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Farley Hill Congregational Church
A few baptisms for Farley Hill Congregational, Matlock 1904 -1905. Two marriages, 1905 - 1906

Baptisms from the Register

  Name/Parent[s] and Surname/ Abode/Occupation/Other
11 Aug 1904 Annie of John William and Agnes Ann LEWIS Matlock Bridge
14 Feb 1905 Annie of John Henry and Kezia HOLMES Darley
26 Feb 1905 Robert Henry of Urban and Annie BOWLEY South Wingfield
19 Mar 1905 Herbert Morrell of William and Frances WARD Darley
2 Apr 1905 Horace Sydney of Thomas and Annie ALLWOOD Darley
2 Apr 1905 Elsie of Thomas and Annie ALLWOOD Darley
26 Mar 1905 May of James and Elizabeth Ann CARNELL Darley
9 Apr 1905 Kathleen of Herbert and Harriet Hawley CROWDER Darley
12 Nov 1905 Vera of William and Annie BAGSHAW Matlock

Marriages from the Register

  Name/Surname/ Age/Abode/Occupation/Other
2 Apr 1905 William MARSHALL 24 Groom Southwell Notts,
father Charles MARSHALL engine driver
and Mary Ann TALBOT 22 of Bakewell, father Thomas dec, farmer
28 Aug 1906 Thomas KNOWLES and Libby PIDCOCK
[Note: The minister has signed it but there are no other details.
The year has been scribbled in, and is unclear.
The webmistress has checked the year and in Q3 1906
Thomas KNOWLES married Sarah Elizabeth PIDCOCK

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Compiled from information researched by Michael Spencer of Matlock and originally circulated to the Derbysgen Discussion Group. With grateful thanks to Mike.