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Matlock & Matlock Bath Names in the London Gazette
A finding aid to make searching easier for those with Matlock and Matlock Bath ancestors

Army and Regimental Promotions, Bankruptcies, Business Partnership Changes, Civil Service Examinations, Orders of Chancery, Changes of Name, Company Liquidations, Acts of Parliament, Debtors, Honours, Inland Revenue Declarations (Banks), Property Sales, Wills

Here is a finding aid to make searching the London Gazette easier for those with Matlock and Matlock Bath ancestors. There have always been a wide variety of public announcements in the Gazette and Matlock and Matlock Bath residents were named in ever increasing numbers during the nineteenth century. Present coverage includes both eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with the earliest reference appearing in 1725.

If you require further information from the online images, the easiest method of searching is as follows:
London Gazette> click London Gazette option> Click "Archive" on the top Menu Bar and click on Full Search> Click Search Archive on the page> Search the London Gazette Archive

What is and isn't included here:

  • Date of issue is given but issue numbers not included.
  • Many extracts are presented in note form only, as this is a finding aid rather than a complete transcript. However, some entries at the beginning of the nineteenth century are fully transcribed as this was where I began.
  • If entries for more than one person are in the same issue of the gazette they are listed in separate boxes.
  • If there is more than one entry for an individual in any one issue of the gazette all additional entries are included in the same box, giving the page for additional entries. Please note that if a page number is given it indicated the image number as opposed to the actual page in the issue.
  • Names are given in the order they appeared in the Gazette. So if it was Christian Name first then it appears that way in these extracts. However, if Surname was given first then the Surname is given first here as well.
  • Entries referring to Matlock that don't include names are generally omitted. However, I have a list of dates for all entries covering such things as setting up of Courts, canals, bridge widening, road building or widening and the railway. I'm willing to share this information with those who are enthusiasts for roads or railways. Some church information is included in, or will be added to, the section on churches elsewhere on this website
  • [ ] Square brackets enclose a comment. Usually they show such things as bankruptcy, order of Court etc.

The following abbreviations have been used:

  • itpo - in the parish of. If followed by M, it means in the parish of Matlock
  • itco D - in the County of Derby
  • solr - solicitor
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