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The Nineteenth Century:
Church Fundraising, 1859, 1886 - 1895
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Matlock and Matlock Bath saw a great expansion in church and chapel building during the nineteenth century and the old parish church also needed to be both rebuilt and repaired. Large sums of money were needed to pay for the work, some of which was raised by church members who organised a variety of events, whilst others made donations to appeals like the St. Giles' restoration fund of 1859.

Events included bazaars, some of which lasted for two or three days at a time. Here are details of helpers and attendees at three bazaars. Two were to raise money for All Saints' and the third held for repairing the parish church. Looking through the lists of names one cannot but help notice that there was an interesting division of effort. No women were on the various committees and only one man was a stallholder! It was to have been two, but the second male was indisposed on the day.

Restoration of Matlock Parish Church, 1859[1]

The Chancel of this Church, which has been recently rebuilt, will be opened this day (Wednesday), December 21st 1859, when a sermon will be preached by the Venerable the Archdeacon of Derby.
Service to commence at 11 o'clock a.m.
A Collection will be made after the service, in Aid of the Restoration Fund.

Peter Arkwright, Esq. 50 0 0
Rev. W. R. Melville, Rector 10 0 0
John Greaves, Esq., The Rocks (the late) 10 0 0
W. H. Whitbread, Esq., South Hill 10 0 0
Mr. John Knowles, Matlock 10 0 0
The Ven. Archdeacon Hill 5 0 0
W. P. Thornhill, Esq., M.P. 5 0 0
Thomas Bateman, Esq. 5 0 0
Miss Hall 5 0 0
Mrs. John Clowes 5 0 0
Mr. John Else 5 0 0
Miss Leacroft 2 10 0
Miss Parkyn 2 10 0
Mrs. Milnes, Woodend 2 2 0
Herbert Milnes, Esq. 2 2 0
Miss Hurt 2 0 0
Mrs. Ramsey (per the Rector) 1 1 0
S. Ingall, Esq. 1 0 0
Rev. R. Jones, Cromford 1 0 0
Small sums 2 17 6
Lady Paxton : the East Window, and Stained Glass for same
Mrs. John Greaves, the Rocks : A Stained Glass Memorial Window

The following additional names were printed in another Derbyshire newspaper[2]
(Some of these additions were probably part of the small sums)
John Else, from former collections 17 0 0
Miss Hamp, per Miss Hall 5 0 0
Miss Wildgoose 0 5 0
A friend, per Rev. W. R. Melville 0 15 0
Miss Brookhouse 0 10 0
A friend 0 2 6
Mr. John Hassall 0 15 0

Contributions will be thankfully received by the Rev. W. R. Melville, Matlock Rectory ; or by Mr. John Knowles, and Mr. Statham, Churchwardens[1]

Grand Bazaar at Matlock Bath, 1886[3]

A Grand Bazaar in aid of the building and endowment fund of All Saints' Church, Smedley Street, Matlock Bank was held in the Pavilion at Matlock Bath on Tuesday, 13 July and remained open for the following two days. The bazaar's promoters were hoping to raise £800.

Bazaar opened by Lady Laura Riddings
Vote of thanks: Mr. F C Arkwright, Mr. E H Garton seconded

Marquis of Hartington
Lord Scarsdale
Mr. F C Arkwright
Lady Louisa Egerton
Lady E Cavendish
Lady Lee
Lady Whitworth
Lady Alleyne &c.

Mrs. F C Arkwright, of Willersley Castle, and Miss Arkwright
the Hon. Mrs. McMichael, Rowtor
the Hon. Blanche Curzon, Kedleston
Mrs. Bradshawe Isherwood, Tansley
Mrs. Carter, Fair-Hill
Miss Atkins, Rockside
Miss Collinson, Wolley Road
Miss Russworm, Rockfield
Miss Parker, Smedley Street
Miss Pugh, Wellfield Cottage
Miss Waites, The Woodlands
the Misses Briggs, Matlock Bank
Mrs. Longfield and Miss Longfield, Masson View
Mrs. King, Smedley Street
Mrs. Shaw, New Street
Mrs. G Statham, Wellington Street
Mrs. U Toplis, Wellington Street
Miss Wigston, Smedley Street

Flower Stall:
Mrs. Randall Fielden, Muggington Rectory
Mr. E H Garton, Lumsdale

Refreshment Stall:
Mrs. P Nuttall, Crompton House
Miss A Willan, Highfield

Amongst those present at the opening:
Lady Lee and the Misses Lee, Lea Hurst
Mr. and Mrs. Crompton, Derby
Rev. R M Jones, rural dean
Mrs. C Radford
Mrs. Quillam
Rev. and Mrs. Baker
Mrs. and Miss Sorby
Mrs. Hunter
Mr. Smith
Mr. Atkins &c.

Bazaar at Matlock, 1890[4]

A two day bazaar was held in the Assembly Rooms at Matlock Bridge on Tuesday 22 April, aiming to raise £300 towards increasing the endowment of All Saints' Church on Matlock Bank and the Ecclesiastical Commissioners had intimated they would help. From the comments made in the speeches, though, it is clear that all was not well.

Bazaar opened by: Mrs. Balston, wife of the Archdeacon of Derby

Speeches were made by:
Mr. F C Arkwright "a disgrace to the neighbourhood that the Matlock Bank living should not be more worthy of name of the living, and no the name of a starvling". He felt Rev. Lowe could not be expected to continue under the circumstances that then existed.
The Venerable Archdeacon Balston remarked that parsons, like all others, must live.

Visitors Stall:
Mrs. Atkins, Rockside
Miss Davies, Smedley's
Mrs. Frost, Matlock House
Miss Horton,} Smedley's
Mrs. Jones, }

Matlock Bank "A" Stall:
Mrs. Tomlinson
Misses Baker, Pugh and Waites

G.F.S. Stall:
Miss Collinson

Matlock Stall:
Mrs. Torrey
Mrs. Nuttall
Mrs. Moxon
Misses Gregory and Tomlinson

Matlock Bank "B" Stall:
Mrs. Barnard
Miss Carter
Misses Collinson, Russworm and Willan

Refreshments Stall:
Mrs. Statham
Mrs. Starr
Mrs. Middleton

Flower Stall:
The Misses Randall, Pratt, Clarke, Phillipson, Horsley, Johnson, Richards, Drabble, Deeley, Goulds, Oates, Carter, Pearman, Statham, Dean, Barker, Allen and Barker - in the costumes of the Queen of the May and attendants.

Mr. W B Hunter had promised a stall, but was indisposed so sent a donation of £30.

Amongst those present at the opening:
Mr. and Mrs. F C Arkwright
Rev. A Lowe
Rev. J W Kewley
Rev. E C Parminter
Rev. W H Arkwright
Rev. J W Booth
Rev. C Torry
Rev. J Sorby
Mr. and Mrs. Quillam
Mrs. A F Hurt
Many lady visitors staying at the hydropathic establishments.

After the bazaar it was reported that the Rev. Lowe had met with the Bishop of Southwell, paid £300 which had been raised, the endowment had been increased and the Commissioners had money to build the vicarage.

Church Bazaar at Matlock, 1895[5]

Some £500 - £600 was needed by Matlock Parish Church to pay for a new organ chamber, to rebuild and repair the organ, to decorate the chancel, to provide a toolhouse for the sexton and to enlarge the churchyard. A three day fund raising event was held in the Assembly Rooms, Matlock Bridge. It opened on Tuesday 14 May, and continued on the Wednesday and Thursday. The bazaar included afternoon and evening concerts, tableaux, conjuring and ventriloquial entertainments. The Bazaar was opened by Mr F C Arkwright of Willersley with lunch at the Queen's Head and with a menu provided by members of the congregation.

Rev. J W Kewley, rector, presided.
Mrs. Arkwright declared the bazaar open
Vote of thanks: Mr Sladen, Dr Kinch seconded

Mr. S F Reynolds
Mr. E H Bailey
Mr. E A Doar
Mr. S A Hope
Dr Kinch
Mr G Sladen (hon sec)

Stallholders (9 stalls):
Mrs S A Hope
Mrs J Potter
Mrs Moxon
Mrs W Statham
Mrs Dawber
Mrs Mayo-Smith
Mrs Bailey
Mrs Doar
Mrs R Wildgoose
Mrs F C Arkwright
Mrs Kinch
Mrs Sladen
The ladies of the choir


C Newbold
M Gregory
Greenhough (2)
A Hodgkinson

Refreshment stall:
Mrs S B Barton
Mrs Moor
Mrs Wrigley
Mrs Williams
Miss Hunter
Miss M Else

Collected (Tues) 250l., by Wed 386l., by Thurs total 541l. 9s 1d


[1] "The Derby Mercury", 21 December 1859
[2] "Derbyshire Courier", 17 December 1859. It is not known if the money given by John Else is in addition to the first entry for him.
[3] "The Derby Mercury", Wednesday, 21 July, 1886
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