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Matlock & Matlock Bath's Memorial Inscriptions, How to Find Out More
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Find how many are commemorated for each surname, where the memorials are to be found and the number of memorials at that location

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Monumental Masons, St. Giles' Church

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If the full MI is not published on this website, or you cannot read the inscription in the churchyard, you cannot find it or are unable to visit Matlock, there are several ways you can find out more about the MIs for the surnames listed.

But before you contact one of the societies named below, I may be able to help further as I can check the Christian name on lists I have and tell you who to approach.
Please email me if you would like help, though I'm not prepared to do a blanket search as some surnames have more than 100 people listed.

1. Locations & Notes has details of which group transcribed the MIs of a particular location.

2. Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group (DARG).
Please contact them for further information about their transcripts, but see below first.

  • A copy of their St Giles Church, Matlock, transcriptions may be viewed at their Birchwood Chapel Headquarters, at County Hall Local Studies Library and at the Society of Genealogists. You will need written permission from the DARG to photocopy from the books held at both County Hall LSL and SoG.
    Further information is on their respective web sites.
    Contacting Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group
    Contacting County Hall Local Studies Library
    Society of Genealogists info

  • If you are seeking an MI published by the Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group (i.e. an MI in St. Giles' Churchyard) please contact the webmistress before you write to them as I should be able to provide the reference, if it is not yet on this web site, or help with Christian names.

    Requests to DARG should be accompanied by an SAE, or IRCs and a small donation for the work involved. Cheques should be made out to the Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group.

3. Derbyshire Family History Society (DFHS).

  • They have published a microfiche of the transcripts for Holy Trinity Church, Matlock Bath, which is for sale from their Book Sales Manager (see web site for address and full list of their publications).
    Note: Price only in £ sterling (GBP).
    MI's - 35. Matlock Bath Holy Trinity £1.10 to UK; £1.30 O/seas Airmail
    The original transcripts are held by the church.
    Derbyshire Family History Society (DFHS) website

    If you request information from the DFHS, you will have to pay a research fee.

4. Burial information relating to MIs:

  • Those wishing to enquire about burial details relating to MIs are recommended to contact the Derbyshire Record Office in the first instance. A few Matlock Bath Holy Trinity surnames have an asterisk * beside them to indicate that names have been listed by the church, but do not appear on the mfc.
    Contacting Derbyshire Record Office

5. Some memorials have been moved following church or chapel closures.
See Churches and Chapels for more information.