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Derbyshire's Parishes, 1811
The parishes and chapelries as they were just over 200 years ago. Extracts from an early Derbyshire history

Glossary of Terms
From : 'History of Derbyshire' by David Peter Davies

A   Advowson - right of presentation to a benefice.
Archdeaconry - parishes under the jurisdiction of an Archdeacon.
B   Bailiwick - district under a bailiff.
Benefice - a church living i.e. the vicar's or the rector's livelihood
Berewick - a demense farm.
C   Chalybeate spring - a spring rich in dissolved iron.
Chapelry - district attached to a chapel.
Conquest - the Noman Invasion in 1066 led by William, Duke of Normandy who became King William I of England after defeating (and slaying) Harold at the Battle of Hastings in October of that year.
Curacy - part of an ancient parish with the incumbent appointed by a patron.
D   Deanery - group of parishes presided over by a rural dean.
Demense (demain) - early form of domain. A landed property, in the occupancy of the lord of the manor.
Diocese - the district over which the bishop has authority.
Dissolution - during the reign of King Henry VIII [1509-1547] investigations into church wealth led to confiscations and redistribution of church property and a religious reformation.
Domesday Book - a survey of lands in England, made by order of King William I, better known as William the Conqueror, in 1086.
E   Ecclesiastical - of the church or its clergy.
H   Hamlet - a very small village, often without a church.
Heptarchy - government by seven petty rulers, each with a kingdom. Following the invasion of Britain by the Angles, Saxons and Jutes the country divided into seven - see Derbyshire.
High Peak - the area around Kinder Scout (height 727metres or 2088 feet) in North Derbyshire. Villages such as Hope, Edale and Castleton are located in this part of Derbyshire.
Hundred - old name for a subdivision of a county or shire, having its own court.
L   Liberty - (before 1850) district within a county but exempt from certain jurisdiction, having a separate commission of the peace.
Living - (Ecclesiastical) benefice
P   Parish - subdivision of county, having its own church and clergyman.
Patron - has the right of presentation to a benefice.
Peak District - (also see High Peak above) . Hilly area of north and mid Derbyshire at the southern end of the Pennines. Historically, Matlock and Matlock Bath were part of the Peak District, but are not within the modern Peak District National Park.
Pentarchy - a government of five districts or kingdoms each under its own ruler - see Derbyshire.
T   Tithing - 10 householders living near together and bound over as sureties for each other's peaceable behaviour.
V   Vicarage - benefice of a vicar.
W   Wapentake - old name for hundred or division of a county or shire

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