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Godalming, Market House, 1935

The White Hart Inn, on the left, had lost its licence three years before this picture was taken. At an auction in June 1929 Messrs. Hodgson, Kingston Brewery, had bought all 36 licensed properties then owned by Crooke's, amongst which was the White Hart[1].

The inn's fate became clear in January 1932 when an application was submitted to the local court for the removal the licence and for it to be given instead to premises in Farncombe that were about to be constructed. This was followed in May the same year by "an application for confirmation of the grant of the removal of the licence of the White Hart ... to the site of a new inn which Messrs. Hodson ...propose to erect at Farncombe". The application was granted but to gain the licence Hodgsons had to agree to discourage "perpendicular drinking" in the private and saloon bars of the new build. Interestingly, the site had been "purchased, or ear-marked, for the last four years"[3].

The troublesome "perpendicular drinking" affected the White Hart in 1918 when there had been a number of prosecutions in Godalming under the Non-Treating Order. This included Mr. and Mrs. Geld [Gould?], then running the Inn, who were reported to the authorities because two cadets were drunk on the premises[4].

Following the licence transfer there was considerable speculation regarding this White Hart's future. The building, which has the date 1570 on the front, was described as one of the show places of the High Street. The owners were said to be willing to approach the Council before the sale of the property was decided. Rumours that it would be turned into a cinema were denied, whilst others would have liked to to have become a public library and museum. Some "rich Americans" apparently intimated that they would like to pull it down and ship it to the US. This was, after all, a time when other British buildings had been transported across the Atlantic[5]. In the end, it was sold in 1933 and remains an asset on the High Street today[6].

Shop units had been added to the ground floor, amongst which was Acorn Cleaners. A pre-existing shopkeeper was A Jury, Tobacconist. A large estate agent's sign for Folker & Horton of Railway Approach announced that the two upper floors were to let and there is a small "Let" sign pasted across it. The first floor jetty was added in 1932[7].

A sign below the first floor window of the Market House (Pepperpot) in the centre of the photo is a small sign that reads "Museum".

It is unclear what the RAC patrolman, who was standing in front of the Pepperpot, was doing although he was probably directing the car's driver rather than controlling the traffic[8]. It was his bike that was parked against the left hand pavement. The car's registration number was BPC 742.

"Godalming, Market House". Published by F. Frith & Co. Ltd., Reigate, No.86771 [1935] Copyright. Posted on 15 Nov 1947 at Godalming. Personal message unrelated to the view.
Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
Intended for personal use only.

References (coloured links are to transcripts or more information elsewhere on this web site):

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[2] "Surrey Advertiser", 23 January 1932. Public notice of an application submitted to the local court under the Licensing (Consolidation) Act of 1910 for the removal "of a Justice License now in force and now or recently held by George Henry Deeprose"... at 70 High Street Godalming (i.e. the White Hart Public House) from these premises to premises on Borne Road in Farncombe about to be constructed.

[3] "Surrey Advertiser", 14 May 1932. Godalming Licence Removal. From White Hart Inn To New Area. Rival Petition & Rector of Farncombe's Attitude - Farncombe's Rector opposed the plans because he believed it was not needed and he also had a number of friends were licensees and their trade might be interfered with. It was intimated that they would surrender the licence of the Fountain beer-house in Meadrow.

[4] "John Bull", 8 June 1918. Outrage upon Godalming Publicans. Mr. Geld had just been discharged fro the Army when he and his wife were arrested, taken before the Police Superintendent, and questioned before they were bailed. Godalming Bench fined them £5 but, on appeal, the conviction was quashed. Before the appeal hearing Mrs G had met the G.O.C. at Aldershot and he read her a memorandum recommending that the house be closed. This was all because of Licensing (Consolidation) Act 1910.

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[8] AA men wore their arm badge on the left sleeve whereas the RAC wore their badge on the right.

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