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Audley, James, Lord, hero of Poictiers, Barnstaple (flor. temp. Edward III.).
Badcock, Samuel, divine and critic, South Molton, 1747.
Baker, George, East Indian benefactor, Tormoham (died 1797).
Baldwinus (Devonius), Archbishop of Canterbury, Exeter (died in Palestine, 1190 ).
Bampfield, Francis, Nonconformist divine and author, Poltimore, 1622,
Bampton, John de, first public reader of Aristotle at Cambridge, Bampton (died 1391).
Barkham, John, divine and antiquary, Exeter, 1572.
Baron, John, Nonconformist divine and author, Plymouth (died 1683).
Baskerville, Sir Simon, physician and anatomist, Exeter, 1573.

[Page 84] Bathe, Henry de, Lord Chief Justice (flor. temp. Henry III.).
Battie, William, physician, 1704.
Blount, Jonn (Latine Blondus), Archbishop of Canterbury (died 1248).
Blundel, Peter, benefactor, founder of Tiverton School, Tiverton, 1523.
Bodley, Sir Thomas, founder of the Bodleian Library, Exeter, 1544
Boniface, Sir Wenfride, Bishop of Mentz, converter of the Germans, Crediton, 695.
Bracton, Henry de, author of "De Legibus et Consuetudinibus," Bratton, thirteenth century.
Brentingham, Thomas, Bishop of Exeter, Lord Treasurer to Richard II. (died 1394).
Brice, Andrew, printer, author of "Topographical Dictionary," Exeter (died 1773).
Bronscombe, Walter, Bishop of Exeter (died 1281).
Bryant, Jacob, mythologist, Plymouth, about 1725.
Budgell, Eustace, essayist, St. Thomas, near Exeter, 1685.
Burdwood, James, Nonconformist divine and author, Yarnacombe, 1626.
Burton, John, divine, author of "Opuscula Miscellanea," Wembworth, 1696.
Carew, George, Earl of Totness, author of "Pacata Hibernia,"1557.
Carew, Thomas, wit and poet (died 1639).
Carpenter, Nathaniel, scholar, chaplain to Usher, Hatherleigh (died 1636).
Cary, James, Bishop of Exeter, Cookington (died 1419).
Cary, Sir John, Chief Baron, faithful adherent to Richard II., Cookington (died 1404).
Cary, Robert, chronologer, author of " Paleologia Chronica," Cookington, 1615.
Chichester, Sir Arthur, Lord Deputy of Ireland, Raleigh (died 1625).
Chichester, Richard, historian, Raleigh (died about 1355).
Chichester, Robert, Bishop of Exeter, Raleigh (died 1150).
Chudleigh, Lady Mary, poet, Winslode, 1656.
Churchill, John, Duke of Marlborough, Prince of Mildenheim, Ashe, 1650.
Conant, John, divine, " Conanti nihil difficile," Yeatenton, 1608.
Conybeare, John, Bishop of Bristol, defender of Revelation, Pinhoe, 1692.
Corey, John, actor and dramatic writer, Barnstaple (died 1721).
Courtenay, Peter, Bishop of Winchester, Powderham (died 1491).
Courtenay, Richard, Bishop of Norwich (died 1415).
Courtenay, William, Cardinal, Archbishop of Canterbury, Exminster (died 1396).
[Page 85] Cowell, John, civilian, author of "Interpreter," Ernsborough, 1554.
Cowley, Mrs. H., dramatic writer, Tiverton, 1743.
Crane, Thomas, Nonconformist divine and author, Plymouth, 1630.
Cutcliff, John, schoolman, Gammage (temp. Edward III.).
Davis, J ohn, discoverer of Davis Straits in South America in 1585, Sandridge.
Dodderidge, Sir John, judge (died 1628).
Duck, Arthur, civilian, biographer of Archbishop Chichele, Heavitree, 1580.
Dunning, John, Lord Ashburton, advocate, Ashburton, 1732.
D'Urfey, Thomas, song and dramatic writer, Exeter, 1628.
Edmondes, Sir Thomas, diplomatist and political writer, Plymouth, 1563
Elfrida, Queen of Edgar, Tavistock.
Exeter, Walter of, historian of Guy of Warwick (flor. thirteenth century).
Exeter, William of, defender of papal power, Exeter (flor. 1330).
Fishaker, Richard, schoolman (died 1248).
Foliot, Gilbert, Bishop of London, adversary of Becket, Tamerton, (died 1187).
Foliot, Robert, Bishop of Hereford, Tamerton ( died 1186).
Ford, John de, confessor to King John, Ford (died 1215).
Ford, Thomas, Nonconformist divine and author, Brixton, 1598.
Fortescue, Sir John, author of "De Laudibus Legum Angliae," Brent (died 1465).
Fortescue, Sir John, tutor to Elizabeth and Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Foster, James, defender of Christianity, Exeter, 1697.
Gale, Theophilus, author of "Court of the Gentiles," Kingsteignton, 1628.
Gay, John, poet and dramatic writer, Barnstaple, 1688.
Geare, Allan, Nonconformist divine and translator, Stoke Fleming, 1622.
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey, naval commander, Greenway (died 1583).
Glanvil, Sir John, judge, Tavistock.
Glanvil, Joseph, defender of witchcraft, Plymouth, 1636.
Granville, George, Viscount Lansdowne, poet, 1667.
Granville, Sir Richard, one of the conquerors of Glamorgan in 1091, Bideford.
Hakewill, George, divine, Exeter, 1579.
Hankford, Sir William, Chief Justice, Amery (died 1422).
Hanmer, Jonathan, Nonconformist divine and author, Barnstaple, 1605.
Harding, Thomas, polemical divine, Combe Martin, 1512.
Hawkins, Sir John, rear-admiral at defeat of the Armada, Plymouth, 1520.
[Page 86] Hawkins, Sir Richard, naval commander, Plymouth (died 1622).
Hayman, Francis, painter, 1708.
Henrietta Maria, Duchess of Orleans, daughter of Charles I. Exeter, 1644.
Herle, Sir William, Chief Justice, Ilfracombe (died 1335).
Hilliard, Nicholas, limner to Elizabeth, Exeter, 1547.
Hooker, John, antiquary, assisted Holinshed, Exeter, 1524.
Hooker, Richard, author of "Ecclesiastical Polity," Heavitree, 1553.
Hopkins, Charles, poet and tragic writer, Exeter, 1664.
Hopkins, Ezekiel, Bishop of Derry, Sandford, about 1635.
Jewel, John, Bishop of Sarum, author of "Apologia Ecclesiae Anglicanae," Burden, 1522.
Iscanus, Bertholomeus, Bishop of Exeter, opponent of Becket, Exeter (died 1185).
Iscanus, Josephus, Archbishop of Bordeaux, "a golden poet in a leaden age," Exeter (flor. 1210).
Kendal, George, Calvinistic author, Cofton (died 1663).
Kennicott, Benjamin, Orientalist, editor of Hebrew Bible, Totnes, 1718.
King, Peter, Lord Chancellor, Exeter, 1669.
Lye, Edward, author of Saxon Dictionary, Totnes, 1704.
Martin, Richard, Recorder of London, author, Exeter (died 1616).
Martin, William, historian, Exeter (died 1616).
Mauduit, John, Nonconformist divine and author, Exeter (died 1674).
Maynard, Sir John, old and witty sergeant, Tavistock (died temp William III.).
Mayne, Jasper, poet, divine, and dramatic writer, Hatherleigh 1604.
Molle, John, confessor, South Molton, 1557.
Monck, George, Duke of Albemarle, Restorer of Royalty, Potheridge, 1608.
Monck, Nicholas, Bishop of Hereford, Potheridge, 1609.
Newton, George, Nonconformist divine and author, 1602.
Ockley, Simon, Orientalist, Exeter, 1678.
Osborne, John, Nonconformist divine and author, Crediton, 1619.
Palk, Thomas, Nonconformist divine and author, Staverton, 1636.
Parsons, James, physician, Barnstaple, 1705.
Pearse, William, Nonconformist divine and author, Ermington, 1625.
Peele, George, dramatic poet (died 1598).
Petre, Sir William, Secretary of State to four sovereigns, Exeter, about 1505.
Pollard, Sir Lewis, judge, King's Nismet (died 1540).
Prideaux, John, Bishop of Worcester, Hartford (died 1650).
[Page 87] Quicke, John, Nonconformist divine and author, Plymouth, 1636.
Rainolds, John, Pinto, 1549.
Raleigh, Sir Walter, discoverer of Virginia, Hayes Farm, Budley, 1552.
Raleigh, William de, Bishop of Winchester, Raleigh (died 1249).
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, painter, F.R.A., Plympton, 1723.
Roger the Cistercian, writer of legends, near Ford Abbey (flor. 1180).
Rowe, John, Nonconformist divine and author, Tiverton (died 1677).
Saunders, Richard, Nonconformist divine and author, Peyhambury (died 1692).
Shebbeare, John, political writer, author of "Chrysal," Bideford, '1709.
Sprat, Thomas, Bishop of Rochester, poet, Tallaton, 1636.
Stanbery, John, Bishop of Hereford, first Provost of Eton, Bratton (died 1474).
Stone, Nicholas, statuary, master mason to Charles I., Woodbury, 1586.
Strange, John, philanthropist, Bideford (fell victim to the plague, 1646).
Strode, William, divine, orator, and poet, Newinham, 1599.
Stuckley, Lewis, Nonconformist divine and author, Afton (died 1687).
Stuckley, Thomas, eccentric character, Bideford, 1681.
Tapper, Samuel, Nonconformist divine and author, Exeter, 1636.
Tindal, Matthew, deist, Beer Ferrers, 1657.
Tolley, David, scholar, author of "Themata Homeri," Kingsbridge (flor. temp. Edward VI.).
Trope, George, Nonconformist divine and author, Exeter, 1631.
Tucker, William, Dean of Lichfield, defender of the royal touch (died 1617).
Upton, Nicholas, author of book on heraldry, first of its kind (flor. 1440).
Walker, Rev. George, heroic defender of Londonderry, Exeter (slain 1690).
Walker, Samuel, divine, Exeter, 1714.
Wilford, William, naval commander, near Plymouth (died 1414).
Yalden, Thomas, poet, Exeter, 1671.

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