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Glossop, Derbyshire (part 2)
19th Century Derbyshire Directory Transcripts
From: Kelly's Directory of the Counties of Derby, Notts, Leicester and Rutland
pub. London (May, 1891) - pp.213-217
Kelly's Directory, 1891
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Andrew Albert, 16 High street west
Andrew Walter, 53 Hollin Cross lane
Armitage Mrs. 77 Norfolk street
Armitage Mrs. 41 Norfolk street
Band Henry, Slatelands road
Bennett Miss, 88 St. Mary's road
Black Capt. James, 14 Wesley street
Boote Jas. Percival,Holm dale, North rd
Booth William Alfred, Slatelands Road
Booth Wright, Rose cottage, North rd
Bowden John, Surrey street
Bowden Thomas Swindells, 3 Wellgate
Bowden William, 102 St. Mary's road
Bramall William, 16 Hollin Cross lane
Broadhurst Harry, 51 Pike's lane
Bromage Rev. Thomas [Wesleyan Reform Union], Hollin Cross lane
Burns Rev. John [Catholic], Sumner st
Charlesworth Alfred, 26 Howard street
Collier James, 44 Sheffield road
Cox George Edward, Rose cottage, Hollin Cross lane
Darwent Thomas, Hall street
Darwent William Henry, 21 Lord street
Davis Charles, Hurst
Dearnaley Jsph. Parkfield ho. North rd
Dickenson-Knowles Mrs. Holly bank, Talbot road
Elliott William, 69 Surrey street
Ellison Thos. Michl. Ryecroft ho. Hall st
Evason Henry Edward, 53 Norfolk st
Evason Walter P. 14 Hague street
Evason William, 53 Norfolk street
Eversden John William, 17 Lord street
Eversden William, 2 Railway street
Fairclough Walter P. MUS. BAC., F.C O. 4 Bank street
Farr Rev, John [Prim. Meth.], 1 Shrewsbury street
Fielding Christopher, 69 Norfolk street
Fielding Henry, 39 Norfolk street
Fielding Samuel, 9 Gladstone street
Garside Alfred, Surrey street
Garside Benjamin, 71 Norfolk street
Garside Cyrus, 56 Surrey street
Gillies Robert, 85 Primrose lane
Glover Rev. Wm. [Cong.], 90 St. Mary's rd
Greaves William, 37 Norfolk street
Hadfield Charles, Viaduct house
Hadfield Francis Charles John, Hillside, North road
Hadfield Henry, Cowbrook
Hadfield Joseph, 73 Norfolk street
Hadfield Misses, Lees hall, Turn Lee
Hadfield Mrs. Holly Mount, Norfolk st
Hadfield Thomas, 75 Norfolk street
Haigh Thomas R. 13 Norfolk street
Hall William, Sunny bank, North road
Hamilton-Wilson Rev. Adam Pyle [vicar of Glossop], The Vicarage
Hampson Joseph, 5 Bank terrace
Hampson Mrs. Highfield ho. Talbot rd
Hardman Henry Charles, Hurst
Hardman John, 47 Norfolk street
Hawke Francis, Spire Hollin house
Hawke Robert G. Spire Hollin house
Higginbottom Charles, 113 Victoria st
Hollingbery John Kidd, The Bank, Norfolk square
Hollingbery Wm. Hy. The Bank, Norfolk sq
Howard of Glossop Lord J.P. Glossop hall ; & Dorlin, Loch Sheil, Scotland ; & 19 Rutland gate, London s w
Howard William, 15 Primrose lane
Howarth Mrs. 100 St. Mary's road
Hunt William Henry, Norfolk street
Hunter Thomas Pearson, Talbot road
Hurst John, 43 Sheffield road
Hyde William, 15 Sumner street
Jackson Walter, Hobroyd
Kirby Rev. James Kendal [Congregational], 27 Norfolk street
Koerfer Rev, Henry [Catholic], Royle house, Old Glossop
Lawton Mrs. 51 Norfolk street
Leech Alfred, Cowbrook cottage, Sheffield road
Lembley Rev. R. [Unitarian], Lord st
Lomas Mrs. 20 Howard street
Mackenzie Duncan John M.D. 64 & 66 High street west
Mather William, John street
Merry James, 86 St. Mary's road
Mitchell Julian, 35 Norfolk street
Moran Frederick W. G. Arundel villas, North road
Moran Mrs. 15 Norfolk street
Nelson James, Milford house, North rd
Newton Mrs. Arundel villas, North rd
Nowell Rev. John [Wesleyan], 1 Alexander villas, Talbot road
Nuttall James, Sheffield road
Nuttall Laurence, Sheffield road
Parker James, 98 St. Mary's road
Parker Rev. William Latham [Congregational], Littlemoor manse
Partington Captain Edward J.P. Easton High street east
Pennington Miss, 57 Norfolk street
Pettit Edwin Walter, 12 Howard street
Pilkington Peter, 3 Bank terrace
Potts Joseph, 42 Sheffield road
Potts Mrs. 28 Talbot street
Proctor Miss, 57 Norfolk street
Rawstorne Thomas, 28 High street east
Rhodes James, 25 Victoria street
Rhodes John, 127 Victoria street
Robinson Miss, Cowbrook
Robinson Ralph Bernard, 17 Arundel st
Rowbottom John, 31 Hall street
Rowbottom Samuel, Shepley street
Schofield Alfred Ernest, Surrey street
Sheppard Mrs. 23 Norfolk street
Sidebottom Ralph Bennett, 20 Hollin Cross lane
Slack Mrs. Ryecroft cottage, Hall st
Smith Alfred Blades, 8 Hague street, Whitfield
Stafford Joseph, 61 Norfolk street
Sutliffe -, Slatelands road
Swire Mrs. 6 Spire Hollin
Swire Thomas, 8 Spire Hollin
Sykes Sl. Wm. Bennett, 84 St. Mary's rd
Tasker Very Rev. Canon Charles W. [Catholic], Sumner street
Taylor David, 55 Norfolk street
Taylor Rev. Edward Thomas [curate of St. James'], 3 Bank terrace
Thorp Walter, Talbot road
Thorp William, 96 St. Mary's road
Torkington William, 59 Norfolk street
Tweedale John William, 45 Norfolk st
Tweedale Mrs. 43 Norfolk street
Wagstaffe John, Hollywood, Sheffield road
Walton Mrs. Moorside
Walton William, Lord street
Ward Rev. Charles Bruce M.A. [vicar], Whitfield
Warhurst Mrs. 24 Howard street
Watkinson Rev. Joseph [Wesleyan], 2 Alexander villas, Talbot road
Watts Rev. John Augustus [Methodist Free Church], 45 Sheffield road
Weetman John Aloysius, Wren Nest ho
Wilkinson Thomas, 2 Sheffield road
Wilson James, 33 Hall street
Wood John M.A., D.L., J.P. Whitfield ho
Wood Mrs. 38 Kershaw street
Wood Mrs. Samuel, Talbot house
Woodcock George, 43 Norfolk street
Wragg Mrs. 63 Norfolk street
Wyatt Mrs. Charlestown villa

Adshead Joseph & Son, house decorators, 40 High street east
Allen Edward, mill manager, Turn Lee
Allen Michael, beer retailer, 64 Chapel st
Amps & Shelton (Misses), ladies' school, Primrose house
Andrew Albert L.K.Q.C.P.Irel. Physician, 16 High street west
Andrew Walter (sec. to Olive & Partington), 53 Hollin Cross lane
Armitage Charles Henry, grocer, 93 High street west
Armitage Mary (Mrs.), draper, 84 High street west
Armitage Jn. fruiterer,82 High st. west
Arrowsmith James, clog & pattern maker, 132 High street west
Ashcroft Mary (Mrs.) & Jane (Miss), dress & mantle makers, 98 Victoria st
Ashton Geo. drapr. & grcr. 8 Gladstone st
Ashton Matthew, umbrella maker, 44 High street west
Ashton Robert, joiner, 14 Wood street
Atkin Eliza (Miss), shopkeeper, 27 St. Mary's road
Atkin William Edward, coal merchant, 36 St. Mary's road & Railway yard
Atkinson Mary (Mrs.), beer retailer & builder, Old Cross
Atkinson Wm. grocer, 117 High St. we
Aveson Benjamin, watch repairer, 18 Primrose lane
Axon Joshua, newsagt. 242 High st. we
Bagshaw Henry, small ware dealer, 123 St. Mary's road
Bailey Thomas, shopkeeper, 8 Chapel st
Bamforth Caroline & Alice (Misses), confectioners, 136 Victoria street
Bamforth & Barber (Misses), dress makers & shopkprs. 2 Whitfield Cross
Bamforth Sam, ironworks manager, 83 Surrey street
Bamforth Wm. coal dlr. 13 Free town
Band Charles Downs, mason & builder, 27 Sheffield road
Barber Albert, hair dresser, umbrella maker & furniture dealer, 6 Norfolk st
Barber Alice (Miss), confectioner, 92 High street west
Barber Elizabeth Mary (Miss), confectioner, 20 Church street
Barber & Siddall (Misses), shopkeepers, 17 Hope street
Barber Joe, shopkeeper, 16 Hall street
Barlow Betty (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 91 Victoria street
Barnes Jas. & Son, drapers & milliners, 31 & 33 High street west
Barnes William, grocer & corn dealer, 65 High street west
Barratt John, mill manager, 15 Lord st
Bates Herbt. tripe dealer, 13 Hadfld. pl.
Batty George, joiner, 45 Chapel street
Beard Eliza Ann (Mrs.), news agent, 44 St. Mary's road
Beard James, farmer, Whitfield moor
Beard John drpr. & millinr. 3 High st. we
Beard John, tripe dealer, 134 High st. we
Beeley James, farmer, Moorfield
Beeley Joshua, yeoman, Moorfield
Beeley Nanny (Mrs.), Howard Arms P.H. 17 High street
Beeley Robert, yeoman, Moorfield
Beeley Samuel, draper, 18 High St. east
Bennett James, Arundel Arms P.H. Cemetery road
Bennett Joseph, farmer, 16 Hague st
Bennett Rt. pork butcher, 96 Victoria St
Bennett Robert, shopkeeper & beer retailer, 28 Freetown
Bennett William, butcher, 6 Bennett's fold, Sheffield road
Bentley Joseph, farmer, Heath
Benton Wm. stone mason, 4 Mount st
Berry Joshua, coal dlr. 52 High st. east
Bill Posting & Advertising Co. Limited (John Kidd Hollingbery, sec.), Howard chambers, Howard street
Blackwell Durward, pork butcher, 20 Well gate
Blackwell Samuel, brass & iron founder, George street
Boake James Percival, manager of the Manchester & County Bank High st. we
Boardman William Hyde, shoeing & jobbing smith, High street east
Boon Thomas, shopkeeper, 70 Freetown
Booth Eli, shopkeeper, Hall street
Booth Eliza (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 79 Gladstone street
Booth John, beer retailer, 14 Milltown
Booth Mary (Mrs.), shpkpr. 19 Arundel st
Booth Nancy (Mrs.), farmer, Hobroyd
Booth Wright, brewery traveller, Rose cottage, North road
Bottomley William Henry, grocer & corn dealer, 11 High street east
Bowden Jas. fishmnger. 70 Charlestwn. rd
Bowden Jn. beer retailer, 11 Chapel st
Bowden John, hardware dealer & tripe dresser, 1 Collier street
Bowden John Wood, relieving & vaccination officer, 1 Fitzalan street
Bowden Joseph, grocer, 36 Church st
Bowden Sl. confectioner, 109 High St. ea
Bowden Samuel, farmer, Heath
Bowden Sl. shopkpr. 199 High st. east
Bowden Thomas Swindells, registrar of births, deaths & marriages, & clerk to the guardians, school attendance & assessment committees, & rural sanitary authority, 3 Well gate
Bowden Wm. Joiner & builder Bernard st
Bowden William Henry, builder & timber merchant, Howard street
Bowker Wm. dry soap manfr. The Bank
Bradbury -, shopkpr. 10 Gladstone st
Bradbury Chas. butcher, 141 Victoria st
Bradbury Eliza (Mrs.), grocer, 16 Princess street
Bradbury Jn. Commercial inn, 137 Hall st
Bradbury Joseph, farmer, Whitfield grn
Bradbury Martha (Mrs.), grocer, 1 Charlestown road
Bradbury Robt. hair dresser, 6 Victoria st
Bradbury Thomas, chemist & dentist, 1 High street west
Bradbury Wm. gamekeepr. Sheffield rd
Bradbury William George, painter, 133 High street east
Braddock Eli, comsn. agt. 73 High st. ea
Bradley Geo. beer retailer, 5 Bernard st
Bradley Ralph, beer retlr. 99 High st. ea
Bradwell Louisa (Mrs.), dress maker, 204 High street west
Bramhall Jabez, confctnr. 131 High st. we
Bramhall Thomas, confectioner, High street & beer retailer, Market street
Bramwell Luke, confctnr. 98 High st. we
Bramwell Thos. shopkpr. 36 Norfolk st
Bramwell Walter, tripe dresser, 88 Victoria street
Bridge James, borough & watch rate collector & collector to the union, 11 Hadfield place
Bridge Thos. Globe inn, 144 High St. we
Briggs & Jowett (Misses), confectioners, 46 High street west
Broadhurst Elizabeth Ann (Miss), dress maker, 10 John street
Brooks & Co. boot & shoe makers, 112 High street west
Brooks Geo. greengrocer, 96 High st. we
Brooks Wm. shopkeeper, 3 Railway st
Buckley Jsph. pawnbrkr. 13 High st. we
Buckley Jsph. Edwn. grcr. 267 High st. we
Buckley Noah, farmer, Bridgefield
Buckley Wm. sltr. & plasterer, 23 Mount st
Bunting Jsph. hair dressr. 13 Victoria st
Bunting Joseph Hague, photographer, 103 Victoria street
Burkhard Chas. pork btchr. 87 High st. we
Burns Edward, shopkpr. 23 High St. ea
Burns Mary (Mrs.), shopkpr. 29 Hague stbottom of col 1
Buxton Bennett, farmer, Jumble
Buxton Bennett, farmer, Whitfield Barn
Buxton James, farmer, Cross Cliffe
Campbell David. butter mer. 72 High st. ea
Campbell David, jun. commercial traveller, 72 High street east
Carrington Wm. shopkpr. 64 Victoria st
Cemetery (Hadfield) (Thomas Michael Ellison, clerk to the burial board) ; offices, Ellison street
Chadwick John, outfitter 41, grocer & draper 363, High street west ; & pawnbroker, 2 Cross street
Charlesworth Jn. Builder, Shrewsbury st
Charlesworth Wm. btchr. 244 High st. we
Cheshire Regiment 4th Volunteer Battalion (L, M & N Companies), Glossop Detachment (John Wood, capt. commandant ; Lieut. Arthur Sidebottom, commanding M Co. ; Lieut. Samuel Hill Wood, commanding N Co. ; Dr. Burnett, surgeon ; Sergt.-Instructor, Edward Sampson); head quarters, Drill hall
Clegg Lewis, com. trav. 14 Hollin Cross la
Cluskey Elizabeth (Mrs.), furniture dealer, 102 High street west
Cockayne Geo. wheelwright. Primrose la
Cockayne Saml, wheelwright, Surrey st
Cohen Simeon, jeweller, 88 High St. we
Collier Joseph, Norfolk Arms hotel & posting house, Norfolk square
Collier Maria (Mrs.), Rose & Crown P.H, 89 High street west
Collier Wm. Albion inn, 15 Victoria st
Conner John, shopkpr. 271 High st. we
Connor Patrick, beer ret. 24 Arundel st
Consumers' Tea Co. (Ollerenshaw & Co. proprietors), Town Hall buildings
Cook Martha & Eliza (Misses), farmers, Heath
Cooke John, hatter, 59 High street west
Cooper Moses & Sons, tailors & drapers, 22 High street east
Cooper Cephas, shoe ma. 61 High st. ea
Cooper Jane (Mrs.), drpr. 185 High st. we
Cooper Thomas, farmer, Cars
Cooper Wm. Commercial inn, Charlestwn
County Court Office (His Honor Thos. Ellison, judge ; John Hibbert, registrar & high bailiff ; Arthur Moore, assistant registrar & deputy high bailiff), Norfolk square
Craigh Elizh. (Miss), 21 Norfolk st
Crannage Alfred, watch & clock maker, 6A, High street west
Crompton Elliott & Co. coach proprietors, 26 High street west
Crompton Charles, cabinet maker & undertaker, 26 High street west
Crossley Benjamin, farmer, Hurst Nook
Cuthbert David, beer ret. 277 High st. we
Cuthbert John, tobacconist, 80 High st. we
Dacre Ann (Mrs.), shpkpr. 88 Kershaw st
Dane Samuel, sanitary & lighting inspctr. to the corporation, 21 High st. ea
Darwent John, ironmonger & gas & water fitter, 7 Victoria street
Darwent Luke, farmer, Bitten hill
Davis Charles, solicitor & coroner for the Peak hundreds, 6 Market St
Dearnaley Thomas, ironmonger & blacksmith, 125 High street west
Denham Daniel, stone mer. 11 Hope st
Depledge Joseph, shopkeeper, 43 King st
Devlin Francis, shopkpr. 56 Arundel st
Dewsnap Geo. confctnr. 142 High st. we
Dixon John, coal dealer, 183 High st. east & Railway yard
Dixon John, farmer, Pikes farm
Doodson Geo. draper, 76 High St. west
Downing Wm. tea dealer, 8 Norfolk st
Drinkwater James, farmer, Hague st
Drinkwater John, reed hook manufacturer, 191 High street west
Dunkerley Frdk. hairdrssr. 70 High st. we
Dutton Jas. shopkeeper, 25 Norfolk, st
Dutton Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 81 High street east
Dutton Tom, plumber, 119 High st. we
Dyson John, bill poster & town crier, 213A, High street west
Dyson Robt. coal dealer, 126 Victoria st
Earnshaw Jonn. beer ret. Whitfield cross
Ellison Thos. Michael, solicitor & clerk to county & borough magistrates & town clerk & clerk to the burial board & school attendance committee, Ellison street
Evason Henry Edward, cashier at Lord Howard's estate office, 53 Norfolk st
Eversden Geo. hatter, Town Hall bldgs
Eversden Jn. Wm. corn mer. 16 High st. ea
Eversden Wm. greengro. 2 Railway st
Fairclough Walter Peake MUS.BAC., F.C.O, professor of music, Bank street
Field Henry, watch & clock maker, 14 Charlestown road
Fielding Enoch & Son, watch & clock makers, 24 High street west
Fielding Charles, excursion agent, 65 St. Mary's road
Fielding Charles, builder & stone dealer, 21 Whitfield cross
Fielding Edward, shopkpr. 2 Wesley st
Fielding Jas. grocr. & drpr. 132 Pike's la
Fielding Jas. shopkeeper, 20 Norfolk st
Fielding Samuel, coal merchant, 9 Gladstone street & Railway yard
Fisher George William, beer retailer, 38 High street west
Fletcher Robt. beer ret.21 Charlestwn. Rd
Fletcher Sally (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 63 Victoria street
Fletcher Sarah Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 63 Victoria street
Ford Eliza (Mrs.), Surrey Arms P.H. 133 Victoria street
Ford John, auctioneer, High street
Foster Thos. beer retailer, 25 High st. ea
Foy Anthony, fishmonger, Victoria st
France George, grocer, 62 Victoria st
France Jas. butcher, 130 High st. west
France Joe, grocer, 123 High street we
Free Library & Public Hall, Fauvel road
Freemasons' Lodge (Devonshire) (Geo. Brown, tyler), Henry street
Freetown Working Men's Institute (Thomas Prince, sec.), Kershaw st
Frost Thomas Benjamin, Crown inn, 142 Victoria street
Garlick Joseph, grocer & corn dealer, 7 Norfolk square
Garlick Wm. coal mer. Railway wharf
Garner John, manager to Water works, 46 Church street
Garside Cyrus & Sons Limited, timber, slate, tile & cement merchants, Glossop saw mills, Surrey street
Garside John & Co. sauce manufacturers, High street east
Garside Chas. herbalist, 26 Princes st
Garside Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 26 Princess street
Garside Joseph, farmer, Lees Hall farm, Turn Lee
Gas Co. (Joshua Sidebottom, cashier), Arundel street
Gaskell Peter, joiner, 7 George street
Glossop Advertiser Printing & Publishing Co. Limited (John Kidd Hollingbery, sec.), Howard chmbrs. Howard st
Glossop Agricultural Society (John Kidd Hollingbery, sec.), Howard chambers
Glossop Carriage Co. Limited, undertakers & coach proprietors, Howard st
Glossop Conservative Club (Wm. Henry Darwent, sec.), 26 Norfolk street
Glossop Cricket Club (John Thorpe, sec.), 157 High street west
Glossop Dale Chronicle & North Derbyshire Reporter (William Sheppard, proprietor ; published sat.), Norfolk st
Glossop Dale New Industrial Co-operative Society (Wm. Walton, sec.), Norfolk square ; 369 High street west ; 20 Charlestown rd. & 8 Hall st
Glossop Dale Photographic Society (John Kidd Hollingbery, sec.), Howard chambers, Howard street
Glossop Dale Savings Bank (Francis Charles John Hadfield, actuary), open on Saturdays, 12 a.m. till 1 p.m. & 6 to 7 p.m. Howard chambers[bottom 0f col 3 Page 215 begins]
Glossop Horticultural Society (William Henry Darwent, see.), 21 Ford street
Glossop Ironworks Co. Lim. (Sam Bamforth, manager), Surrey street
Glossop Liberal Club (Joe France, sec.), Henry street
Glossop Richmond Building Society (John Kidd Hollingbery, sec.),Howard chambers
Glossop Working Men's Club (Wm. Henry Booth, sec.), St. Mary's road
Goddard Hesketh, drapr. 51 High st. we
Goddard James & William, stone masons, Hague street
Goddard Jas. beer retailer, 2 Arundel st
Goddard Joseph, farmer, Gnathole
Goddard Joseph, fruit, fish & game dealer, 114 High street west
Goddard Wm. stone mason, Hague st
Golden Alfred Percival, chemist, 48 High street west
Goldstraw Jsph. shopkpr. 61 Sheffield rd
Goldthorpe Jonas, beer ret. 33 Charles st
Green & Thompson (The Misses), confectioners, 60 Victoria street
Green Jn. Thos. beer retlr. 40 Pike's la
Greensmith Jn, engravr. 132 Victoria st
Greensmith Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, 132 Victoria street
Greenwood Edwin, stationer & bookseller, 57 High street east
Greenwood John, farmer & stone merchant, Tan Yard farm
Griffin John, tailor, 11 George street
Gubbin Ernest Sargent M.R.C.V.S.Lond. veterinary surgeon, Fauvel road
Hadfield -, wire mattress ma. Hadfld. St
Hadfield Chas. farmer, Bank bottom
Hadfield Eli, grocer, 105 High St. east
Hadfield Francis Chas. Jn. architect & surveyor, Howard chmbrs. Howard st
Hadfield James, farmer, Church street
Hadfield James Johnson, news agent, 128 High street east
Hadfield Jn. cotton spinner, Cowbrook ml
Hadfield Jsph. greengrcr. 16 Norfolk st
Hadfield Jsph. shoe ms. 97 High st. east
Hadfield Sml. mill manager, Sumner st
Hadfield Thomas, draper & outfitter, 29 & 32 High street west
Hadfield Walt. Boot & shoema. Shepley st
Hague Jsph. mill mangr. 28 High st. ea
Hall Charles, tailor & draper, Leeds house, High street west
Hall & Sons, tailors & drapers, Town Hall buildings, High street west
Hall Isaac, boot maker, Freetown
Hall John, blacksmith, Howard street
Hall John, grocer, 146 St. Mary's road
Hall Josph. shoe maker, 201 High st. ea
Hall Robt. cabinet ma. 1A, Gladstone st
Hall William, sec. to John Wood & Bros. Limited, Park view, North rd
Hambleton Joshua, gamekpr. Sheffld. Rd
Hamnett James & Son, watch & clock makers, 14A, High street east
Hampshire James, shopkeeper, 89 Gladstone street
Hampshire Jn. stone mason, Gladstone st
Handforth Mary (Miss), dress maker, 31 Princess street
Hardman John, dentist, 11 Norfolk square & 47 Norfolk street
Harrison Robert & Son, slaters & plasterers, 161 & 163 High street east
Harrison Abel, coal & cannel factor, Railway street ; & at Broadbottom ; Dinting & Hadfield railway stations ; & mineral water manufacturer at Simmondley Springs
Harrison Charles Smith, grocer & corn dealer, 122 High street west
Harrop Alice Mrs., farmer, Hill top
Harrop Edward, shopkpr. 2 Wesley st
Harrop James, shopkeeper, 9 Freetown
Harrop Jn. draper, 22 High street west
Harrop John, patent medicine vendor, 71 High street east
Harrop Matthew, farmer, Hill top
Harrop William, farmer, Lane side
Hawke, Hadfield & Gee, auctioneers, Howard chambers, Howard street
Hawke Francis, steward to Lord Howard of Glossop, Estate offices, Spire Hollin
Hawke Robt. Geo. architect, Norfolk sq
Haynes Thomas, surveyor to corporation, Town hall, High street west
Heap Rushforth, sewing machine agent, 20 Sheffield road
Helm Brian, grocer & tobacconist, 36 High street east
Hewett William, shoemaker, 8 Collier st
Hibbert Jn. & Jsph. solicitors, Norfolk sq
Hibbert John (firm, Hibbert John & Joseph), solicitor, registrar & high bailiff of county court, Norfolk square
Hibbs Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 213 High street west
Higginbottom Jas. gen. dlr. 43 High st. we
Higginbottom Jn. shopkpr. Dinting vale
Higginbottom John Samuel, draper & milliner, 17 High street west
Higginbottom Wm. draper, 2 Victoria st
Hill Frances (Mrs ), restaurnt. 5 High st. ea
Hill Hugh, farmer, Bridgefield
Hill Mabel (Miss), drss. ma. 5 Charlstwn. rd
Hill Mary (Mrs.), farmer, Cliffe road
Hill Wm. baby linen dlr. 94 High st. we
Hinchcliffe John & Co. coal merchants, Railway yard
Hinchcliffe Hy. stone dealer, 5 Lord st. & Blake quarry, Blackshaw Clough
Hinchcliffe Smith, news agent, 11 Edward street
Hodgson Wm. Hy. head constable of borough police, & inspector of weights & measures, Police office, Ellison st
Holdgate James, painter, glazier &c. 149 High street west
Holdgate Thomas, shopkeeper, 5 Mill town & 3 Victoria street
Holdgate William & Brothers, florists & seedsmen, 23 Fitzalan street
Holdgate William, iron broker, 33 St. Mary's road
Holdsworth George, photographer, Shrewsbury street
HOLLINGBERY JOHN KIDD, auditor & chartered accountant, agent to the Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation & Royal Fire & Life Assurance Co. Howard chambers, Howard st.; & 4 Chapel walk, Manchester
Hollingbery Wm. Hy. manager of the Manchester & Liverpool District Bank, & borough treasurer & treasurer to the union & rural sanitary authority, Norfolk square
Hollingworth Ervine, news agent, 90 Victoria street
Hollingworth Hannah (Miss), shopkeeper, 21 Derby street
Hollinworth Samuel, stationer, news agent & agent to the Allan & Dominion line of steamships, 1A, Victoria street
Hollins William, spring mattress maker, 6 Charles street
Housley Thomas, engineer & machinist, Surrey street
Howard Fred, hair dresser, Market st
Howard George Frost, beer retailer, 13 Bernard street
Howard Jn. Grapes inn, 305 High st. we
Howard Park, North road
Howard Sarah (Mrs.), farmer, Ashes
Howard William, joiner & builder, 27 Hadfield street
Howarth John, news agt. 128 High st. ea
Hudson Ralph, stone dealer, Turn Lee rd
Hunt William Henry, surgeon & medical officer & public vaccinator, Glossop district & medical officer to workhouse, Norfolk street
Hunter Thos. Pearson, drapr. 9 High st. we
Hurst Aaron, grocer, Charlestown
Hyde George, miller & fancy draper, 7 High street east
Independent Order of Good Templars (meet every week at Good Templars' room, Edward street, tuesdays 8 p.m.) (Samuel Wood L.D.), 15 Charles st
Ingerson Ann (Mrs.), drss. ma. 6 Cross st
Ingerson John, tailor, 6 Cross street
Ingham Hannah (Mrs.), dress maker, 73 High street west
Ingham John, builder & contractor, Shrewsbury street
Inland Revenue Office (Thomas Kamester, officer), Slatelands road
Irish National League Club (John Costello, sec.), 31 Chapel street
Irlam William Henry, stationer, printer & bookbinder, 55 High street west
Irvine William, nurseryman, Hawkshead Nursery gardens, Old Glossop
Jackson Maria (Mrs.), drapr. 106 Pike's la
Jackson Isaac, saddler & harness maker & dealer in india rubber & waterproof goods, 2 High st. & Victoria st
Jackson Levi (exors. of), rope, twine & cotton band manfrs. & frmrs. Hobroyd
Jackson Rowland tobaccnst. 4 High st. ea
Jefferson Henry, spring mattress maker, Howard street
Jowett Harriet Ann (Miss),confectioner, see Briggs & Jowett
Kamester Thomas, inland revenue officer, 16 Slatelands road
Kay Samuel James, boot & shoe maker, ladies' & gentlemen's boots (hand sewn) of all kinds, made to order & repaired, 91 High street west
Kenny Margaret (Mrs.), confectioner & dress maker, 6 High street east
Kent Herbert, boot maker, 5 Victoria st
Kershaw John, clogger, 138 Victoria st
Kershaw Jonn. greengro. 377 High st. we
Kinder George, grocer, 198 High street
Kinder Henry, chemist & dentist, 85 High street west
Kinder Walt. slater & plastr. 35 Sumner st
Kirk Ralph, Talbot inn, 25 Hall street
Knight George, shopkeeper, 12 Milltown
Knott Samuel, farmer, Hurst
Lamb Edmund, goods inspector, 31 Norfolk street
Lancaster Elizabeth (Mrs.),Wheat Sheaf P.H. 16 Wellgate
Lawton & Co. drapers, 27 High st. west
Lawton John, tinplate worker, Wellgate
Lee Hannah & Clarice (Misses) & Craven, confectioners, 104 High street west
Lee Ellen (Miss), confctnr. 240 High st. we
Lee Geo. fried fish dealer, 129 High st. east
Lee John, shopkeeper, 40 Hope street
Leech John Thomas, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 57 High street west
Lester James, fruiterer, 63 High st. east
Lewis Esther (Miss), baby linen dealer, 24 High street east
Livesley Walter, wire mattress manufacturer, 49 Edward street
Littlewood Dick, yeast dealer, Surrey st
Lockwood Elliot, refreshment rooms, 44 High street west
Lockwood Thos. coal mer. Railway yard
Lomas Amy (Miss), milnr. 75 High st. we
Longden Alfred, farmer & stone engraver, Cemetery road
Longstone Wm. shopkpr. 106 Charlestwn
Lowe William, tailor, 117 Gladstone st
Lund Sarah Jane (Miss), dress maker, 106 St. Mary's road
Mackenzie Duncan John M.D., C.M. surgeon, 64 & 66 High street west
McKnight Thomas, leather dealer & ironmonger, 1 High street east
McMellon William, tailor & draper, 18 High street west
McMillan Ruth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 9 Victoria street
Makin Martha (Miss), dress maker, 21 Princess street
Malkin Samuel (exors. of), corn millers, High street east
Manchester & County Bank Limited (branch) (James Percival Boote, manager), High street west ; draw on Union Bank of London Limited, London E C
Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co. Limited (branch) (W. H. Hollingbery, manager), Norfolk sq. ; draw on London office, 75 Cornhill, E C
Marsden Elijah, shopkeeper, 73 Hall st
Marsden Joel, farmer, Lane Head, Station road
Marsden Thos. shopkpr. 40 Church gt
Massey David, butcher & assistant overseer, 62 High street east
Mawson Thomas, saddler & harness maker, 8 Norfolk square
May Amos, skip maker, 59 High st. east
May Thomas & Sons, basket & skip makers, 53 Victoria street
Melia Daniel & Co. tea merchants, 11 High street west
Mellor William George, confectioner, 289 High street west
Mellor Josiah, auctioneer, valuer, emigration, general commission & estate agent, 42 High street west
Merry James, ironmonger, plumber & gasfitter, 34 High street east
Metcalfe Sarah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 218 High street west
Middleton Thos. boot ma. 114 Victoria st
Miller Thos. & Co. grocrs. 50 High st. west
Millin Henry, shopkeeper, 48 Edward st
Mills Henry, beer retailer, Arundel st
Minting Thos. shopkeeper, 9 Chapel st
Mitchell Julian, surgn.-dent. 35 Norfolk st
Morley Joseph, grocer, 50 Church st
Needham Walter, farmer, Hurst
Nelson Joseph, shoe ma. 105 Gladstone st
Newton Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 72 Gladstone street
Newton Chas. beer retlr. 17 Gladstone st
Newton William, grocer, 45 Bernard st
Nield Jas. boot & shoe ma. 20 High st. west
Nield Thomas, tea dealer & water rate collector, 11 Norfolk street
North Derbyshire & North Cheshire Advertiser (Advertiser Printing & Publishing Co. Limited, publishers & proprietors ; pub. sat.), Howard st
Nuttall Geo. Manor inn, 77 High st. east
Ogden Kay, insurance agent, 25 Lord st
Oldham Abner, shopkeeper, 6 Chapel st
Oldham Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 197 High street east
Oldham Joseph Edward, professor of music, 3 Turn Lee road
OLIVE & PARTINGTON, paper makers, paper stainers & tin foil manufacturers, Turn Lee & Dover mills ; & 11 Newmarket la. Manchester
Oliver Alfred, grocer, 30 Queen street
Oliver Elizh. (Mrs.), grocer, 30 Queen st
Oliver Walter, ironmngr. 39 High st. west
Ollerenshaw Abel, herbalist, 136 High street west
Ollerenshaw John, slater & plasterer, 30 Talbot street
Orme Joe, beer retailer & straw dealer, 3 Norfolk street
Orme Joseph, draper, 197 High st. west
Orme Thomas, joiner, High street west
Orme William, shopkpr. 64 Edward st
Owen Hugh, boot & shoe ma. 8 John st
Partington Edward, paper manufacturer, sec Olive & Partington
Patchett Arth. butcher, 6 High st. west
Patchett Mgt. (Mrs. ),btchr. 36 High st. we
Paulden Jn. shoemaker, 151 High st. we
Pearson Hugh, shopkeeper, 5 Freetown
Pedley William Higginbottom, tea dealer, 78 Princess street
Pemberton John,beer rtlr. 78 High st. ea
Philharmonic Society (W. P. Fairclough, MUS. BAC., F.C.O. sec. & conductor), 4 Bank street
Pickford Alfred, baker, 106 Gladstone st
Pickford Frederick & Son, greengrocers, 56 High street west
Pickford Job, confectionr. 28 High st. we
Pickford John, grocer, 84 Victoria st
Plant Wm. ironmonger, 118 Victoria st
Platt Benjamin, grocer & draper, 119, 121 & 123 High street east
Platt Fred, draper, 86 High st. west
Platt George, butcher, 49 High st. west
Platt James, coal merchant, Railway yd
Platt John, grocer, 12 Wellgate
Platt Thomas, farmer, Hill top
Poole Jn. Henry, tailor, 85 High st. east
Potts Henry, joiner, St. Mary's road
Potts Joseph, joiner, 45 Sheffield road
Proctor Robert, chemist & drysalter, 7 High street west
Public Baths (William Heginbotham, manager), Howard park
Public Weighbridge (Thomas Parr, weigher), Railway yard
Pye John, farmer, Heath
Pye Richard, shopkeeper, 3 Duke st
Rathbone Jn. boot ma. 140 High st. we
Rawstorne Thomas, mill manager, 28 High street east
Redfern Isaac, school attendance officer, to rural sanitary authority & shopkeeper, 35 Gladstone street
Redford Joseph, grocer, 70 Victoria st
Rhodes James, surgeon & medical officer of health to urban & rural sanitary authorities, & medical officer & public vaccinator, Whitfield district, 25 Victoria street
Rhodes John, surgeon, 25 Victoria St
Rhodes Thomas school attendance officer to corporation, 22 Pike's lane
Roberts George, sec. to Shepley Mills Spinning Co. 16 Hollin Cross lane
Roberts James, farmer, Herod farm
Roberts William Henry, calico printers' designer, 23 Lord street
Robertson Thomas, furniture broker, 21 Bernard street
Robinson George & Sons, painters & glaziers, 62 High street west
Robinson James, painter, Norfolk st
Robinson Joe, contractor, 31 Freetown
Robinson Robert, farmer, Brown hill
Robinson Walter, draper, 12 Norfolk st
Rolly Alice (Miss), milliner, 8 High st. ea
Rossendale Belting Co. (Isaac Jackson, agent), patentees & sole makers of the anti-friction hair belting, which resists the action of the strap fork, Victoria street
Rowbottom James, cotton spinner, Hurst mills
Rowbottom Maria (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 259 High street west
Rowbottom Samuel, cotton spinner & band manufacturer, Meadow mills
Russell Jane (Mrs.), ham & beef dealer, 103 High street east
Sampson Edwd. drill instrctr. Hadfield st
Schofield Mary Ellen & Annie (Misses), stationers, 6 Norfolk square
Schofield Alfd. Ernest, printr. Railway st
Schofield James, butcher, 83 High street
Schofield Saml, bootmaker, 78 Pike's la
Scholes Albert, butcher, 127 High st. we
Sellars Jas. Bull's Head P.H. 72 Church st
Shaw Edwin, piano & music seller, 9 High street east
Shaw Selina (Mrs.),drapr. 33 Princess st
Shaw Thomas Samuel, photographer, 12 High street west
Shelton Summers, ladies' school, see Amps & Shelton
Shephard John, grocer, 130 High st. east
Shepherd John, farmer, Mossy Lee
Shepherd Wm. shpkpr. 50 Charleston rd
Shepley Aaron, clogger, 2 Mill town
Shepley Mill Cotton Manufng. Co. Lim. (George Roberts, sec.), Shepley mill
Sheppard James, farmer & furniture remover, Ashes
Sheppard Martha (Mrs.) & Son, mineral water manufacturers, Shrewsbury st
Siddall Mary (Miss), shopkeeper, see Barber & Siddall
Siddons Joseph, farm bailiff to Lord Howard of Glossop, Blackshaw farm
Sidebottom Joseph, quarry master & dealer in paving setts, hewing stones &c. Lees Hall quarry, Turn Lee
Sidebottom Peter, gas company's collector, 65 Norfolk street
Sidebottom Ralph Bennett L.R.C.P.Edin. surgeon, 20 Hollin Cross lane
Sidebottom Saml, farmr. Hollin Cross la
Slater Chas. hair dresser, 138 High st. we
Smith Charles Lewis, cabinet maker, 55 High street east
Smith Edward, boot & shoe maker, 46 High street west
Smith Ellen (Miss), milliner & dress maker, 69 High street east
Smith Emma (Mrs.), ladies' seminary, 55 High street east
Smith James, draper, 38 High st. east
Smith Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 35 & 37 High street west
Smith Thomas, commercial traveller, Turnlee house, Turnlee road
Stagg & Son, wholesale wine & spirit merchants, 8 Norfolk square
STAR CLOTHING STORES (William Thomas Hourst, sub-proprietor), 32 High street west
Statham Mary (Mrs.), dress maker, 11 Pike's lane
Stead Mary (Mrs.), milliner & dress maker, 14 Norfolk street
Steel Elijah, greengrcr. 76 Victoria st
Stubbs William, Queen's Arms P.H, 1 Shepley street
Sturgeon Thos. Station inn, Norfolk st
Sumner Francis & Co. Lim. cotton spinners & manufacturers (William Thorpe, manager), Wren Nest mills
Swann George, watch & clock maker, 238 High street west
Swire John & Son, boot & shoe makers, 7 High street west & 21 Victoria st
Swire William, fancy draper, & agent for W. & A. Gilbey, wine & spirit merchants, 5 High street west
Sykes Robert Woolley, auctioneer, 9 Norfolk square
Sykes Sarah (Mrs.), Royal Oak P.H. Sheffield road
Tarbatt Henry, butcher, 216 High st. we
Tattersall Wm. butcher, 12 High st. east
Taylor Albert Berkley, beer retailer, 120 Charlestown road
Taylor Charles, draper, 131 Hall street
Taylor John, farmer, Ashes
Thom James, coal agent, 33 Norfolk st
Thornhill Wm. farmer, Woodcock road
Thornley Betty (Miss), grocer, 4 Charlestown road
Thornley Jas. frmr. & carrier, Hague st
Thornley Noah, butcher, 74 Victoria st
Thorp Walter, coal merchant, Henry street & Railway yard
Thorpe Wm. mill mgr. 96 St. Mary's rd
Tomlinson May (Miss), frmr. Turn Lee
Torkington William, corn & flour dealer & family grocer, 12 High street west, & 31 Station road, Hadfield
Town Hall, High street west
Townend George, mineral water manufacturer, King street
Trayner John, hairdrssr. 15 Railway st
Traynor John, beer retailer, 1 Surrey st
Traynor Thos. hairdrssr. 75 High st. we
Trueman Jn. Bee Hive inn, 35 Hague st
Turner Isaiah, greengrcr. 35 High St. ea
Turner John Henry, butcher, 142 St. Mary's road
Turner Manasseh, fruiterer, 26 High st. ea
Tweedale Jn. Wm. solicitor, Norfolk sq
Vickers Mary (Miss), house furnisher, 58 & 60 High street west
Wagstaffe John, butcher, 19 High st. ea
Wain Jsph. smallware dlr. 14 High st. ea
Walker Crowther Campbell, confectioner, 10 High street west
Wall Alfred, joiner, Bernard street
Walton Eliza (Mrs.), drpr.52 High st. we
Walton Fred, butcher, 121 Gladstone st
Walton Jn. bleacher, Charlestown works
Walton Joseph, draper, 53 High St. we
Walton Lydia (Mrs.), Bridge inn, Market street
Walton Richard Frederick, drysalter, 12 Charlestown road
Walton William, chip potato dealer, 140 Victoria street
Ward Annie Eliza (Miss), dress maker, 29 Pike's lane
Warhurst Alice (Mrs.), dress maker, 24 Howard street
Warhurst Emily (Mrs.), confectioner, 20 High street east
Warhurst Samuel Emanuel, grocer & tea dealer, 38 Princess street
Water Works (John Gardner, superintendent ; Thomas Neild, collector)
Waterhouse Albert, stone mason, 3 Back Victoria street
Waterhouse Hannah (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 19 Victoria street
Waterhouse Jonathan, stationer, 130 High street west
Watkinson Samuel, confectioner, 54 High street west
Watkinson Thos. drpr. 90 High st. west
Watts George, shoemaker, Freetown
Watts Mary (Mrs.), shopkpr. 43 Hope st
Weight Fredk. shopkpr. 90 High st. ea
Wharmby Geo. oil & lamp dlr. 27 Hall st
Wheeler Francenia (Mrs.), gro. 9 Hope st
Wheeler Wm. Thos. Greyhnd. inn, Hope st
Whitehead Jn. pork butchr. 121 High st. we
Whitehead Michael, shopkeeper, 42 Arundel street
Whitfield Brewery Co. (Charles Albert Stead, proprietor), brewers of mild & bitter ales, porter & stout, Whitfield ; & 71 Market street, Manchester
Whitham John Thomas, reporter, 5 Simmondley lane
Whittaker Thos. beer ret. 16 Chapel st
Whittingham Francis & Son, brush makers, 10 High street east
Wildgoose John Lawrence, Surrey Arms hotel, 67 High street west
Wilkerson William Nichols, Market hotel, Market street
Willey John William Crane, cabinet maker, 17 Norfolk street
Williamson William, earthenware dealer, 100 High street west
Willis Harriet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 9 Charlestown
Wilson Robert, baker, 152 High st. we
Wimpenny Arthur, stone dlr. 10 Silk st
Wood John & Brothers Limited, cotton spinners & manufacturers (William Hall, sec.), Howard Town mills
Wood & Co. paper & twine merchants, 11 Victoria street
Wood's Hospital (T. S. Bowden esq. hon. sec.), Howard park
Wood's Lending Library, 94 Victoria st
Wood Charlotte (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 87 High street east
Wood John, farmer, Derbyshire level
Wood John, grocer & corn dealer, 25 High street west
Wood Joseph, butcher, 29 Gladstone st
Wood Martha (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 38 Kershaw street
Wood Peter, milliner, 110 High st. we
Wood Samuel, shopkeeper & wheelwright, 13 Charles street
Wood Sarah Ann (Miss), shopkeeper, 61 Hague street
Wood Thomas, farmer, Hobroyd
Wood Thomas, joiner & builder, 66 Victoria street
Wood Thomas, rag merchant, 6 Derby st
Woodcock Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 65 High street east
Woodcock Charles, undertakers' agent, 65 High street east
Woodcock Ebenezer, shopkeeper, 164 High street west
Woodcock Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 51 Victoria street
Woodcock Matthew, boot maker, 34 High street west ; & at Hadfield
Woodhead John, Hare & Hounds P.H. 36 Hall street
Woodhead Matthew, stone merchant, 26 Hall street & Law quarries
Woodhead Sarah Elizabeth (Miss), stamp distributor, & registry office, Post office, Norfolk square
Woodhead Thomas, grocer, 1 Edward st
Woodhouse Joseph, butcher, 36 Church st
Woolley Edwd. butchr. 77 & 79 High st. we
Woolley Thomas, grocer, 61 High st. we
Wright Geo. umbrella repairer, 63 Hall st
Wright Mary Ann (Mrs). chipped potato dealer, 63 High street west
Wright Thomas Jas. grocer & tobacconist, 72 High street west
Wyatt Cephas, farmer, Blackshaw
Wylde James, farmer, Hawkshead

[End of transcript. Spelling, case and punctuation are as they appear in the Directory.]

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An Ann Andrews historical directory transcript
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