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Peperharow Road, Godalming, from Frith Hill - before WW1

By the outbreak of the First World War there had been a marked increase in development along Peperharow Road, with the building of the two groups of semi-detached dwellings on the left hand side. Obviously a good day for drying the washing but not warm enough to do without a fire!

What is shown as a close-boarded fenced area on the previous picture bisects the two rows, just as it does today. Of the group of houses on the left of the road the only one that has disappeared is the first building bottom, left. Dean Lodge, on the opposite side (bottom, right), was demolished and replaced by flats in the 1970s.

Presumably it is hay that is stored under the tarpaulin behind the houses, although it is hard to tell from the picture. The fields are quite lush, so it is probably more grass being grown for hay. The drainage ditches round the edge of the fields are part of Hell Ditch.

Cows are grazing in the field beyond the newly built homes and there appears to be a line of cows in the same field, close to the gate. As for the entrance to Dean Road, all kinds of things are lying on the ground in the plot on the corner of the road - the pieces could be for a building project, or they could just be discarded items.

The dot on the card is Ivydene on the left hand side of the road.

"Peperharow Road, Godalming, from Frith Hill" published by S. G. Eaton, Stationer, Godalming. The Milton Post Card. Printed at our works in Germany. Not posted.
[1913 Kelly's Directory of Surrey shows Samuel George Eaton, stationer, & depot of the British & Foreign Bible Society, 29 & 31 Church Street. Samuel George Eaton was born in Sheffield and lived on Wolseley Road in 1911.]
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