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Matlock Green Congregational Church Members
Roll of Church Members, 1866 - 1919

Surname Christian Name Abode Occupation Comments
Freckingham Henry Matlock Bank farmer gone to Weslyan Reformed
Stevens Thomas Dean Hill    
Stevens Frederick William Bath Road   deceased
Seddon John Tansley Cliff   deceased
Seddon Rebecca Tansley Cliff   deceased
Urquhart Rebecca Tansley Cliff   removed to Liverpool
Stevens Mary Matlock Bridge   deceased Jan 1864
Stevens Joseph Matlock Bridge   deceased Sep 1881
Stevens Charles Allan Hill    
Stevens Sarah Deads Hill    
Stevens Catherine Farley   removed to Rugby
Bromley J W Matlock Bridge   emigrated
Bromley Mary Matlock Bridge   emigrated
Bromley Jemima Matlock Green   deceased
Alsop Samuel Matlock Bank   deceased
Alsop Ann Matlock Bank   deceased
Toplis James Matlock Bank    
Brown John Matlock Bank    
Ogden Anthony Cliffe    
Ogden Sarah Cliffe    
Blackwell Sarah Cliffe    
Else Elizabeth Bank   declined
Brelsford Mrs (senior)     deceased
Brelsford Joseph Rowsley    
Brelsford Elizabeth Rowsley    
Goodlad Ann Town   deceased
Buckley Mary Town    
Mather George Starkholmes   declined; deceased
Mather Ann (Mrs) Starkholmes   deceased
Swift Andrew Starkholmes   dismissed to Glenorchy Chapel; Matlock Bath
Swift Mrs Starkholmes   dismissed to Glenorchy Chapel; Matlock Bath
Holmes Isaac Starkholmes   removed
Holmes Mrs Starkholmes   removed
Smith Mrs Willersley Lane   removed
Wheeldon Richard     removed
Wheeldon Mrs     removed
Wildgoose Anthony     withdrawn
Potter Ann Dimple   excluded 1857
Ballington Josiah Bank    
Buckley Charles     withdrawn
Freckingham John Tansley Moor    
Freckingham Elizabeth Tansley Moor    
Brelsford Eliza Rowsley   excluded
Edwards Charles Lime Tree Lane   deceased
Edwards Hannah Lime Tree Lane   deceased
Edwards Sarah     crossed out and Wall inserted
Whewell Mary Lime Tree Lane   removed
Whewell Susanna Lime Tree Lane   removed
Trickett Mrs Lime Tree Lane   dead
Bunting Richard     removed
Brocklehurst Richard     removed
Brocklehurst Mrs     removed
Woodhouse James Town    
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