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Matlock & Environs, 1926
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Map of Matlock & Environs, 1926-7

Frontispiece from Ward Lock & Co's "Matlock, Dovedale, Bakewell and South Derbyshire", Illustrated Guide Books of England and Wales (1926-7).

Map prepared by John Bartholomew & Son Ltd., Edinburgh.
Map published by Ward Lock and Co. Limited, Warwick House, Salisbury Square, London.

Please note that the original map is quite a bit wider, but providing the whole map would have meant sacrificing the ability to read place names, which are quite small enough.

This is one of several versions that were published in Ward Lock guide books over the years. Viewers might be interested that a map in a slightly later edition, published 1932-3, shows a few minor differences. For example, on this version the tram depot can be seen close to the top of the map but is not shown in 1932-3. The tram line is shown going from the depot down Bank Road to Crown Square (above) but this had also gone by 1932-3. The later version shows both Chatsworth Hydro and the Duke of Wellington Inn; the latter is shown on here as "Inn". Bridge House has become the Town Hall and Fire Station by the 1932-3 map. There are several indications that the map was drawn a considerable number of years before it was published in this guide, the most obvious being the Rifle Range shown at Matlock Bridge (on the eastern bank of the Derwent, opposite the Hall Leys).