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Cromford Church, Bridge, and Rocks, by Henry Hadfield Cubley

[Willersley Castle] "Entering the grounds close to Scarthin Nick, we follow the path at the base of the limestone cliff, here close upon 200 feet high. The castle stands upon the north bank of the Derwent..."[1]

Willersley Castle itself is on the opposite bank of the river and is not part of this tranquil scene although the view shows some of the castle's grounds. St. Mary's chapel, built by Arkwright, is in the centre of the painting. To the left is the old bridge, one of the early County Bridges that spanned the River Derwent.

The artist's wife, Julia, is sitting on a bench underneath the high cliff. She could be looking at the castle or she is possibly talking to the couple's two children who are standing on the path, facing their mother. The bright red of her skirt is something Cubley often included in his work.

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Read an interesting inscription carved on the bridge: Matlock MIs (Miscellaneous)

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"Cromford Church, Bridge, and Rocks, Derbyshire". Ralph Tuck & Sons "Oilette" [Regd,] Postcard 1683 Art Publishers to their Majesties the King and Queen. "Picturesque Derbyshire". Not posted
Postcard in the collection of, provided by and © Ann Andrews.
Researched, written by and © Ann Andrews.
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[1] Ward Lock & Co's "Matlock, Dovedale, Bakewell and South Derbyshire.", Illustrated Guide Books of England and Wales (Guide Series 1911-12)

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