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The Vernon Lamb Archive
A Unique Photographic Record of Matlock & District, 1910-1915, and World War One Soldiers
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About the Archive | Vernon Lamb, photographer, and his family
Matlock & District soldiers in the same regiment as Vernon Lamb
Commercial: quarry, shops, hydros (without people) and other businesses
Cycles, Cars and Other Transport
Events: District - Darley Dale and Tansley
Events: Matlock
Groups: Formal and Informal
Groups: Family, not taken in the studio
Hydros and Convalescing: Bank House (later Wyvern House), Chatsworth (Jeffs' Poplar), Jackson House, Oldham House, Smedley's, Derby & Derbyshire Convalescent Home
People in Uniform - Non-Military: bands, firemen, church lads' brigade, scouts
Places: A church, houses and farms
Rural Life
Sports & Sports Clubs
Singles & Couples
Studio Portraits
Weddings and Christenings
Working Men and Women
World War One Recruits: Before the Conflict. National Reservists and Matlock Patriots
World War One Soldiers, Groups of 1, 2 or 3. Portraits to send home to the family - mostly Sherwood Foresters
World War One Soldiers, Groups: Groups of men in the early stages of the War. Mostly Sherwood Foresters.
World War One Soldiers, Groups - with Civilians: With the family, at the billet, etc.

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