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Matlock & Matlock Bath Newspaper Cuttings
A collection of newspaper reports that were mostly published over 75 years ago.
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A collection of newspaper articles covering a wide range of events in Matlock, Matlock Bath, Riber, Scarthin and Starkholmes. They reveal all kinds of historical snippets, with some longer reports or items of significant interest given their own web page.

This section was created in November 2015 and replaces two short pages of information that were elsewhere on the web site.

General news items
Matlock, Riber & Starkholmes Newspaper Cuttings
The numerous reports begin with a quack doctor and the death of a married woman in 1745 and finish with the death of Matlock's then oldest resident in 1928.
Matlock Bath & Scarthin Newspaper Cuttings
Beginning in 1751 with the Old and New Bath and ending just before the outbreak of the Second World War with a family funeral.
Matlock & Matlock Bath Public Notices & Announcements
Subjects include sales of property and goods and businesses opening or closing, currently between the years 1751 and 1916.
Matlock & Matlock Bath Newspaper Cuttings, Jul 1914 - Nov 1918
Deals with the First World War, so from the date war was declared on 28 July 1914 until shortly after the armistice on 11 November 1918. It begins with a regatta and ends with a wounded soldier, covering a wide range of new stories that are not included elsewhere on the site.
Stand alone events
Visit of Princess Victoria & Her Mother, 1832.
A good deal has been written over the years about this mid-autumn visit to Matlock Bath by the thirteen year old Princess and her mother.
The Matlock Bath Riot, 1863
On Saturday 29th August a large party of Sheffield workers and the managers, clerks and their wives arrived in Matlock Bath for a works outing. The day was to go horribly wrong.
The Murder of Martha Morrall, 26 March 1891.
Celebrating Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, 1897.
Matlock and District marked Queen Victoria's sixty years on the throne in some style on Jubilee Day itself. Bunting was put up and there were lunches and teas, sports and bands entertained the crowds. In the evening there were torchlight processions, lighted candle displays and beacons were lit. The walks in Matlock Bath the were lit with fairy lamps and illuminated boats were out on the river. Also includes Hackney and Farley.
Articles by Roy Christian
"The Great Matlock Will Case".
Roy Christian's article about the case was written almost 100 years later and published in "The Derbyshire Advertiser" about 1958.
"There Was Red Tape at Smedley's Hydro Then".
Another article by Roy Christian, about John Smedley and his hydro on the Bank. It was published in the "Derby Evening Telegraph" on 3 January 1951 and was written before Derbyshire County Council bought Matlock's largest hydro for conversion to use as the county's centre of administration.
Articles by Sally Mosley
Taken Back In Time - Lilybank (by Sally Mosley)
Originally presented as an interview for Radio Derby about her schooldays at The Lilybank Presentation Convent (the Nagle Preparatory School), Sally Mosley later published an article in "The Peak Advertiser".

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On this site:
"The Varied Fortunes of a Derbyshire Spa" first appeared in "Country Life" on August 15, 1963. It is a lively and stimulating article about the Matlocks by Roy Christian and reproduced here with his very kind permission. It is complemented by the lovely b&w photographs of Frank Rodgers.

Elsewhere on the Internet (will open in a new tab or window)
"The Bubble Burst" Derbyshire Times 20th January 1923 (Rosemary Lockie).

List of Contributors

Unless specifically stated, articles have been transcribed and provided by Ann Andrews. With my very grateful thanks to the individuals named below, without whom some of the information would not be available.

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