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SURNAME - Christian name / Abode / Year / Volume / folio(s) / More information
ASHTON Robert of Stoney Middleton, 1683 6668 ff.69-71
He left £200 to be invested for the poor of Stoney Middleton, the income to be distributed on St. Thomas' day.
BABINGTON Anthony, - 6689 ff.146-163
lnquisitio post mortem of, held 18th of January, 29 Elizabeth
BABINGTON Thomas of Dethick, 1558 6668 ff.47-53
pp.146-7 [long entry but mentions sons Sir Francis (priest) and his son Roger, Edward, Marmaduke and Thomas and daughter Margaret, his son Henry (his heir), Sir Mylles Whitworthe (preste)]
BABINGTON Thomas of Dethick, 1558 6668 ff.55-64
[his inventory, appraisers German POLE, gent., John WYGLEY, Henry HOPKYNSON and Wyllm MADE Yomen]
BABINGTON Thomas of Dethick, 1558 6681 f.21-22
"Extracts from old wills relating to boles for smelting lead",
See reference in Wolley, Matlock Vol 6681-6
BABINGTON Thomas Esq. of Dethick, n.d. 6681 f.22
Inventory of goods of, made after his death after 1558 (uc/chlsl)
BAGSHAW Charles of Gainsborough, 1731 6672 ff.203-204
He bequeathed to his brother Robert his Derbyshire property at Priestcliffe.
BAGSHAW John of Great Hucklow, 1704 6689 ff.55-72
BAGSHAW Thomas of Ridge Hall, 1721 6672 ff.199-202
will and codicils, "my body I comit to ye earth to be decently buried without noise, crowd or multitude of people." Eleven friends had guineas wherewith to buy mourning rings.
BAGSHAWE William, the elder of Derby, - 6672 f.218
butcher. He bequeaths to Robert WATSON, his son in law, "my shoppe called the Large Shoppe," with his appurtenances, subject to a rental of 15/-, payable to his son William.
BANKS Sir Joseph, - 6673 ff.50-53
printed abstract of will of
BASSETT Sir William, - 6695 ff.16-38
lnquisitio post mortem, 5 Elizabeth, on
BEARD of Stancliffe Hall 6702 -
This MS. seems formerly to have been the commonplace book of Roger Columbell, of Darley Hall, in the county of Derby, esquire, who died anno. 1605; it was given to me by Mr. Herbert Greensmith BEARD, of Stancliffe Hall, anno. 1792.
" Adam Wolley, junr."
BERISFORD William of Parwich, 1696 6689 ff.300-303
To be buried in the north quire of the church of Parwich. After reciting that he had released to Anthony Berisford, of Cold Eaton, Anthony Berisford, of Parwich, and five others divers specified lands in trust for several uses therein expressed, he continues:
But particularly after my Decease to be imployed to the Maintenance of a Minister, the relief of the Poor, & the Education of poor Children to be taught to read English, for that I always intended there shall be clear for the Minister Ten Pounds a year, & to be dealt to the poor four times Ten Pounds a year, & Three Pounds a year for the education of poor Children, which several sums I find (for the taxes are great) will not he raised out of the aforesaid land, I do therefore, by this my last will and testament, give and bequeath to the aforesaid seven trustees the sum of Sixty Pounds, to be by them either put forth to interest or bestowed upon land when they shall find opportunity so to, & the Profits , thereof to be by them Imployed to make out the several sums aforesaid.
He also provided that all poor persons attending his funeral were to have 3d. apiece.
BLACKWALL Mary of Denby, - 6666 f.21
6 James I. Reference to will of, with will of Thomas Blakewall
BLACKWALL Richard of Calke, 1567 6666 f.21
Reference to will of, with will of Thomas Blakewall
BLAKEWALL Thomas of Wirksworth, 1524 6666 f.21
Gives £10 to a priest to say Mass for three years for his soul, and those of his parents and brother Henry, at the altars of Our Lady and St. Edmund in Wirksworth church, on alternate weeks. Gifts to chapels of Cromford and Alderwasley, and to churches of Bonsall and Matlock; also towards the building of the north aisle of Wirksworth church. He willed that Henry de SACHEVERALL should have the governance of Henry BOTHE, the testator's ward, not then 14 years of age, whom he had married to his daughter, Elizabeth.
BOOTHBY Sir Henry, 1710 6675 ff.75-113
will amongst abstract of documents relative to Bradley Ash, and the family of BOOTHBY
BROWNE Rupert of Old Hall, Hungry Bentley, 1733 6688 ff.73-75
bequeaths an annuity of £100 to his wife Eleanor and £2,000 to each of his children
BURDETT Robert of Foremark, n.d. 6688 ff.323-327
his grandson and heir, Francis BURDETT, sole exector
BURROW William of Northwingfield, 1757 6688 ff.332-335
BUXTON Henry of Bradborne, 1666 6673 ff.115-116
"Body to be decently interred in the parish church of Bradborne amongst my ancestors". Goods to be divided between Anne, his loving wife, and his brother German. Considerable bequests to his cousin mary SHELMERDINE. To cousin TRICKET 20/- to preach at his death and 20/- to buy him a gold ring. To his wife he left "all her close & apparell whatsoever, also two cowes & my bay nagg & one hackney saddle, one pack saddle, girthes and one bridle".
CALVERT John of Beeley, 1709 6694 ff.261, 262
will of
CHAMBERLAYNE John, 1648 6688 f.233
Case concerning the will of
COKE Elizabeth of Duffield, 1730 6673 ff.269-270
widow of Richard
COLUMBELL John, 1569 6687 f.154
9 Feb. Appoints his brother Thomas COLUMBELL and Henry KNIVETON executors and provides for education and maintenance of his children.
COLUMBELL Katherine, - 6687 ff.150-153
See reference in Wolley, Matlock Vol 6687-6690
COLUMBELL Peter of -, - 6691 ff.227-243
Inquisitio post mortem on, 26th September, 15 James I.
COLUMBELL Roger of Darley, - 6670 f.102-108
Inquisito post mortem, 4 James II
CROFTES Antony of Brampton, 1665 6692 f.52
CURZON Sir George of Croxall, 1623 6694 ff.85-91
Will of. Body to be buried in place where he might die. He prayed his executors and friends to have no solemnities at the time of funeral, or afterwards, "but onely a blacke Cotton Clothe to cover my Coffen, nor that anie Coates, Gownes, Cloaks, nor anie such thinges be given to any person whosoever to that use.'
EYRE Henry of Rowtor, 1763 6669 f.50b
Bequests to Anthony Eyre, only son of Charles E of Doncaster, and to his nephew Anthony E, of Grove, co. Nottingham, but makes his daughter "the right honble Ann countess dowager Massareene in the kingdom of Ireland," his heir
EYRE Thomas of Rowtor, 1717 6669 ff.47-50
Body to be buried "in my chappell lately by me erected near my mansion house at Rowtor" He makes Henry Eyre, second son of Gervase Eyre, late of Rampton, his chief heir, and enjoins him and his successors' to constantly live, reside and be at my said house at Rowtor, and shall maintain and keep an house of good hospitality and an orthodox minister as a chaplain resident there or near thereunto for the continual service of "my said chappell, who shall read or use the service of Common Prayer by law established in the Church of England in my said chappell twice every day and administer the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper every Sunday or Lord's day in the year. " The chaplain to receive £20 a year out of the estate. Should Henry Eyre not maintain good hospitality or absent himself from Rowtor "' by the space of three months together," the legacy to be void. He bequeathed £20 a year to Revd. John Allsopp, minister of Winster, and to his successors, to instruct twenty poor children of Winster until they could read a chapter in the Bible.
FEARN Agnes of Wirksworth, 1574 6667 ff.259-60
Body to be buried in Wirksworth church near her husband, "at what tyme soever there shall happen to be anye free schole within the towne of Workesworth, and that there be given to the same by any person or persons £6 13s 8d, or above that, then ... 5 marks a year to be paid yearly out of my lands to the said free school." Also 40s. a year "to the use and reliefe of certaine poore folks in a beade house at Workesworth for ever." Also 26s 8d yearly for ever "of clothe for the clothinge and apparellinge of the most poor people of Workesworthe."
FINNEY Richard of Ashford, 1756 6673 ff.86-87
FITZHERBERT Sir Anthony, - 6671 ff.334-336
Inquisito post mortem of his lands in Derbyshire, 33 Henry VIII
FOLJAMBE Avena, - 6675 ff.385-386
Inquisito post mortem, 6 Richard II., on death of Avena FOLJAMBE; she died on Saturday next after the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. Avena, in addition to life interest in Manor of Ockbrook and moiety of Darley, held lands in Chaddesden, Spondon, Chelmorton, Wardlow, Hartlow, Newbold, and manor of Hassop, in addition to other lands in counties of Nottingham and Stafford. Avena, second wife of Godfrey F., was daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas IRELAND, of Hartshorne, by Avena, daughter and heiress of Sir Payn de VILERS, of Kinoulton
FOLJAMBE Godfrey of Walton, 1594 6673 ff.127-134
"My body I appoint to be buried in the parish church of Chesterfield as near the place where my father was buried as convenient funerals and in such decent sort as my calling requireth and in as good manner having regard to my estate and degree as my fathers funeralls after his death were done and performed". He bequethed £40 a year to a preacher at Chesterfield church with elaborate provisions for his orthodoxy; also £13 6s 8d. for providing a Chesterfield schoolmaster. A very long and inordinately worded document.
FOLJAMBE Godfrey, - 6675 ff.385-386
Inquisito post mortem, 50 Edward III., on death of Godrey FOLJAMBE, Godfrey and wife Avena jointly held manor of Ockbrook and moiety of Darley. Godfrey died on Ascension Day; Godfey, his grandson and heir, is aged 9
GARLICKE Nicholas of Thornsett, 1584 6668 ff.65-7
GELL Daniel of the Great Sanctuary, 1762 6671 ff.163-173
and codicil, 1763. To be buried by his wife in the east cloister. House in Wirksworth, inhabited by his brother Thomas, to his grandson Daniel G., or in the case of his death to his brother Charles, and if he be dead to his nephew Benjamin G. To his friend, kinsman and executor, Thomas G., rector of Edlaston, all his copyhold, freehold and other property in Derbyshire, except his shares in lead mines, which were to go to his surviving brothers. Among a great variety of other bequests in this long will, £100 was left to the poor, and certain sums to his cousin Thomas G., Attorney-at-Law, and to his cousin and clerk Anthony G.
GILBERT William of Dublin, 1649 6674 f.92
surveyor of Crown plantations in Ireland (born Spondon), bequeathed £1,000 to the poor of Spondon, to be distributed to ten of the most honest and necessitous poor of the parish, five to be nominated by his executors and heirs, and five by the parish. They were given two shillings apiece every Sunday after service.
GREAVES Charles of Woodhouse, Youlgreave, 1729 6669 f.152
GREEN Francis of Wigwall, 1780 6696 ff.185-190
case relative to the property of, according to will
GREENSMITH Robert of Chesterfield, 1734 6695 ff.225-228
copies of will, also of Robert GREENSMITH, of Bonsall, 1753.
GREENSMITH Robert of Bonsall, 1753 6695 ff.225-228
copies of will, also of Robert GREENSMITH, of Chesterfield, 1734
HALLOWES Thomas of Glapwell, 1739 6688 f.342
HARRIS William of Oakerthorpe, 1631 6670 f.115
left the annual sum of twenty nobles out of lands in Alfreton towards maintenance of a free school in the parish of Bakewell for poor people's children. He also left £50 towards erecting a school in Ashford. Sir John COKE gave the land in Ashford for the said school.
HERTHULL, de Adam, - 6670 f.182
Inquisito post mortem, II Edward III
HOLLIS Sir William 6666 ff.1-5
Inquisition Post Mortem at Chesterfield, 34 Hen. VIII Extracts from Gervase Holles's M.S. collections intitled Trusbut, now (1804) in the possession of Sir Joseph BANKS
HODGKINSON Obadiah of Little Chester, 1725 6674 ff.222-227
Bequests to only brother Thomas MEYNELL Prebend of Baswitch and Whittington in the county of Stafford & rector of Kirk and Meynell Langley in the county of Derby; to TM's wife [unnamed]; nephew Godfrey MEYNELL son of TM; nieces Dorothy and Katherine MEYNELL daurs of TM, niece and goddaughter Susanna MEYNELL daur of TM [she bore his late wife's christian name]; nephew Francis MEYNELL son of late brother William MEYNELL and his son Richard MEYNELL his godson; nephew William MEYNELL second son of late brother William; niece Dorothy KINASTON eldest daughter of late brother William; nephew John MEYNELL fourth son of late brother William MEYNELL; niece Sarah MEYNELL second daur of late brother William; nephew Godfrey MEYNELL third son of late brother William; niece Sarah LARGE widow and relict of Robert LARGE; niece Patience GRACE widow and her daughter [unnamed]; niece Dorothy WATTS; niece Prudence CLARKE widow; nephew William ULLOCK a minister; nephew George ULLOCK; nephew Francis ULLOCK; godson John MEYNELL sonne of brother alderman MEYNELL deceased; Elizabeth MEYNELL daughter of late brother Isaac MEYNELL deceased; nephew Godfrey MEYNELL esq. and his wife Margaret, Francis and Richard MEYNELL son of deceased brother Alderman MEYNELL; cozen Jane THORNELEY widow of Stephen THORNELEY esq., and her two sons Stephen and Isaac; William MEYNELL of Anslow; Francis MEYNELL of Anslow; Gerrard MEYNELL of London.
HODGKINSON Obadiah, 1737 6668 ff167-8
Case of Will
HOPKINSON Henry of Bonsall, 1632 6667 ff.240d-243
See reference in Wolley, Matlock Vols 6666-7
HOPKINSON William of Bonsall, - 6667 ff.240d-243
See reference in Wolley Manuscripts, Matlock Vols 6666-7
JOHNS Edmund of Matlock, 1663 6672 ff.266-267
See reference in Wolley Manuscripts, Matlock Vols 6670-5
KENDALL William, - 6673 f.295
Inquisito post mortem as to moiety of manor of Darley, 29 Edward III.