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Derbyshire's Parishes, 1811
The parishes and chapelries as they were just over 200 years ago. Extracts from an early Derbyshire history

Mr. Davies' Sources
From : 'History of Derbyshire' by David Peter Davies

Books of this age do not have a bibliography in the same way as today's books do. Instead, sources used are found either in a preface or as a footnote on a page.

  • In the Preface, Davies states that he has used "Mr. Pilkington's valuable History ... as a text book" and it was his main source of material. Whilst he does not say which edition he consulted, he either used:

    Pilkington, James of Derby (1789) "A View of the present state of Derbyshire; with an account of its most remarkable antiquites, etc., Derby : J. Drewry.

    Or the early nineteenth century update:
    Pilkington, James of Derby (1803) A view of the present state of Derbyshire ... The natural history of the medicinal waters of Buxton and Matlock, By Erasmus Darwin. 2nd ed, Derby: William Marriott.

  • Domesday references.
    "The ancient names of places are printed in italics, and are, chiefly taken from" A Translation of the Record called Domesday ... by William Bawdwen.
    Davies described the work as "lately published".

Other works:

  • Aitken's History of the County Around Manchester
  • Archaeologia (Several Volumes incl. VI & XII)
  • T Blore FSA: History of the Manor and Manor House of South Winfield
  • Bray's Tour into Derbyshire
  • Britannia
  • John Britton and Edward Wedlake Brayley: The Beauties of England and Wales, Vol.3
    Matlock extracts
  • Butcher, Edmund (1805) Excursion from Sidmouth to Chester
  • Dugdale's Baron Vol I
  • Fuller's Church History Vol I
  • Gibson's Camden
  • Gibson's Saxon Chronicles
  • Hume Vol I
  • Hutton's History of Derbyshire
  • Hutchinson's Tour Through the High Peak
  • Lipscombe's Matlock
  • Mawe's Mineralogy of Matlock
  • Pegge, Samuel, A.M. (1769) The Roman roads, Ikenild-Street and Bath-Way, discovered and investigated through the country of the Coritani, or the county of Derby
  • Reports to the Board of Agriculture [these were probably Farey's Reports, published the same year]
  • Robertson, William, Charles V
  • Stowe's Annals
  • Topographer Vol II
  • Warner's Northern Tour
  • Whitehurst's Theory
  • Wonders of the Peak - pub 1681

Davies' book
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