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A selection of photographs and postcards of a Surrey country town
Peperharow Road, Godalming, 1903
Peperharow Road at the very beginning of the twentieth century

This early Edwardian postcard shows increasing development along Peperharow Road and is worth comparing with a picture taken less than a decade earlier that is also on this web site[1]. The only vehicle on Peperharow Road is a hay cart on the bend close to the bottom of Dean Road, the cul de sac on the right.

On the left hand side of the road are three new houses and next to the hay cart are two strips bounded by close-boarded fencing. The land either side of this fencing was to be built on over the next few years (see the next image) and it is possible that the fencing was in preparation for that.

Dean Road had houses on both sides by this time and another plot is fenced and appears to have work going on, but this isn't totally clear. In the 1901 census[2], the heads of household in Dean Road were Messrs. Heathorn, Gale, Godwin, Jeffries and Burgess as well as Mrs. Brockelsby. Two more properties were under construction at census time, so there were fewer dwellings than appear in this photograph. By 1911 some of the names on Dean Road had changed and the household heads by then were Messrs. Hawkings, Russell, Godwin, Kearvill, Cooke, Wheeler, Smith, Parsons, Mayne and Burgess; two properties were uninhabited[2].

Charterhouse School is also clearly visible on the top of the hill (top, right) and there is a goal post on the edge of the plateau. Some of the houses further along Peperharrow Road were built for the masters of the school; Aldous Huxley, whose father was an Assistant Classics Master at the school, was possibly born in one of them[3].

Enlargement of the centre of the top image, showing Charterhouse School's Old Sanatorium.
It was to the south of, and below, the field known as Green and separated by a belt of coppice.
A second sanatorium was further along the road. Both were "out of bounds"[4] to healthy pupils.

Unfortunately for the viewer, no explanation is provided in the card's message about the reason for the arrow. It could have indicated where the school's bathing place was on the River Wey.

"Godalming, Peperharrow Road". First published in 1903 by F. Frith & Co. Ltd., Reigate. No.49191. Posted 21 Dec 1905 at Godalming and sent to Col. E. S. May C. Mcky? Message not related to card - "The very best for 1906 and after".
Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Page researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
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[1] Compare this with the 1895 postcard of Frith Hill, which also shows the road.

[2] Census information is available on Find My Past

[3] In both 1891 and 1901 the Huxley family were living in a large house called Laleham; Aldous Huxley was born at Laleham. In 1891 Laleham was one of four masters houses on Peperharow Road but ten years later the Huxleys were living on the top of Frith Hill, in another house called Laleham. The second Laleham, next to Hillside School, became a Charterhouse School boarding house after the Huxleys had left but was later not used as such. In comparison to the large boarding houses within the grounds and on Frith Hill it was considered small, and took up to 14 boys until they could be accommodated in one of the larger houses.

[4] Tod, A. H., M.A. (2nd Ed., Revised) (1919) "Charterhouse". Handbook to the Great Public Schools. London : George Bell and Sons Portugal St. Lincoln's Inn W.C. Cambridge: Deighton, Bell & Co New York : The MacMillan Co Bombay : A. H. Wheeler & Co..

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