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The Seventeenth Century:
Recusant Fines : Ephiphany Sessions for Derbyshire, 1681-2*

Held August 1682
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A recusant was someone who did not conform to the Anglican church which was, in this instance, Matlock Church. Cox*, who published this information in 1890, wrote that there were 'over 450 adult Roman recusants ... fined in Derbyshire at a single session'. The majority of the Matlock people who were fined for their religious beliefs in these sessions were Roman Catholic recusants, though one was a Protestant Dissenter (P.D). No-one from Matlock was fined for being a Quaker.

Total number of Matlock names : 33
(Also see: About Matlock Church)

For speed of genealogical research the list of Matlock people below is arranged alphabetically.
The number [ ] indicates the order the name appeared in the actual list. It has been inserted to assist those researching family groups but is not in the original text.

BASWELL, Blanche [14]
BILL, Robert - lab. [22]
BUNTING, Anthony [01]
BUNBURY, Samuel [02]
COPE, Anne [11]
COPE, Anne - wid. [23]
COPE, Thomas, yeo. [10]
DAYKIN, Felicia - wid. [31]
DAYKIN, Jane [32]
GREENSMYTH, Anthony - lab. [29]
GREENSMYTH, Ignatius, - lab. [08]
HARRISON, Anne - wid. [04]
HARRISON, Blanche - wid. [12]
HARRISON, Jane - wid. [06]
HARRISON, Nicholas [07]
HARRISON, Thomas - turner [13]
MORRISE, Jane, wid. [15]
MORRISE, William - webster [16]
MOULDE, Anne [33]
OLDACRE, Anne [19]
OLDACRE, John - yeo. [18]
PALMER, Anne [21]
PALMER, Anne [24]
PALMER, Dorothy [25]
PALMER, Mary [26]
PALMER, William - lab. [20]
RAST, Jane - wid. [17]
SLATER, Alice [28]
SLATER, Anthony - tailor [27]
WAREINGE, Anne [04]
WOODWARD, Anthony (P.D) [03]

*Extracted from:
"Three Centuries of Derbyshire Annals, an Illustrated by the Records of the Quarter Sessions of the County of Derby from Queen Elizabeth to Queen Victoria" (p.302)
by the Rev. Charles J. Cox, LL.D., F.S.A Vol I. pub. London: Bemrose and Sons, 23 Old Bailey; and Derby (1890).
Information researched and transcribed by Ann Andrews Jan 2000.