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The Vernon Lamb Archive, Commercial, Index
A Unique Photographic Record of Matlock & District, 1910-1915, and World War One Soldiers

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4959, Spendlove's horse outside the Fish Pond Hotel

4972, North Parade, Matlock Bath

4994, Pearl Assurance, Bank Road

5009, International Stores

5010, Shoeing Smiths,
Two Dales

5015, Knabb Quarry

5016, Horse Shoe Hotel

5019, Margerrisons, Crown Square

5023, Holly Tree Inn

5024, Oldham House

5026, Margerrisons, Crown Square

5027, View from Oldham House

5028, John Gregory, Victoria Saw Mill, Darley

5036, furniture, locally made?

5038, furniture, locally made?

5039, furniture, locally made?

5147, Jeffs' Poplar Hydro

5148, Tansley Post Office

9796, Stocker's, Smedley Street