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Kelly's Directory, 1891 - Extracts of the CLAY surname
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From: Kelly's Directory of the Counties of Derby, Notts, Leicester and Rutland
pub. London (May, 1891)
Kelly's Directory, 1891
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Extracted in the following order:
Derbyshire | Leicestershire | Nottinghamshire
There were no Rutland entries

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PR - Private Residents | C - Commercial | CD - Court Directory

(some Claye)

Clay Adam, Wensley Matlock Bath, C, farmer
Clay Alfred, Darley, PR, Darley hall
Clay Benjamin, Wensley Matlock Bath, C, farmer
Clay Edward, Ault Hucknall, C, butcher, Hardstoft
Clay Edward, Draycott, PR
Clay Elizabeth (Mrs.), Beeley, C, farmer, Fallinge
Clay Elizabeth Kate (Miss) L.L.A. A.C.P., Derby, C, The Ladies College, 116 Osmaston road
Clay Henry, Matlock Bridge, PR, White House, Snitterton road
Clay Hy., Ilkeston, C, Mundy Arms P.H., 184 Bath street & maltster, Lower Granby street
Clay Isiah, Codnor, C, boot maker
Clay James, Alfreton, C, shoeing smith, King street
Clay John, Ault Hucknall, C, farmer, Hardstoft
Clay John, Heanor, C, shopkeeper, Church street
Clay Joseph, Ripley, C, greengrocer, Moseley street
Clay Mark, Bakewell, C, farmer, Moneyash
Clay Richard, Derby, C, cattle dealer, Meadow house, Meadow road
Clay Richard, Pilsley, C, Star P.H.
Clay Sampson, Ault Hucknall, C, Shoulder of Mutton P.H. & farmer, Hardstoft
Clay Samson, Tibshelf, C, butcher
Clay Sarah (Mrs.), Alfreton, C, hosiery manufacturer, 51 King street
Clay Thomas, Hope, PR
Clay Thomas, Matlock Town & Green, C, general & furnishing ironmonger & dealer in register grates, oils, paints & colors
Clay Thomas, Wirksworth, PR, boot maker, St. John st
Clay William, Ault Hucknall, C, farmer, Timber lane
Clay William, Cromford, C, M.R.C.V.S.E. vet. surgeon
Clay William, Wensley Matlock Bath, C, shopkeeper

Claye Edgar Havelock, Derby, CD, The Poplars, Duffield road
Claye Frank, Long Eaton, PR, 27a Main street
Claye Mrs, Long Eaton, PR, Manor house
Claye Samuel Jn. (trustees of), Long Eaton, C, railway carriage builders, Manor House works,
Claye Samuel John (trustees of), Derby, C, coke, limestone & mineral merchants, 120 London road

Additional entry:
Clay Charles John esq. B.A., Burton-on-Trent, Holly Bush, Magistate for the County

(32 names)


Clay Alfred, South Wigston, C, shopkeeper
Clay Fanny and Elizabeth (Misses), South Wigston, C, drapers
Clay Mrs, Leicester, PR, 1 Westbourne street
Clay Samuel, Leicester, C, butcher, Grange lane
Clay Thomas, Leicester, C, shopkeepr, 1 Milton street
Clay William, Coalville, C, bootmaker
Clay William, Hose, C, shopkeeper
Clay William, Leicester, C, Slater's Arms P.H., 36 William Street

(8 names)


Clay Albert, Hucknall-Torkard, C, butcher, Portland road
Clay Alfred, Nottingham, C, basket maker, Olive sq., Palm st. New Basford
Clay Ann Maria and Anna (Misses), Nottingham, C, shopkeepers, 28 Barker gate
Clay Charles Thorpe, Nottingham, C, butcher, 105 Radford rd. Hyson grn
Clay Edward, Mansfield, C, Black Horse P.H., Queen street
Clay Edward, Nottingham, C, hair dresser, 125 Mansfield road
Clay Edward, Nottingham, C, shopkeeper, 37 York street
Clay Eliza (Mrs.), Nottingham, C, provision dlr. 142 Roadford rd. Hyson grn
Clay Geo, Nottingham, PR, 13 Upper Talbot street
Clay George, Kimberley, C, plumber
Clay George, Nottingham, C, beer retailer, Plumtre square
Clay George and John, Arnold, C, hosiery manufacturers
Clay George Thomas, Nottingham, C, butcher, 156 Arkwright street
Clay Henry, Nottingham, C, oyster bar, 27 Arkwright street
Clay Isaac, Kimberley, C, butcher
Clay Isaac, Nuthall, C, farmer
Clay Isaac James, Nottingham, C, butcher, 53 Cross street
Clay Isaac jun., Kimberley, C, butcher & farmer
Clay James, Beckingham, C, farmer
Clay James, Kimberley, C, pork butcher
Clay Jas., Beeston, C, confectioner, Middle street west
Clay Jesse Ward, Newthorpe, C, brick & tile maker, Hill top, Letters through Eastwood
Clay John, Kimberley, C, draper
Clay John, Nottingham, C, smith, Plumtre square
Clay John, Nottingham, C, surgical elastic maker, Blue Bell hill
Clay John, Sutton-in-Ashfield, C, farmer & goods agent for Midland Railway Co., Sutton forest
Clay Joseph, Hucknall Huthwaite, C, Shoulder of Mutton P.H.
Clay Joseph, Nottingham, C, beer retailer, 62 Long Hedge lane
Clay Luke, Nottingham, PR, 99 Nottingham road
Clay Mary (Mrs.), Kimberley, C, draper
Clay Mary Ann (Mrs.), Kimberley, C, farmer
Clay Matilda Ann (Mrs.), Nottingham, C, hair dresser, 53 Up. Parliament st
Clay Mrs., Southwell, PR, Burgage
Clay Phoebe (Mrs.), Newark, C, zinc worker & brazier, 5 Chain lane
Clay Sam, Mansfield, C, shopkeeper, Ratcliffe street
Clay Samuel, Nottingham, C, confectioner, 35 Platt street
Clay Thomas, Nottingham, C, corn dealer, 138 St. Ann's Well road
Clay Thomas, West Drayton, C, boat owner & coal dealer
Clay Thos., Nottingham, C, ironmngr. & undrtkr., 32 & 34 Denman st. Radfrd
Clay Urban, Nottingham, PR, 2 Wilford Grove
Clay Walter, Mansfield, C, caretaker of St. Peter's Church house & parish clerk, Blind lane
Clay Walter John, Mansfield, C, Hope & Anchor P.H., Union street
Clay William, Mansfield, C, Brown Cow inn, Ratcliffe gate
Clay William, Nottingham, C, Belle Vue P.H., 386 Woodborough road
Clay William, Woodborough, C, market gardener
Clay William Millington, Nottingham, C, draper outfitter & milliner, 6 Auburn terrace, Goldsmith street

Additional entry:
Newark p.1093
Hercules Clay, by will, dated 11th December,1694, gave to the mayor and aldermen £100, to be laid out at interest by the said mayor and aldermen, for the benefit of the poor of the said town, to be paid yearly, on the said 11th of March.
[This must be a misprint for 1644, the date of the bequest]

(47 names)

[End of transcript. Spelling, case and punctuation are as they appear in the Directory.]

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