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Godalming High Street, 1914

A relatively new business partnership had opened on the High Street; the milliner's shop Adeline and Estelle, on the left of the photograph, was at what was then 72a, High Street - behind the pony and trap and on the corner of Lower South Street. Adeline Rose Twigg was the milliner and Estelle Rose Chaude was the Dressmaker[1]. They had been at 65 High Street initially and whilst they were there advertised for a millinery assistant in 1913[2]. The following year they had moved to the premises we can see in the photo[3]. Interestingly, a delivery boy is hastily dismounting from his bike behind the trap. Whatever he was carrying was in a large basket strapped to his back.

The milliners' immediate neighbour, at no.72, was the tailor and hosier William Frederick Paine[4]. The sign above his shop window next to the millinery shows that he also made shirts.

Following the retirement of Robert Agnew Robertson in January 1914 another business had opened at the High Street/Church Street junction behind the Pepperpot (Market Hall) in 1914[5]. Robertson's shop signs had been replaced, the outside had been repainted and the external walls bore the words "New", "Costumes" and "Dainty". Any other words were hidden by the Pepperpot.

This shop was now Boshiers, ready to wear specialists who had operated from smaller premises on the High Street before the move. Henry Boshier, who had started his business in 1899, was still running the shop in 1924[6]. His two sons continued to run the ladies' outfitters when he passed away in 1939[7].

We know from the clock on the square tower below the Pepperpot's domed cupola that it was 11.35a.m. - the sun was high in the sky as the shadows are almost directly underneath the vehicles.

The two window awnings on the right next to the parked vehicle were part of the Godalming Drapery Company, a store that had been set up by Mr. Ballard[8]. This, too, was still on the High Street in 1924[6]. A chauffeur, dressed in a long coat and peaked cap was patiently waiting on the pavement for his passengers.

It is not known how the millinery fared during World War One but by 1924 George E Ford was a milliner in their former shop at 65 High Street[6]. The two women were by then living at The Old Cottage, Eashing. Estelle died that year but Rose became a Red Cross Worker in 1939 and passed away in 1942[9].

"High Street, Including Market Place, Godalming". Published by A. Jury, 71, High Street, Godalming. Unused.
Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

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