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Matlock School Charity, 1814
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"Matlock School

The Trustees of this School having at length appointed a Master, are determined to send thirty poor children to be educated, free of expence, such parents as wish to take the benefit of the charity, are desired to apply immediately to MR WOLLEY, or MR NUTTALL ; but no persons need to give themselves the trouble of applying on behalf of children that have not already been taught to read easy lessons."

September 24th 1814.

[Advertisement printed by Cotes, Printer, & Bookbinder, Wirksworth]

Applications (School)

James TEASDALE testament
Thomas TEASDALE [name crossed out] reading made easy
George STATHAM son of George
Henry PEARSON Hunt Bridge, son of Joseph P.
Joseph NEAL [name crossed out]
John KNOWLES son of Mary KNOWLES
John KING son of John KING
Charles WALKER
Matthew KNOWLES son of Geo KNOWLES [crossed out]
Elizabeth CRICH [crossed out]
Adam KNOWLES son of Adam KNOWLES
Joshua STATHAM son of Isaac STATHAM
William WRIGHT son of Roger WRIGHT
Charles WRIGHT son of Roger WRIGHT [crossed out]
James GREGORY of Starkholmes
James BUNTING son of John BUNTING (Bank)
Elizth KNOWLES dau of Peter KNOWLES
Anthony CARLINE son of Ant, Starkholmes

Ann BODEN dau of Thos BODEN
Widow WALTON'S girl
{ Rosanna KNOWLES dau of Geo. KNOWLES in the Bank.
{ Grand-daughter of Henry in the Wood
Wm FOX son of Jas FOX of Starkholmes
Saml CARLILE son of Saml CARLILE, Starkholmes
Dorothy GREGORY dau of Robt GREGORY Jnr [entry crossed out]
Sarah daughter of Anthy KNOWLES
Sarah daughter of Jas WRIGHT Shoemaker
Humphrey son of Widow LUDLAM
Joshua STATHAM son of Joshua STATHAM
George GREGORY son of Jno GREGORY
{ Ann } daughters of John LOMAS
{ Mary}
Wm GREGORY son and Elizabeth GREGORY dau of William GREGORY [Elizabeth's name crossed out]
Danl HURD son of Dal HURD
Grace WHEELDON dr. of Moses WHEELDON

[The list itself is a hand written note on a folded sheet.
Written sideways is the comment "Mr. C. intends to go to Hathersage.".]

Information shared from the Mike Spencer collection.
Original document held by the Derbyshire Record Office.

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