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The Wolley Manuscripts, Matlock
A Major Collection of pre 1828 Pedigrees, Charters, Documents, Deeds & Wills
  Volume 6667 ff.144-211 : Documents relating to the WOLLEY family
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Volume 6667 ff.144-211

Surnames in Volume 6667 ff.144-211

Places in Volume 6667 ff.144-211 within Matlock:
Allen Hill Bath-the Chantry-House Church Greenhills Smelting-Mill Wolley's-Well
Places in Volume 6667 ff.144-211 elsewhere:
Bakewell-church Bonsall Brampton Broadbotham-in-Mottram-in-Longendale-CHS
Brodbothom-CHS Brodholme-CHS 'Challesworth'-parish-Glossop Chesterfield Crich Derby Hollingworth-in-Mottram-in-Longendale-CHS Marston-upon-Dove Mottram-in-Longendale-CHS Nether-Haddon Riber Sapperton S-Wingfield Snitterton-Chantry South-Wingfield Tansley Winster

6667 ff.144-146d
pedigrees of WOLLEYs of Hollingworth and Broadbotham in Mottram in Longendale, Cheshire, then of Riber. 13th-17thc. with notes of arms, lands etc. (uc/chlsl)
6667 f.147
drawing, WOLLEY tomb in Matlock Church 16thc. (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.148-151
notes from deeds relating to Mottram in Longendale, Cheshire, properties and WOLLEY family, n.d. and 14th -17thc., (with reference to South Wingfield on f.149, 17thc.) (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff. 153-4
also copy of Broadbotham [Cheshire] deed n.d. (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.151d-152
copy of extent of property belonging to Adam WOLLEY gent who died 12 Ap. 17 Ja. [1619] ; inquisition taken 13 Sep. (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.155d-156
paper relating to case between Robert BURTON pl. and Elizabeth WOLLEY def. concerning Matlock property
[17thc] (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.156d
pedigree of WOLLEY of Greenhills, Matlock, later of Winster,
late 17th - early 19thc. (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.158
list of Derbyshire commissioners appointed under ordinance of 26 May 1645 and note of William WOLLEY's public service
1644-1650 (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.159-161
letters, Samuel PEGGE to Adam WOLLEY about WOLLEY family and Roman pig of lead,
1783 (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.162-164d, 165d, 166d, 167d
copies of WOLLEY deeds, including marriage settlements, relating to properties in Matlock
[1562] - 1623 (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.165, 166, 167, 168 recto sides only.
copies of deeds of de WOLEGH family and properties in p. Mottram in Longendale, Cheshire.
1308 - [1369] (uc/chlsl)
6667 f.168d
monumental inscriptions at Marston upon Dove relating to WOLLEY family
1641-1701 (uc/chlsl)
6667 f.169
copy of will of William OLEY of Riber
1507 (uc/chlsl)
6667 f.169d
extracts from Domesday Book concerning Mottram in Longendale, Hollingworth, [Cheshire]
6667 f.169d
short WOLLEY pedigree 17thc. (uc/chlsl)
6667 f.170
copy of royal grant of Chesterfield property (details given) to George HOWARD knight et al. which once were given by Ralph HETHCOTE recently of Chesterfield bell-founder to William WOLLEY of Riber who gave them to maintain a chantry priest in chapel of 'Challesworth', parish Glossop
[1560] (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.170d-171
extract from royal grant of 2 mills in manor of Matlock called Smelting Mill
[1618] (uc/chlsl)
6667 f.171d
notes on Mrs Rebekah WOLLEY wife of William of Derby (who wrote a history of the county), died 1716 (uc/chlsl)
6667 f.172, 173 recto sides only
copies of WOLLEY deeds of Brodbothom, Cheshire property [1541] and Brodholme, Cheshire, and S. Wingfield property in 1614 (uc/chlsl)
6667 f.172d
copy of feoffment to uses of will of William OLEY of Riber yeo.
[1497] (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.173d-174
baptisms of WOLLEY children extracted from Matlock parish registers
1638 - 1734 (uc/chlsl)
6667 f.175
notes of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths, burials and other memoranda of WOLLEY family (uc/chlsl)
6667 f.176
marriages and burials of WOLLEY family (? from Matlock parish registers)
1642 - 1729/30 (uc/chlsl)
6667 f.176d
note of fine concerning lands etc. in Matlock, Bonsall, Tansley and S. Wingfield
[1605] (uc/chlsl)
6667 f.176d
note of building of the Bath at Matlock called Wolley's Well,
about 1696 (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.177-8
copy of grant by Edward Lord ZOUCHE and Robert FULNECBY gent. to Adam WOLLEY of Riber gent., of the Chantry House and other houses, lands etc. in Matlock
[1606] (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.178d-181
copies of WOLLEY deeds and copies of court roll relating to Matlock properties
[1584] - 1630
f.180 - note of land purchases made by Adam of Allen Hill
1598-1616 (uc/chlsl)
6667 f.182
a list of WOLLEY deeds, made in 1706 (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.182d-183
copies of deeds relating to Matlock 1601-1607 including property formerly of Snitterton Chantry,
1601 (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.182d-185
[copies of deeds relating to] Crich 1670 and Brampton
1591 (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.185d-186d
WOLLEY pedigree 15th-early 18thc (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.187-189
letters concerning Arthur WOLLEY of Sapperton esq. fl. 18thc.,
1820 (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.190-197
copy of will of Adam WOLLEY of Riber gent. 28 Sep. 1616, proved 1619 (uc/chlsl)
'Also in will of Adam WOLLEY, of Riber, 1616 ; body to be buried in Matlock church by the side of his father Anthony.'
(DASJ Vol. XXXIII, p.140)
6667 f.197d
pedigrees of 1) related WOLLEY, MELLOR, MATHER and DEANE families 16th - 17thc. and 2) WINGFIELD family
16th-18thc. (uc/chlsl)
6667 f.200
copy of will of Thomas WOLLEY of Nether Haddon yeoman 21 Sep. 1645, proved 1646 (uc/chlsl)
'Also will of Thomas WOLLEY , of Nether Haddon, 1645 ; body to be buried in Bakewell church.' (DASJ Vol. XXXIII, p.140)
6667 f.201
copy of will of William WOLLEY of Riber esq. 22 Sep. 1666 (uc/chlsl)
Also will of William WOLLEY, of Riber, 1666 ; body to be buried in Matlock church "in the usual place of my ancestors"; 40s. to the poor of Matlock and Riber.'
(DASJ Vol. XXXIII, p.140)
6667 ff.202-203
copy of will of Elizabeth WOLLEY of Derby widow,
30 Ap. 1794 (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.204-205
copy of will of Anthony WOLLEY of Riber gent.
17 July 1668 (uc/chlsl)
6667 ff.206-211
decree of Master of the Rolls in dispute concerning debts of William WOLLEY and wills of William and his nephew Anthony (see above) (uc/chlsl)