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For those who are interested in the latest additions and changes to the
Matlock and Matlock Bath website.

This year has the very latest additions

Links take you to the page or section of the site,
though not necessarily directly to the new information.
The site is continually being reviewed and updated. Minor changes,e.g. 'typos', not included here.

This section was introduced on the site until January 2000,
although the site itself was first created in 1996.

Sorry if you have a broken link on your web site to one of my web pages.
As more pages have been added to this website than were ever envisaged, especially to the "Images" section, a periodic re-think is needed which involves re-naming web pages as well as redesigning the navigation.
However, nothing has been removed.
Apologies to anyone who has a link to pages that have had to be renamed. Where possible a forwarding link had been added to any redundant pages and these will be kept on the site for two years before they are removed.

Note: All links to Matlock and Matlock Bath's Historical Records (QuickList) have been changed as the index has been renamed (click the link to go to these records).

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