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A Unique Photographic Record of Matlock & District, 1910-1915, and World War One Soldiers

Non-military uniforms Index Rural Life

5017, Snitterton Hall

5025, Rycroft, Two Dales

5029, St. Giles'

5030, Tansley, with view of Riber

5033, farmhouse

5037, Edensor

5138, stone house

5139, Whitworth Road, Darley Hillside

5140, Whitworth Road, Darley Hillside

5141, St Helen's, Darley

5142, Hurds Hollow

5143, stone house

5144, stone house

5145, Bonsall, farm buildings

5146, stone house

5149, stone cottages

5151,Carr Villa, Pope Carr Road

5152, view from Edge Road west to Imperial Road and Edge Road east

9860, Bonsall, farm buildings

9861, High Tor

9866, Matlock Bank