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A selection of photographs and postcards of a Surrey country town
The White Hart & High Street, Godalming, before 1900

A view of Godalming High Street, probably taken at the end of the nineteenth century. This is a slightly earlier photograph of the White Hart Inn than shown on the previous page. The Pepperpot is on the left, with a poster (unreadable) on one of the pillars.

The timber framed building on the far right was a florist and gardener's shop, run by William S Gower[1]. In 1888 he advertised for "a young man who understands growing cucumbers, tomatoes, and cut flowers for market. - Apply by letter, stating wages, to W. S. Gower, Florist, 69, High-street, Godalming".[2] Mr. Gower was growing his own produce to sell in the shop, something that was not uncommon.

It was taken over by W. S. Luxford by 1895 as there is a photograph taken that year showing his name above the shop window[3]. Jury's hairdressers[4], the second doorway in the White Hart building, also doesn't have a sign over the shop. A group of people are standing in the road and on the pavement outside Jury's and a youngish girl is standing on the step.

Behind them is the entrance to White Hart Yard. Once the coaching days were over the yard was used by a variety of businesses. For example, in 1881 several families were living in caravans in White Hart Yard; the heads of house were named as Alfred Hammond, W. Hopkins and Geo Mayo, all of whom were general dealers but did not know where they were born[5]. In 1901 Henry Wheatland, a fish salesman, was living in White Hart Yard[6] and by 1907 John Lee, a building contractor and undertaker used premises there[3].

On the pavement opposite the White Hart, outside one of the shops, is a tall pile of trunks but it is impossible to tell what else the shop sold.

"High Street, Godalming". No publisher. Not posted, though another card was posted in 1904. Publication date unknown.It was probably published in the early twentieth century as there are instructions about the writing space on the divided back, which indicate it was from around 1902, when the Post Office allowed writing on the back of cards. Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Researched by Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.


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[4] The Jury family were hairdressers on the High Street from the 1870s onwards.

[5] 1881 census.

[6] 1901 census.

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