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Matlock Bath : Holy Trinity Church, Banns
Extracts from the Banns Book for Matlock Bath from 1846

Where at least one of the couple is from outside the parish; if no place of abode is mentioned the person was of Matlock Bath.
Some couples married at Matlock Bath, others in the parish of the bride.
Some marriage places are currently unknown.
This is just a small selection of the banns, not all of them.
Additions are always welcomed.

Date Names-Status-Abode-Where Married

Date given is generally the last date of calling the Banns
7 Jun 1846 Samuel HARDY and Martha DAWES Ashover [Lea Bridge[1]], mar Ashover 8 June 1846 [both full age[1]]
23 Jan 1848 James LINEKER Wirksworth wid and Anne BESTWICK
21 Dec 1851 Michael NIGHTINGALE bach of Tintwistle and Hannah SEEDHOUSE, mar MB 1 Jan 1852
10 Apr 1852 William WOOD Bonsal bach and Elizabeth BIRD spinster
28 May 1854 George SMITH of Leamington bach and Mary Anne POWERS spinster, mar 5 Jun 1854
3 Sep 1854 Patrick JOHNSON of Menthorn p Berwicks and Mary OTTER spinster, mar MB 5 Sep 1854
29 Nov 1854 George LEEDHOUSE? bach and Mary WOOHOUSE Bonsall
14 Sep 1862 Edward HILLMAN Woolwich bach and Mary Jane SMITH spinster, mar MB 16 Sep 1862
22 Feb 1863 William KING bach and Elizabeth CAMP of Chellaston spinster, mar Chellaston
4 Jun 1863 Sidney Frederick WHEATCROFT bach and Maria WEBSTER Shirley? spinster
19 Jun 1863 John HUDSON Uttoxeter and Lucy STATHAM, mar MB 21 Jul 1863
29 Nov 1863 William HAINES bach and Emma JEPSON of Alfreton, mar Alfreton
10 Apr 1864 Henry James WALTER St Giles,London bach and Maria Louisa ROPER spinster, mar MB 27 Apr 1864
27 Nov 1864 Joseph BURDEKIN of Darley and Hannah BROWN spinster, mar Darley
25 Dec 1864 William WESTWICK bach and Alice HINDS of Hulme, Manchester spinster
18 Aug 1867 John COATES bach and Eliza PEACH of Ticknall, mar Ticknall

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Compiled mostly from information researched by Michael Spencer of Matlock and originally circulated to the Derbysgen Discussion Group. With grateful thanks to Mike.
Additions Ann Andrews

Further References:
[1] From marriage certificate, with thanks to Susan Tomlinson