live with brother in Sevenoaks. He passed away at Oxford.

[4] The 1911 census shows that the Head of House was Francis Dames-Longworth, aged 48 and Assistant schoolmaster. Roger Bingham Turner, aged 15, was one of the pupils in the boarding house.

[5] "Hampshire Telegraph", 28 August 1936.

[6] "The Times", 7 Jun, 1916 reported the death of Lieutenant Roger Bingham Turner. He is commemorated in Charterhouse Chapel and at the Basra Memorial in Iraq. He was recorded as Second Lieutenant in "The Times" but is shown as Lieutenant in Commonwealth War Graves Records.

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Charterhouse Bridge and Hindhead Road

Charterhouse Road, from Charterhouse Bridge


Charterhouse School

Frith Hill from the Air, 1920s. Bodeites is on the opposite side of the road from Weekites

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