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Midland Railway Distance Diagram, Matlock & Matlock Bath, 1913
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Railway Distances

This diagram shows all the railway stations, bridges, sidings, signal boxes and tunnels between Darley Dale and Cromford, with distances. A larger version of the diagram, which stretches from Bakewell to Ambergate, can be found in Waite, Glynn (2007) "Charles Burling, Railway Signalman of Cromford", © The Rowsley Association, published by Pynot Publishing, 50 Main Road, Holmesfield, Dronfield, Derbyshire. ISBN 978-0-9552251-4-7. This map is reproduced with the kind permission of Glynn Waite.

There is another railway map in the Derbyshire section of this web site:
Map of Railways in Derbyshire, 1903

There are several images of the stations and trains on the web site.

Matlock. The first of several pages (click "Next" to navigate).

Matlock, Derwent Bridge - the first of two (click "Next" to navigate).

Matlock Bath. The first of several pages (click "Next" to navigate).

Matlock Dale.

Matlock Station Stone Yard: Messrs Beck, Boden & Drabble.

Smarts Quarry at Matlock Station, 1928.

Darley Dale: Stancliffe Quarry and Saw Mill