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Davies' book

Old Books about the Matlocks

The books listed in this section are rare and some may only be found in archives, libraries or other depositories, or through second hand book stores. Some have been scanned.

Adam, W. (1840) "The Gem of the Peak" London; Longman & Co., Paternoster Row
There are several editions of "Gem", the first being published in 1838. Whilst it is inevitable that some information is repeated, each book contains a nugget of information not included in the previous volume. Matlock Bath changed considerably over a period of a little over twenty years and Adam's books are valuable asset for any serious researcher.
Matlock extracts from the 1840 edition are on site.
Allen, John (1848) "Matlock. A poem." Whittaker & Co.: London: William Bemrose: Derby, pp. 69.
Allen, John (1860?) "Matlock. A poem." Whittaker & Co.: London, [1860?] pp. 135.
A second edition of the above, with other poems.
Baddeley, Mountford John Byrde (1880 and other years) "The Peak District of Derbyshire and neighbouring counties", one of a series of "Thorough Guides", Dulau & Co., London
Barker, H. Esq. (1827) "The Panorama of Matlock and Its Environs; With the Tour of the Peak", Longman & Co., London.
Barker's work was also published in several editions.
Transcript of the 1827 edition is on site.
"Black's Tourist Guide to Derbyshire" (1888) pub. Adam and Charles Black Edinburgh (quoted on site)
Bradbury, Edward (1884) "All about Derbyshire." Simpkin Marshall, London : Richard Keene, All Saints', Derby
(Transcript of the Matlock section, with illustrations is on site)
Bray, W (1778) "Sketch of a Tour into Derbyshire and Yorkshire"
Britton, John and Edward Wedlake Brayley, (1802) "The Beauties of England and Wales" Vol III, published Cumberland, Isle of Man, and Derbyshire.
(Matlock extracts pp.504-512 | More extracts pp.512-526 | Engraving of Willersley Castle)
Bryan, Benjamin (1903) "History of Matlock - Matlock, Manor and Parish" London by Bemrose & Sons, Limited (widely quoted on site)
He is reported to have spent ten years researching the book.
Buckley, Joseph, of Wirksworth [1867] "Matlock Bank, Derbyshire, as it was, and is: being an account of the origin and development of the Matlock hydropathic establishments, with a short sketch of the personal history of John Smedley, etc.", Job Caudwell: London; J. Buckley: Wirksworth
Cardin, Joe Hall (1907) "Visitors' New Guide to the Surroundings of Matlock & Matlock Bath, with diagrams of walks and byeways. Also an introduction to its geology, minerals & flora", J. C. Goodall: Matlock pp. 87.
Cox, J Charles (1877) "Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire Vol II" Chesterfield: Palmer and Edmunds, London: Bemrose and Sons, 10 Paternoster Buildings; and Derby (quoted on site)
Cox, John Charles, (1915, 2nd edition, revised), "Derbyshire" - Illustrated by J. Charles Wall, Methuen & Co., London. Cox was then Rector of Holdenby, Northampton.
Croston, James (1863) " Buxton and its Resources: with excursions to Haddon, Chatsworth, Castleton, Matlock and Dove Dale", Simpkin, Marshall & Co.: London
Croston, James (1868) (2nd Ed) "On Foot Through the Peak; or a Summer Saunter Through the Hills and Dales of Derbyshire", Manchester: John Heywood, 141 & 143, Deansgate. London, Simpkin, Marshall & Co.
(Transcriptions of a large part of three chapters are on this website)
Davies, David Peter (1811) "History of Derbyshire" pub. S. Mason, Belper.
(Derbyshire's Parishes, 1811 is based on this book and is a searchable alphabetical listing elsewhere on this site. There are descriptions of parishes in the county, including Matlock and Matlock Bath).
Defoe, Daniel (1724-6) "A Tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain" (Extract about Matlock [Bath] onsite).
Firth, J. B. (1908) "Highways and Byways in Derbyshire" MacMillan & Co., London.
There are a number of extracts on this website.
Glover, Stephen [of Derby] (1830) "The Peak Guide; containing the topographical, statistical, and general history of Buxton, Chatsworth, Edensor, Castleton, Bakewell, Haddon, Matlock, and Cromford; with an introduction" ... Edited by T. Noble. pub. Derby
Gomme G. L. (ed) (1893) "The Gentleman's Magazine Library, English Topography Part III, Derbyshire - Dorsetshire".
A collection of articles submitted to the magazine between 1731 and 1868.
(Full transcription of Derbyshire is on site and Matlock is included)
"Guide to the Grand Cavern within the Mountain of Abraham's Heights, Matlock Bath." (1818) Mark Wardle: Manchester, pp. 12 [booklet]
Hall, Spencer Timothy (1863) "Days in Derbyshire ..." With sixty illustrations by J. Gresley (artist), Dalziel Brothers (illustrators). Simpkin, Marshall and Co, Stationers' Hall Court, London, and printed by Richard Keene, All Saints, Derby.
(Transcript of the Matlock section, with illustrations, is onsite)
Heywood, Abel: "Abel Heywood's Guide Books, With Cycling, Walking and Driving Routes.
Matlock Illustrated
." Abel Heywood & Son, Manchester & London (one of Abel Heywood's series of penny guide books)
Henricus (1843) "The Matlock Tourist; and Guide through the Peak, embracing Matlock Bath, Haddon, Chatsworth and C"
Transcript of part of the Matlock section is onsite and extracts from the 1838 are also included within the site.
Hicklin, John (about 1869) "Bemroses' Guide to Matlock, Bakewell, Chatsworth, Haddon Hall, &c" pub. London, Derby and "The Library", Matlock Bath. (Transcript and engravings of the Matlock section are onsite)
Hilder, J. W. (1896, also 1898) "A New Guide to Matlock Bath". Edited by J. W. Hilder. W. E. Smith: Matlock Bath, pp. 27.
"Holmes Hand Book to Matlock Bath & Neighbourhood, including Chatsworth, Haddon Hall, Dovedale &c." (1866) London : G. Vickers, Strand. Matlock Bath : T. H. Holmes (Transcript of the Matlock section is onsite)
Hutchinson, John of Chapel en le Frith (1810), "Romantic Beauties of Matlock", pub. M. Wardle, Manchester
Jeayes, Isaac Herbert (1906) "Derbyshire Charters in Public and Private Libraries and Muniment Rooms." pub. London Bemrose & Sons Ltd., 4 Snow Hill, E.C. and Derby. (Matlock section onsite)
Jewitt, Arthur (1835, 2nd. ed.) "The Matlock Companion and Visitor's Guide to the Beauties of the Matlock, and its Immediate Neighbours, including also a brief sketch of Buxton. and Short Notices of Places Generally visited". Duffield : published by the author, and sold at the Museums, &c. Matlock Bath.
Jewitt, Llewellynn Frederick William (?1860) "The Matlock Companion and Visitor's Guide to the Beauties of the Peak of Derbyshire ... " pub. Derby Telegraph Office: Derby (quoted on site)
Lewis, Samuel (1848) "A Topographical Dictionary of England", 7th Edition, in Four Volumes.
(Mel Lockie has transcribed the Dictionaries. Read the Matlock section on his web site, (external links open in a new window))
Lipscomb, George (1802) "A description of Matlock-bath, with an attempt to explain the causes of the heat, and of the petrifying quality of the springs; to which is added some account of Chatsworth and Kedleston, and the mineral waters of Quarndon and Kedleston", pub Birmingham.
Lysons, Rev Daniel and Samuel Lysons Esq. (1817) "Topographical and Historical Account of Derbyshire" London: Printed for T. Cadell, Strand; and G. and A. Greenland, Poultry (quoted on site). This is the Derbyshire section of their "Magna Britannia".
Mason, Charlotte M (1882) "The Forty Shires" (Read the onsite extract)
Mee, Arthur (ed.) (1937) "Derbyshire: The Peak Country",The King's England Series, Hodder and Stoughton Limited, London
Moore, Henry (1818) "Picturesque Excursions From Derby to Matlock Bath, and its Vicinity ; Being a Descriptive Guide to the Most Interesting Scenery and Curiosities in that Romantic District, With Observations Thereon", published by H. Moore, Drawing Master; Printed by T. Wilkinson, Ridgefield, Manchester. (A transcript, with illustrations, is on this website)
Peach, Lawrence du Garde (1954)
"John Smedley of Matlock and his Hydro", Bemrose Publicity Co.: Derby & London
  Smedley book
Pendleton, John (1886) "A History of Derbyshire" - Popular County Histories - pub. London, Elliot Stock, 62 Paternoster Row, E.C.
Pilkington, James (1789) "A View of the Present State of Derbyshire; with an Account of its most Remarkable Antiquities ... in two volumes. Volume I". Derby : Printed and sold by J. Drewry; Sold also by J. Johnson, No.72, St. Paul's Churchyard ; And J. Deighton, Holborn, London.
Rhodes, Ebenezer (1824) "Peak Scenery" pub. London, Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, Paternoster Row (quoted on site)
Smedley, Mrs. Caroline.
"Ladies' Manual of Practical Hydropathy (Not the Cold Water System)". Mrs. Smedley was "of Matlock Bank and Riber Castle".
This is the cover of the 16th ed. (1878/9), pub. James Blackwood & Co., Lovell's Court, Paternoster Row, London.
It addresses female diseases and is smaller than her husband's books; it was probably designed to fit into a reticule.
  Mrs. Smedley's Ladies Manual
Smedley, John.
"Smedley's Practical Hydropathy". Including plans of baths, and remarks on diet, clothing and habits of life.
On the right is part of the cloth bound cover of the 1st ed., pub. London by John Kendrick, 27 Ludgate Street and Derby by W. and G. Wilkins. Later editions were pub. James Blackwood & Co., Lovell's Court, Paternoster Row, London.
The next edition was published in 1859; it was "greatly enlarged and improved", also with a cloth binding, and cost 2s 6d. It contained 160 anatomical engravings.
  Practical Hydropathy
"Smedley's Hydropathic Establishment, Matlock", (1916) pub. John Heywood : Manchester & London
"Souvenir of Matlock Bath", 4th edition. Pub. Boots Cash Chemists, Nottingham.
24 page booklet costing 1 penny.
Statham, W. N. (1925) "History of Matlock Parish Church", Geo. Hodgkinson: Matlock (quoted on site)
Copies of this book seem to have been issued to pupils of the Enest Bailey School at one time.
  Statham book
Steer, Henry (1897) "The Smedleys of Matlock Bank", Elliot Stock, 62, Paternoster Row, London
"The Victoria History of the English Counties. A History of Derbyshire Vol. I." Constable & Co., Pall Mall, London (1907) : (Ed. 1970) University of London. ISBN 0 7129 0447 6
Thwaites, William, of Sheffield (1865?) "The Visitor's Handbook to Buxton, Matlock, Bakewell, etc.", Sheffield; Leeds printed : House and Co.
Ward, Reverend Richard (1814) "The Matlock, Buxton and Castleton Guide, containing concise accounts of these and other remarkable places ... in the ... County of Derby", Derby
Ward Lock & Co's "Guide to Matlock, Dovedale, Etc.", Illustrated Guide Books of England and Wales.
The publication year for a particular guide is at the bottom of a page a few in from the back of the book.
R. N. Worth, F.G.S., (1890) "Tourist's Guide to Derbyshire", Edward Stanford, 26 & 27, Cockspur Street, Charing Cross
New and more recent books about the Matlocks

Although some of these titles may be out of print and are no longer available to buy, 'out of print' does not mean that the book is out of copyright. If they are out of print and you live in the UK you could try obtaining a copy to read through the inter library loan service at your local public library.
*See Disclaimer

** = Book image reproduced by kind permission of the author or publisher.

Arkle, M. J. (1983) "Tuppence Up, Penny Down", printed by Geo. Hodgkinson (Printers) Ltd - booklet sold in Aid of All Saint's School. (See Bank Road & the Steep-Gradient Tramway)
Bayles, Freda and Ede, Janet (1997) "Matlock Bath Walks Then and Now", ISBN 095-2576 333
The late Peter Aspey commented that it also contains some interesting old photos, as well as bits of history.
Barton, David A. : Collected by (1993) "Around Matlock in Old Photographs", Alan Sutton Publishing, Stroud. ISBN 0-7509-0502-6

There is also a slightly different version of the above:
Barton, David A. "Around Matlock in Old Photographs", (1998) part of a series called "Britain in Old Photographs", Budding Books, ISBN 1-84015-076-9
Photographs including pictures of the Royal Hotel, Bank House Hydro (now the Record Office), Matlock Bath Ladies Cricket Team ca. 1930, groups of Army Officers at Smedley's when it was an Intelligence Training Centre in WW2 and the Ernest Bailey's Rugby Team ca.1950. There are even photos of the deep snowfalls that occurred in the winter of 1946/7, when Matlock was particularly badly affected.
Beresford, Charles "The Bath at War, A Derbyshire Community and the Great War" (2007). Country Books/Ashridge Press. ISBN 978 1 901214 91 8. Limited Edition**

Available directly from either the publishers, in selected local shops and at Derbyshire County Local Studies Library in Matlock.
Hardback, 5284p, £20
The Bath at War website (unfortunately no longer available).

Thoroughly researched book from archived material and the collections of local families. Coverage includes the experiences of the men who served, the stories of those who died, food shortages and the resort's economy. Charles Beresford obtained information from various parts of the world, including Canada. The Canadian Convalescent Officers' Hospital was in Matlock Bath. The author visited many of the graves - one quite moving touch is that soil from the Derwent Gardens was sprinkled beside a War Grave in Poland.

This is a truly fascinating read. Correspondents who have read it have all found it hard to put down, despite the size (it is a very big book).
"It is masterly as a story of such a war and its effects on a village and in such detail ..." Charles Beresford's tenacity in researching every individual he writes about and their personal story has been remarkable.
  The Bath at War

Read Julie Bunting's Review on the GUKUTILS site (will open in a new window)
Matlock & Matlock Bath's War Memorials
Bower, Alan (1985) "The Water Cure". Derbyshire Heritage Series, pub. J H Hall & Sons Ltd, Siddals Road, Derby. ISBN 0 946404 55 0
Buckley, Joseph (1888) "Recollections of the late John Smedley of Matlock, and The water cure." "First published in 1888 by John Heywood, Manchester and London, with a new introduction by David A Barton, now re-published by the Arkwright Society, c/o Tawney House, Matlock, reprinted by G. C. Britain and Sons Ltd., Ripley, Derbyshire." (1973)
Bunting, Julie (2002) "Matlock and Matlock Bath", Tempus Publishing Ltd., The Mill, Brimscombe Port, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2QG 128pp. 220 illus. ISBN 0-7524-2455-6. - RRP £10.99**

A collection of images offering "a fresh perspective of this beautiful area of the Peak District." Covering all aspects of Matlock and Matlock Bath life and developments through the images, some of which have not been published before, Julie Bunting's supporting text is well researched. The authoress is a very well respected local journalist, and over the years has contributed many book reviews to The Peak Advertiser.

All the above information supplied by and reproduced with the kind permission of Tempus Publishing Limited.

Read Tom Bates' Review on the GUKUTILS site (opens in a new tab or window)
See a list of all Julie's book reviews
  Front cover of Matlock and Matlock Bath by Julie Bunting 
Image reproduced with kind permission
"Cable Tramway from Matlock Bridge to Matlock Bank, The" (1972) pub. Arkwright Society ISBN 0-90314903-6. Reprint of "Report of the Inaugural Ceremony" (1893) with additions.
Charlton, Christopher and Buxton, Doreen (October 2019) "Matlock Bath - A perfectly romantic place", The Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site Educational Trust. ISBN 978-1-9161609-0-3. Paperback, 256 pages**. *New*

Matthew Parris reviewed the book (The Times, 23 Oct 2019) and described it as "both scholarly and colourful, including wonderful engravings, paintings and photographs from 1850 onwards". He added that Matlock Bath "is a place with a personality as tangled as Arkwright's wool. It deserved a biography". He was spot on with his assessment.

The village is surrounded by the most spectacular scenery, something the early book and guide writers found utterly awe inspiring, appreciating the wonderful views and admiring the long established Lovers' Walks. To them the setting was as romantic as the title suggests and visiting artists re-created such wonders in paintings, etchings and drawings. We follow the Bath through the various stages of its development, from its early years when the valley was almost inaccessible, to the discovery of the warm springs and the slow but steady growth of the nationally famous spa it briefly became. A cotton mill was erected beside the river and a spar and marble industry developed via the museums, employing highly skilled craftsmen. Then the railway arrived and everything changed, with a vast influx of a different type of tourist - the day tripper - but they still walked up to the show caverns or took a donkey ride up to the Heights of Abraham though some did not want to pay. A Pavilion, two churches and houses, both large and small, were built over the next 50 or so years to cover the hillside and compliment the Georgian hotels. A second Pavilion was added just before WW1, only to be used by billeted soldiers and their horses. Two wars and recession did not help; nor did a major hotel fire. Small shops catering for household needs (i.e. grocers, greengrocers, butchers and fishmongers), as well as the spar museums and petrifying wells, slowly disappeared from the landscape after WW2. Quarries have come and gone, as have other industries. Road widening in the 1960s saw a number of significant buildings along the length of the valley disappear under the bulldozer and the visitor's motor cars and motor cycles took the place of the early twentieth century charabanc, the omnibus and the bicycle. Matlock Bath has learned to face change (even if slowly), to develop and evolve, and to pick itself up and start again. The authors have done Matlock Bath proud.

There are a number of pieces of evidence, extraordinarily difficult to find, that can only have come from lengthy and very detailed research over many years. The book has an extensive list of references, often with more information and essential in a work of this calibre, and a really good index. It has been well worth the wait for such a superb publication.

It is available from the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Trust and local shops.
  A romantic place
"The Derwent Valley Mills and their Communities", published by The Derwent Valley Mills Partnership, County Hall, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3AG, 2001. ISBN 0-9541940-0-4**

"An historical account of Masson, Cromford, Belper, Milford, Darley Abbey and Lombe's Mills and the communities which grew up around them. The story of the historical events during the eighteenth century which took place between Matlock and Derby in the Derwent Valley as the factory system was born."

Over 100 pages, beautifully illustrated and wonderfully informative; this is a really well researched book. There are descriptions of all types of listed buildings in the area, from the mills and the workers' cottages to the outside privies. Biographies of the leaders in the mill trade are included. This was part of the successful bid for World Heritage status. Produced by a Steering Panel that includes English Heritage, The Arkwright Society and several councils. Sponsored by the University of Derby and The Derbyshire.

Available from:
- The second impression (ISBN 978-0-9541940-3-1), with a different cover, is available from the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Trust, £18

It is unclear from the website whether this publication is still available through:
- The Arkwright Society, Sir Richard Arkwright's Cromford Mill, Mill Lane, Cromford, DE4 3RQ.
- The County Library County Hall, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3AG
  Front Cover of The Derwent Valley Mills and their Communities
Image reproduced with kind permission

Duggins, Ron
Ron Duggins worked for the Matlock Mercury for many years. His series of books about Matlock and District are filled with pictures published in the newspaper over four decades and include, in the earlier books, photographs that were taken by the late Harry Gill.

- (2006) "Echoes of the Dales", the 1950s, pub. Landmark, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. ISBN 1-84306-306-9, £9.99.
*See Disclaimer (The first print run ran out, so more were printed shortly before Christmas 2006)
- (2007) "Echoes of the Dales", the 1960s, pub. Landmark ISBN 13: 978-1-84306-346-9 (on the back cover ISBN 1-84306-346-8), £9.99.
- (2008) "Echoes of the Dales", the 1970s, pub. Landmark ISBN-13: 978-1-84306-365-0, £9.99.
- (2009) "Echoes of the Dales", the 1980s, Part 1 pub. Landmark ISBN-13: 978-1-84306-417-6, £9.99.
- (2009) "Echoes of the Dales", the 1980s, Part 2 pub. Landmark, £9.99.

Read a review of the 1950s book on Derbyshire GUKUTILS (will open in a new tab or window)
Read a review of the 1970s book on Derbyshire GUKUTILS (will open in a new tab or window)
Read a review of the 1980s book (Part 1) on Derbyshire GUKUTILS (will open in a new tab or window)
Read a review of the 1980s book (Part 2) on Derbyshire GUKUTILS (will open in a new tab or window)
Edwards, David G. (edited by) (1982) "Derbyshire Hearth Tax Assessments 1662 - 70", pub. The Derbyshire Record Society Volume VII. [now out of print, but being republished]
Hearth Tax assessments for Matlock in 1670 are to be found under the entries for the Wirksworth Hundred (pp.188-190). 120 Matlock names in that year had to pay the annual tax which was levied on the number of fire hearths they had. This was also referred to as 'chimney money'.
An alphabetic list of Matlock surnames can be found on the page Matlock Names in 17th Century Lists - Hearth Tax
(See link to The Derbyshire Record Society, under 'Derbyshire')
Fitton, R. S. (1989) "The Arkwrights, Spinners of Fortune", Manchester University Press ISBN 0/7190/2646/6.

A later edition (2012 - ISBN 978-0-9541940-4-8) is available from the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Trust
Fitton, R. S. and Wadsworth, A. P. (1958) "The Strutts and the Arkwrights 1758-1830", Manchester University Press.

A later edition (2012 - ISBN 978-0-9541940-5-5) is available from the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Trust
Flindall, Roger and Hayes, Andrew (1976) "The Caverns and Mines of Matlock Bath, 1 The Nestus Mines: Rutland and Masson Caverns", Moorland Publishing Company.
Hardy, Clive (1999) "Around Matlock", Waterton Press, Bridgend. ISBN 1-84125-107-0.
Reproductions from the Francis Frith Collections. Frith was a Victorian photographer and the book includes clear photographs from the 1880's. Photographs of Willersley Castle, Lea Hurst and Cromford are included
Henstock, Norman (?) "Matlock Congregational Church 1848 - 1972 - Its Origin and Its History"
(See the onsite list of Pastors)
Hornsey, Brian (1997) "Ninety Years of Cinema in Buxton, Matlock, New Mills" pub. Fuchsiaprint ISBN 1873969422
Innes-Smith, Robert (1978 and 1993) "Matlock Bath", pub. Derbyshire Countryside Ltd., Lodge Lane, Derby DE1 3HE ISBN 0-85100-113-0.
Useful and inexpensive booklet.
Johnson, Marion (1970) "Derbyshire Village Schools in the Nineteenth Century", pub. David & Charles, Newton Abbot ISBN 0-7153 4757 8
"Matlock, Ashbourne, Bakewell, Wirksworth" (1999) ISBN 1859826954
Merrill, John N. (1994) "Matlock" pub. Trail Crest Publications ISBN 1874754276
Mitchell, Ian (2000) "A History of All Saints' Church Matlock Bank (1876-2000)", pub. All Saints' PCC. There is no ISBN number. The book also has some information about All Saints' School.
All Saints' Church web site.

Also: "A Matlock Bank Miscellany, Essays by Members of the All Saints' Local History Group" (2002).
(On this site: About All Saints' Church | About All Saints' School)
Naylor, Peter J., "The Derbyshire connections of the Stokely Family of Iowa". A private publication for the descendants of the Allen family of Riber.
A copy was donated to Derbyshire County Library, Local Studies Department, in 1987 (now part of Derbyshire Record Office).
Naylor, Peter (November 2003) "History of Matlock", Landmark Collector's Library ISBN: 1 84306 081 7 £15.95
Read a review of this book on Derbyshire GUKUTILS (will open in a new window)
Oakes, J. Margaret (2009) "A Window on John Smedley's World", Country Books, Little Longstone, Derbyshire, £11.50. ISBN 978-1-906789 13 8**.

Back cover
A number of the author's drawings are on the back of the book.
  Front cover of a Window on John Smedley's World
Piper, Alan and Christine (26 Nov 2019) "Lumsdale: The Industrial Revolution in a Derbyshire Valley", Bannister Publications Ltd ISBN-10 1909813648. Paperback.**
Available from the shop at Cromford Mills.
  Front cover
Roberts, Alan (2012), "Matlock & Matlock Bath Through Time", pub Amberley Publishing, The Hill, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 4EP. RRP £14.99
Some lovely historic images, many from Picture the Past, with comparable photographs of the view or building today.
Robinson, Arnold (1995) "Cycling Around Matlock" pub. Footprint ISBN 1874754365
Smith, Martin (1998) "Walks Around Matlock" pub. Dalesman ISBN 185568148X
Paperback for hikers and walkers
Smith, Roly "Matlock Photographic Memories" from the Francis Frith Collection, Series of Photographic Memories ISBN 1-85937-676-2 (paperback)
Taylor, Keith (2010) "Matlock and the Great War 1914 - 1919", Country Books/Ashridge Press. ISBN 978 1 906789 38 1. Limited Edition**

"Matlock's families were not to be spared the suffering and sacrifice that came with war. One hundred and eighty nine men with Matlock connections would die whilst serving their country". The book has information about those men and life in Matlock whilst they were away. It is extremely well researched, with a mass of photographs, and is easy to read. It has a good index, too.

Available from:
- The County Library County Hall, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3AG, £12.99 + p&p (UK)
Cheques to Derbyshire County Council
See Contact details for County Hall LSL to check availability and p&p

Published in mid November 2010, this was one of the last books by Keith Taylor about the names of those who died in the Great War that are recorded on the local war memorials. He had previously published information about, for example, memorials at Bonsall, Darley Dale, Winster, Baslow, Rowsley, Edensor, Pilsley and Beeley.

Matlock & Matlock Bath's War Memorials
  Front Cover of WW1 book
Taylor, Keith (2012) "The Matlocks and District in the Second World War - A Diary of Events in Matlock, Matlock Bath and District 1935 - 1955", Country Books/Ashridge Press. ISBN 978-1-906789-71-8. Limited Edition**

The stories of the servicemen who lost their lives during the Second World War and who are commemorated on the Matlock, Matlock Bath or Ernest Bailey School Memorials, together with tales of life on the Home Front. The author excels at researching war history and he has ensured that those who died will not be forgotten. It also has a good index.

Available from:
- County Hall Local Studies Library, County Hall, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3AG, £14.99 + p&p (UK)
Cheques to Derbyshire County Council
See Contact details for County Hall LSL to check availability and p&p

Matlock & Matlock Bath's War Memorials
  Front Cover of WW2 book
Thacker, Rosemary (2015) "The Gem of England. A Time-Traveller's Guide to Visiting the Matlocks". Country Books, Little Longstone, Derbyshire. ISBN 978-1-910489-24-6.
Tomlinson, Susan (2017) "The Early Years of Matlock Town Football Club, Including Results, Match Reports and Social History" **.
Paperback. 250 pages, with 7 pages of illustrations, including team photos and contemporary pictures of Matlock.

Careful research by the authoress, who has been involved with Matlock Town FC for many years, has uncovered a wealth of information about the formation of the Club and the story of its early years. Presented chronologically through the seasons, we learn about the play and results; the rules and regulations; the weather and match conditions; plus interesting snippets of the social life and death in the late 1800s and early 1900s. You will be introduced to some of the players of the time and given an insight into their personal lives in an era when life was not always easy. The club's finances for the early years are also examined. This is a must read for anyone interested in the club's early years.

Available directly from:
- Matlock Town Football Club or the authoress.
£12.00 + p&p (UK), currently £3.75. Each order will be sent by standard delivery.
For more info about ordering, payment methods, availability and if you would like the book signed either
see Matlock Town Football Club's shop (their phone number for ordering is at the top of the page)
or email them at clubshop@matlocktownfc.co.uk.
- Copies are also available to purchase at the County Record Office and some local bookstores.
Until the shop re-opens please contact Susan Tomlinson

Please note that payment, whether by cheque or PayPal, should be made in GBP.
  Front Cover of Matlock Town football book
Waite, Glynn (2012) "The Matlock Cable Tramway", Pynot Publishing, 50 Main Road, Holmesfield, Dronfield, Derbyshire. ISBN 978-0-9562706-5-8. Soft cover, £19.99.**
Copies available from the publisher

The author's thorough research and the wonderful photographs over many years ensures that this book stand out amongst recent Matlock publications. It makes fascinating reading.
Also see Bank Road & the Steep-Gradient Tramway)

Read a review of Glynn's "Cromford Station - A History" on Derbyshire GUKUTILS (the page will open in a new tab or window)
  Front Cover of tramway book
New and more recent books about surrounding villages that are linked to the Matlocks
1. Cromford
Buxton, Doreen and Charlton, Christopher (November 2013) "Cromford Revisited", The Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site Educational Trust. ISBN 978-0-9541940-6-2. Soft Cover, £18.**

This excellent, long awaited, book is the culmination of many years of painstaking research and describes the development of Cromford as an industrial village. Of particular interest to Matlock and Matlock Bath readers are the sections on Sir Richard Arkwright and his descendants, Willersley Castle and the Willersley estate, the Lea Mills strike (1911-12) and Scarthin. Peter Nightingale, George Evans of Bonsall and the Gells were also key players. The Bonsall Brook, running through the Via Gellia from Ivonbrook Grange to Cromford, played a major part in Cromford's history. Beautifully illustrated.

It is available from both the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Trust and Scarthin Books as well as from Cromford Mills shop and other local bookshops.
  Front cover of Cromford Revisited
Waite, Glynn (2009) "Cromford Station - A History", Arkwright Society ISBN 978-0-9562706-0-380..**
Copies available from Pynot Publishing

From 1849 to the 21st century, Cromford railway station is now Grade II listed and owned by Network Rail and managed by East Midlands Railway. It survived Beeching and its buildings have been carefully restored. There are 80 pages of maps, photos, documents and even train tickets.

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  station cover
Waite, Glynn (2007) "Charles Burling - Railway Signalman of Cromford", Rowsley Association ISBN 978-0-9552251-4-7.**
Copies available from Pynot Publishing
. burling cover
2. Darley
Cooper, Judith (2020) (ed. Tony Bonson) "A Miller and his Mill. The Story of John Else of Warney Mill", The Midland Wind & Waters Group, 14 Falmouth Road, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 3BH. *New*

You may also like to read Darley Dale, The Warney Mill Estate (1) in the Derbyshire Picture Gallery elsewhere on this web site.
Kilburn, Terence (1987) "Joseph Whitworth, Toolmaker", Scarthin Books, Cromford, ISBN 0 907758 22 3.

Kilburn's book was the first modern popular biography of him. The foreword was written by A. E. Derbyshire, the then Chairman of the Whitworth Trust.

You may also like to read the magazine article "Joseph Whitworth: Lives Which Hung by a Thread" elsewhere on this website.
  whitworth cover
Taylor, Keith (2002), "Darley Dale Remembered Through 50 Years of War and Peace", ISBN 1 898941 79 3, Country Books, Little Longstone, Bakewell, Derbyshire, DE45 1NN.**

This paperback book is packed with information; it contains 400 pictures amongst the 450 pages and is particularly poignant when it covers the Darley Dale soldiers and their families during two World Wars.

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Also see the names on Darley Dale's War Memorial elsewhere on this site.
  Darley Dale cover
Wigfull, Phil (2011) "The Romping Lion - The story of the Dakeyne Disc Engine", Country Books, ISBN 978 1 906789 50 3.
An account of the extraordinary machinery built by two of the Dayekne family for their flax mills at Darley.
New and more recent general publications about Derbyshire, but with topics related to Matlock
Buxton, David (1992) "Derbyshire of One Hundred Years Ago", Alan Sutton Publishing Limited Stroud Gloucestershire and Derbyshire County Council ISBN 0-7509-0216-7.
Large, clear photographs of life in the county a hundred years ago ranging from pictures of school children to coal miners and workers at Chatsworth. The text includes extracts from the High Peak News and extracts from Alison Uttley's work. This well known writer was brought up at Castle Top Farm. A really excellent book.
Cameron, Kenneth (1959) "The Place Names of Derbyshire", Part II - English Place-Name Society Volume XXVIII Cambridge University Press. Covers Scarsdale Hundred, Wirksworth Hundred, Morley & Litchurch Hundred. Matlock and Matlock Bath.
Names and their derivations, including dates. Also lists field names.
Clay, David (transcribed by) (2020) "The Derbyshire Muster Roll of 1638". Crown Copyright. Printed by Book Printing U.K, Peterborough, England, ISBN 978 1 5272 7950 6** *New*.

Contains 17,308 names of all males in the county aged 16 to 60 with their abodes. Hardback edition with dust jacket (as shown). 134 pages. Payment by cheque - £18 and £2 postage (U.K. rate only given here) - to David Clay to 30 Mill Street. Mansfield Notts, NG18 2PQ, U.K.

The names are listed under each Hundred in the county, with the exception of the Borough of Derby. All the names are recorded in the order they were written down by the petty constables of the day. There are both Place Name and Surname indexes to help. Spellings are as in the original (e.g. Youlgreive).
  Muster cover
Clay, David : Transcribed by (1992) "The Free and Voluntary Present 1661 Derbyshire", © Derbyshire Family History Society - ISBN 0-947964-20-7
Transcript for the whole county of PRO document reference E179. 245/6 Free and Voluntary Present, Derbyshire. 45 Matlock names are listed and also what sum they gave towards the gift to King Charles II which enabled him to return to England and be crowned. The list includes the Woolley surname (see Riber above). Excellent.
(You can buy a copy from DFHS web-site | See Matlock Names in 17th Century Lists - Free and Voluntary Present)
Craven, Maxwell and Stanley, Michael (1991) "Derbyshire Country House."
Has a section on Riber Castle (There is on site info about Riber Castle)
Daniel, C. (1978) "Derbyshire Portraits"
Has a short account of John Smedley (Read about John Smedley).
"The Derbyshire Village Book" published by the Derbyshire Federation of Women's Institutes & Countryside Books, 1991. ISBN 1 85306 133 6 [now out of print, but quoted on site]
"Derbyshire Within Living Memory" published by the Derbyshire Federation of Women's Institutes & Countryside Books, 1996. ISBN 1 85306 399 1. Members of Starkholmes W.I. were amongst the contributors.
Ford, Trevor D (2000) "Derbyshire Blue John" pub. Landmark, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. First Edition ISBN 1-873775-19-9. Foreword by Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire.

The back cover states this is the only comprehensive account of Blue John stone ever written. Matlock Bath was an important centre for both the manufacture of artefacts carved from the mined stone and their sale for well over one and a half centuries. The book is well illustrated; there are numerous photographs, drawings, etchings and other illustrations.The tazza on the front cover, now in the Chatsworth collection, was made by William Adam of Matlock Bath.
  blue john cover
Glover, Catherine and Riden, Philip (edited by) (1981) "William Woolley's History of Derbyshire" Derbyshire Record Society Volume VI.
Although Woolley's "History" was written in 1712 it has not been published before.
Porter, L & Fowkes, D. (1979 reprinted 1986) "Bygone Days in the Peak District", Morland Publishing Co. Ltd., Ashbourne Derbyshire. ISBN 0-86190016-2 (paperback)
Photographs and short descriptions. Includes Matlock Bath station building and Matlock's Tram.
Rodgers, Frank (1992) "Curiosities of Derbyshire and the Peak District", pub. Derbyshire Countryside ISBN 0-85100-112-2 (paperback).
Matlock's Curiosities (Riber Castle and the Wishing Stone at Lumsdale) are included.
Rodgers, Frank (2000) "More Curiosities of Derbyshire and the Peak District", pub. Derbyshire Countryside ISBN 0-85100-132-7 (paperback).
Scollins, Richard and Titford, John (2000) "Ey Up Mi Duck! Dialect of Derbyshire and the East Midlands" pub. Countryside Books, Newbury, Berkshire ISBN 1 85306 658 3
Thomas, Ian and others (2019) "Delving along the Derwent" - a history of 200 quarries and the people who worked in them, Gomer Press.
To purchase by post, write to The National Stone Centre, Porter Lane, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 4L, include your name and address, and send a cheque for £21 made payable to The National Stone Centre. Copies available for £18 from the Cafe Takeaway at the NSC Discovery Centre.
Turbutt, Gladwyn (1999) "History of Derbyshire" pub. Merton Priory Press, Four large volumes.
An extremely impressive history of the county that has been highly acclaimed by the critics.
Willis, Lynn and Parker, Harry (1999) "Images Of England: Peak District Mining and Quarrying", pub. Tempus Publishing Limited, Gloucester  ISBN 0-7524-1710-X
Includes pictures of members of the Barmote Court, some of whom were from Matlock and Matlock Bath, and a history of the Nestus Mine.
Books: possible availability and reviews
Books that are out of print
Availability of the older titles or more recent out of print books on-line.
Modern titles:
Try either:
- the independent bookshop at the old Hassop Station in Derbyshire (used to be Countrybookshop). It no longer lists titles on line, but will you can email to see if they have the book you want;
- or Scarthin Books (again, you will need to email them, but their service has always been quick and efficient).
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Other Publications: CDs, Floppies, Microfiche and Videos

Derbyshire Family History Society have many publications for sale. Of relevance to Matlock and District are various census indexes, trades directories, strays indexes and the Matlock Bath Holy Trinity memorial inscriptions which are published on microfiche.
These are available from:
The online shop of Derbyshire Family History Society (see web site for address and to confirm price).

Registers that used to be available on CD include:

  Cover of the CD, Image © Ivor Neal and reproduced with kind permission  

1. Indexes of St. Giles' Church Registers (Matlock Parish Church)**.

The CD includes:
Baptisms 1637 - 1837 (end of), Burials 1637 - 1910, Marriages 1637 - 1860.

Price: £12.50 for UK purchasers | £13.50 for overseas.

The CD is no longer available from new.

Cover of the CD, Image © Ivor Neal and reproduced with kind permission

2. Indexes of St. Mary's Church, Cromford Registers and those of Matlock Bath Holy Trinity are also available**.

The CD includes:
Cromford Baptisms 1797 - 1900 (end of), Burials 1803 - 1843, Marriages 1869 - 1900.
Matlock Bath Baptisms 1842 - 1900 (end of), Burials 1845 - 1900, Marriages 1844 - 1900.

Price: £10.00 for UK purchasers | £11.00 for overseas.

The CD is no longer available from new.

Although the family of Val Neal are no longer processing requests for her material, the CDS may be available second hand. The CDs are in database format with versions for Microsoft Works and Access, plus set of .CSV files for loading onto other databases. Includes photos of Matlock and these are viewable with Internet Explorer, in jpg format.

Publication of a title on this page does not guarantee availability of a book or product nor accuracy of information or errors or omissions within it.
Some titles have sold very quickly and the numbers printed are not large - even very recent publications may already be unavailable. Nor does inclusion mean that a work is recommended. This page is merely designed for information, to tell you the book or product exists or has existed at some time and to tell you how you can get hold of a copy should you wish to.