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Matlock Bath : Holy Trinity Church Baptisms, 1856
A short list of names of baptisms at Holy Trinity

In recent times, after discussions with a friend about an ancestor born and baptised in Matlock Bath in 1856, it was discovered that the Family Search website recorded the event as taking place at Meerbrook in Staffordshire.

It was suggested that this could have been a one-off, perhaps a baptism in the mother's former parish or similar. However, further investigation revealed that other 1856 Matlock Bath baptisms, from their Indexing Project (Batch) Number C03937-1, were also recorded at the wrong location unfortunately.
FamilySearch are aware of such problems but their resources are limited.

Additions are always welcomed.

Date   Christian Name[s]   Parent[s]   SURNAME   Father's Occupation/ Abode   Comment

* 13 Jan 1856
William Henry
(IGI has Walthull)
* 13 Jan 1856   Charles Herbert   Isaac/Sarah   BUCKLEY   servant   (IGI has Backley)
* 27 Jan 1856   William John   Joseph/Julia Anne   GOULD   Scarthin Nick, marble mason   (IGI has Could)
* 23 Mar 1856   Mary Harriett   Samuel/Martha   HARDY   cab proprietor    
  23 Mar 1856   Sarah   James/Mary   CUFF   labourer    
* 13 Apr 1856   William Milner   William/Sarah   PEARSON   Starkholmes, laboourer    
* 20 Apr 1856   Robert   John/Sarah   SISSON   cab driver   (IGI has Lisson)
* 27 Apr 1856   George   James/Mary   SHEPPERD   Masson Houses, paper maker    
* 11 May 1856   Hannah   Susannah/William   PEARSON   toll contractor   (IGI has Newson)
* 25 May 1856   Mary   Anthony/Margaret   BRITLAND   Scarthin Nick, miner    
* 27 May 1856   Thomas   Samuel/Elizabeth   ROLLEY   Chapel Hill, labourer    
* 01 Jun 1856   John   Thomas/Sarah   BROOKES   labourer    
* 05 July 1856   Caroline   John/Maria   WHEATCROFT   Matlock Road, civil engineer    
* 20 Sep 1856   James William
  William/Anne   BROOKES   wine merchant    
* 09 Oct 1856   Alice   Henry William/Emma   JORDAN   New Bath Hotel, innkeeper    
* 21 Dec 1856   Fanny   Thomas/Jane   BODEN   gardener    

*Wrong location for this baptism provided in the FamilySearch [was the IGI] and other sources.
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Information researched by Ann Andrews.