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All About Derbyshire by Edward Bradbury, 1884 (4).*
Eighteenth and nineteenth century tour guides about Matlock Bath and Matlock
Chapter XXI

MATLOCK, engraving of High Tor

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Matlock High Tor
This delightful engraving of Matlock's High Tor
appears as the frontispiece to the chapter about Matlock.

*Transcribed by Ann Andrews in July 2007 from:
Bradbury, Edward (1884) "All about Derbyshire." With sixty illustrations by W.H.J. Boot, J.S. Gresley, W.C. Keene, L.L. Jewitt, G. Bailey, J.A. Warwick, R. Keene, and others. Simpkin Marshall, London : Richard Keene, All Saints', Derby
With my grateful thanks to Jane Steer who provided photocopies of her book for me to OCR.
Image scans Copyright Jane Steer.
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