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There are several email addresses for The Andrews Pages web site.

Ann's Matlock & Matlock Bath email address is provided at the foot of this page

In an effort to reduce spam (unsolicited email) we have decided to reduce the number of e-mail links on the web site so this is the only place our contact details appear. Our email addresses for the site are provided using a small piece of Java code. If you cannot see the address, the web browser you are using may not support Java, or you have disabled Java in your browser. Alternatively, if you are using more recent versions of Internet Explorer you may have to click on Allow Blocked Content. We apologise for this. We are using the code to deter email harvesting robots.

Whilst I welcome comments and queries, or additional information you may have, I would really appreciate you take note of the following before writing:

  • If your query is about specific on-site information, include the URL and page title (or the section of the page) in your message. If you are emailing about The Vernon Lamb Archive please include the image number and the section it is in (e.g. Commercial, Places). This is a large web site, so I may not always know what you mean without the inclusion of at least the page details.

    Please note: a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the address of a World Wide Web page. It can be seen in the address bar at the top of every web page and begins with http://www. (sometimes shortened to www.). Copy and paste it into your message.

  • Messages received without a subject will be not be responded to; you'll find that the subject line for your first message has been partially entered for you. You can insert your interest between the square brackets [ ]

  • Please do not send any attachments without asking if I want them.

  • The email addresses of most contributors to the Matlock & Matlock Bath web site are not on site. Whilst some people do not wish to, or no longer can be, contacted I am able to contact others on your behalf.

  • Very occasionally I may receive a query that I am unable to reply to because my reply bounces back. This is usually because the email's "Reply To" has been set up incorrectly on the sender's computer. I have introduced a page which asks for those enquirers to get back in touch.
    Emails I've been unable to reply to

  • No demands for money or advertisements of any kind (see the note above about spam).

  • Once you've sent a message from here, or have now decided you do not wish to, please use 'Back' on the toolbar to return to the point of the web site that you arrived from.

For the e-mail address you should use to contact me about Matlock & Matlock Bath please:


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