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Our Own Genealogy - Andy's Short Pedigree
Surname interests, short personal pedigrees and some help

Back only to our 2 x great grandparents with these short pedigrees.
We have only given the dates for our respective 2 x g. grandparents to indicate historical time.

Please note that the counties given are the counties at the time of the event.
County boundaries have been redrawn and some parishes are now in different counties,
e.g. Hagbourne is now in Oxfordshire and not Berkshire.

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  Henry ANDREWS (1822-1902)
born & bap. E. Hagbourne, BRK, ENG
  Thomas George ANDREWS  
    Martha PAINTER (1828-1904)
born Woolstone, GLS, ENG
  Roger ANDREWS  
    Joseph NAPPER (1820-1876)
born & bap. E. Hagbourne, BRK, ENG
  Mira HOBBIS  
  Mary HOBBIS (1808-1859)
born & bap. E. Hagbourne, BRK, ENG
  Reginald Franklin ANDREWS  
    Elizabeth FRANKLIN (1814/15-1889) born Bisley, GLS, ENG
Later m. Charles CANTER (d.1906)
  Jessie M R FRANKLIN  
  David IRELAND (1796-1855)
born & bap. Painswick, GLS, ENG
  Harriett IRELAND  
  Mary ROGERS (1796-1860)
b. Miserdine, GLS:
bap. Painswick, GLS, ENG
  George EXELL (1775-1871)
born & bap. Shinfield, BRK, ENG
  George EXELL  
    Sophia HAWKSWORTH (1795-1871)
born & bap. Shinfield, BRK, ENG
  Alfred Joseph EXELL  
    Joseph PAGE (1810-1852)
born Frawley, BRK, ENG
  Elizabeth Ann PAGE  
  Hannah CROKER (1806-Aft 1881)
born Coomb, HAM, ENG
  Mabel Dorothy EXELL  
  Thomas DARKE (1801-1875)
born & bap. Barnstaple, DEV, ENG
  Thomas Roll DARKE  
    Mary HAYWARD (1809-1877)
born & bap. Bishops Tawton, DEV, ENG
  Elizabeth Jane DARKE  
  John PARSLEY (1817-1894)
born & bap. Pilton, DEV, ENG
  Elizabeth PARSLEY  
  Mary Ann ANDREW (1821-1900)
born & bap. Barnstaple, DEV, ENG

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