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Matlock Bath: Glenorchy Independent Chapel Members
Chapel Members List from 1864

An incomplete list of names of people attached to the now demolished Lady Glenorchy Chapel.

The list reveals where some of those attending the chapel went to.
There are dates for some entries, either showing when they enrolled or when they went away.

Name Abode Comments



left for Derby
Thomas and Elizabeth FRANCIS of Cromford, left for Nottingham
Mrs BROADFOOT Matlock Bath left neighbourhood
Mrs AMOS (Mary Ann) Lea Rd. left neighbourhood
Mrs Fanny BENDALL Matlock Bath transferred to Kelton 3 Jan 1866
Emily Gainsborough HOLLIS   30 Jan 1867 transferred to Church Ass. in Rue Royal, Paris, France
Jane PIDCOCK   30 Jun 1865 wed and left neighbourhood 1874 (this year may refer to this or the previous entry)
William SMITH   admitted 28 Feb 1866 Railway End transferred to Church at Crewe 27 Nov 1867
John BOWLER Cromford 28 Sep 1864. Left Matlock
Robert LENNOX   from Victoria St Cong. Derby, left Matlock
Elizabeth FOSTER   from Victoria St. Cong. Derby. Left Matlock
Margaret SKIDMORE Matlock Bath Joined Established Church
Thomas BODEN Matlock Bath 31 Jan 1866. Left neighbourhood
Mr and Mrs William TOPLIS   from Porltry ? Chapel, London. Left neighbourhood
Martha STALEY Cromford, wed and left.
Mary Jane ALLEN   to Jacket St. Ipswich 29 Mar 1871
James SALT Cromford 29 Nov 1871. Left neighbourhood
William FRANCIS   to Nottingham St Anns Well 1873
Emily PRITCHARD Matlock 31 Mar 1875. To Mission Hall Church,Bournemouth 5 Mar 1876
Emma (Mrs J. W.) BODEN   7 May 1876. Transferred to church at Oaklands
Martha and Lydia CUTLER   30 Aug 1876. Transferred to Alfreton
Ellen LANGTON Matlock Bath, 3 Jul 1878 .Transferred to Warden Chapel, Soho
Eliza OSBASTON Matlock Bath 3 Jul 1878. Transferred to Belper
Ruth SHAW   27 Nov 1878. Transferred to Southport
Richard WEBSTER Matlock Bath 29 Jan 1879. Transferred to Stockport
Annie WEBSTER   Transferred to Stockport
Elizabeth SEALS Matlock Bath 3 Jul 1879. From church at Sawley
Mrs SOIGNDESTRE Matlock Bath 30 Jun 1865 formerly of Cheadle .Transferred to Matlock Bank. Congregational 27 Jun 1866
Mrs and Mrs Charles WARD   from Church at London Rd. Derby 30 Nov 1864
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Compiled from information researched by Michael Spencer of Matlock and originally circulated to the Derbysgen Discussion Group. With grateful thanks to Mike.