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Matlock & Matlock Bath's Memorial Inscriptions, Locations & Notes
Linked to onsite MI transcripts, where available
Find how many are commemorated for each surname, where the memorials are to be found and the number of memorials at that location

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Monumental Masons, St. Giles' Church

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Locations and details of the transcript copyright holders are given in the table below.
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DARG = Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group
DFHS = Derbyshire Family History Society

Matlock locations, linked to Church info Copyright holders & details
All Saints' Church, Matlock Bank (C of E)* © DARG - 105 surnames
Farley Hill Congregational Church, Smedley Street West © DARG - 247 surnames
(Donated by Ruth Pearson)
Foundation stones, Hymn books, Bibles
Centenary Rose Memorial Garden (1992)
May include the donor
Matlock Methodist and United Reformed Church,
formerly Wesleyan Chapel and Trinity Methodist Church
© Ruth Pearson - 23 surnames. When these were done, the church was called Matlock Methodist Church, Bank Road
Various, and includes Bible and Hymn Book, plus church 'furnishings', e.g. altar, lectern
Matlock United Reformed Church, Chesterfield Road,
formerly the Congregational Chapel
© DFHS - 22 surnames
Primitive Methodist, Matlock Moor
© DARG - 5 surnames
St. Giles Church, Matlock* (C of E) © DARG - 1,200 surnames.
The list includes the names of the Rectors, taken from the wooden tablet in the church porch.
There's more information about Rectors
St. Giles Baptisms, Marriages & Burials
St John the Baptist Chapel, Matlock Dale No inscriptions listed here
Starkholmes Methodist Church,
formerly the Fox Memorial Chapel
© DARG - 22 surnames, including those on the War memorial in the church
United Methodist Church, Imperial Road
Also known as the Imperial Rooms
© DARG - 27 surnames.
The list from the Imperial Rooms is almost exclusively names of Chairmen of Matlock UDC and Matlock Town Mayors.
Six almshouses on Causeway Lane, Matlock Green*
See Miscellaneous Extras
Matlock Bath Locations Copyright holders
Holy Trinity Church, Matlock Bath (C of E)* © The original copyright is held by the church and the Rev. John Currin, Vicar, provided a list of surnames and the number of memorials and inscriptions in the churchyard (if more than one)
© DFHS - additional information from their microfiche.
© DARG - members typed out the MIs for the DFHS fiche
Matlock Bath Congregational, Glenorchy Chapel,
also known as the Independent Chapel
No inscriptions listed here
Riverside Gardens © DFHS
Memorial seats, bandstand, bridge
Matlock Bath Methodist, Derwent Terrace No inscriptions listed here
Mission Church, Scarthin (C of E)*  

*or see Benjamin Bryan's: Matlock Manor and Parish, though only pre 1903 memorials are mentioned in his book.
Go to details of Bryan's book