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The Gentleman's Magazine Library, 1731-1868
English Topography Part III Derbyshire - Dorsetshire

A collection of articles submitted to the Gentleman's Magazine between 1731 and 1868.
There is a wealth of information for the historian and genealogist alike. The Editor's Preface, transcribed in full, is worth reading.
Not every town and village is described; sometimes quite large towns are completely omitted yet tiny villages are included whilst some important subjects are scarcely mentioned as they were, clearly, not of interest to the contributor. Here are the views of individuals, honestly given and not seen through the rose-tinted spectacles of the writers of the nineteenth century tourist guides.

Full transcription of Derbyshire. Part transcript of Devon. Dorset has not been transcribed.

Engraving from The Gentleman's Magazine Library - Image Copyright 2002 Ann Andrews

There are some delightful small decorative engravings in the book and several are included in the text. The engraving above is one example. Although the book contains no illustrations, individual articles within it refers to "Plates" which appeared in the original journals. An image of the 'Revolution House' at Whittington, that was discussed in the Gentleman's Magazine, has been found in another source so it is included here.

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Stoney Middleton 63-64 | Stydd 64 | Tideswell 64-65
Whittington 65-74
Plate II, the image of "The Revolution House" at Whittington
Wirksworth 74-77
DEVONSHIRE pp.79-256
Ancient State and Remains 81
Present State and Appearance 81-82 | History 82-83
Biography 83-87
Miscellaneous Remarks 87-90
Barnstaple 132-133
Now includes additional extracts about Barnstaple
from the section on: Ancient Church Architecture.
Honiton 177-183
The Gentleman's Magazine Library being a classified collection of the chief contents of The Gentleman's Magazine from 1731 to 1868
Image Copyright 2002 Ann Andrews

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