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Matlock & Matlock Bath's Memorial Inscriptions, Surnames Index
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Find how many are commemorated for each surname, where the memorials are to be found and the number of memorials at that location

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Monumental Masons, St. Giles' Church

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MI Transcripts, linked to this Surnames Index, are available for:

  • Matlock, St. Giles' Church - incomplete. All from inside the church and a few from the churchyard.
    Derbyshire Ancestral Research Goup* references now included for all surnames where there is no on-site transcript - *New*
    • Rectors of St. Giles' are also included in this index, though their information is linked to a different part of the site. If you look up a Rector's surname you will need to use "Back" on the toolbar.

  • Matlock Bath, Holy Trinity - all

  • A few miscellaneous extras

Memorials at other locations, such as on buildings.

Churchyard visitors. Finding aids are provided to help:

*If you are interested in an MI published by the Derbyshire Ancestral Research Group (i.e. an MI in St. Giles' Churchyard) please contact the webmistress before you write to them as I should be able to check the first name(s) against the reference provided on this site.