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Surname interests, short personal pedigrees and some help

Back only to our 2 x great grandparents with these short pedigrees.
We have only given the dates for our respective 2 x g. grandparents to indicate historical time.

The CLAY family are my paternal line.
The image of the family crest is from
a family Bible - see larger image.

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  John CLAY of Shirland (1830-1872)
born & bap. Shirland, DBY, ENG
  William CLAY  
    Elizabeth BRYON (1838-1885)
born & bap. Shirland, DBY, ENG
  John CLAY  
      Thomas HATTON of Derby (1829/30-1905) born & bap. Melbourne, DBY, ENG m. second Harriett HICKLING, nee CHINERY
  Jane HATTON  
  Ann DAKIN (1826-1879)
born & bap. Derby, DBY, ENG
  Frank CLAY  
    Robert HATTON (1817-1901)
born & bap. Ticknall, DB,Y ENG
  John HATTON  
    Elizabeth YARWOOD (1826-1908) b. Castle Donnington;
bap. Shepshed, LEI, ENG
  Ethel Lily HATTON  
  Walter ELLIOTT (c.1835-1906) b. Leicester, LEI, ENG
m. second Ann HARRISON
  Caroline ELLIOTT  
  Sarah Ann SUDBURY (1834/5-1869) born & bap. Derby, DBY, ENG
  Jonathan SMITHIES (1839-1904) born & bap. Stockport CHS
  William Henry SMITHIES  
    Martha Ann MOTTRAM (1839-1923) born & bap. Heaton Norris, LAN, ENG
  James Hardy SMITHIES  
    James HARDY (1834-1869)
born Dunham, bap. Bowdon, CHS, ENG
  Martha HARDY  
  Sarah Anne LEATHER (1832-1884) b. Davyhulme, LAN, ENG
  Dorothy Eveline SMITHIES  
  Benjamin Lewis WALKER
(1811-1897) born Pudsey, YKS, ENG
  Randolph WALKER  
    Rhoda Dorcas STEAD (1814-1896) born & bap. Tong, YKS, ENG
  Daisy Eveline WALKER  
  George SWAIN (1786-1864)
born & bap. Berriew, MGY, WLS
m. first Hannah RICHARDS
  Margaret Jane (Jennie) SWAIN  
  Martha LEWIS (1815-1883)
born & bap. Mochdre, MGY, WLS
m. first Richard LEWIS

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